how far along will you be when you have your first ultrasound?

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  1. hey ladies,

    just curious as to when people are having their first ultrasounds. mine is scheduled for 7w3d, although it seems many of you are going in sooner. i'm trying to get mine moved up and will find out tommorrow. good luck to everyone!

  2. My RE waits this long because the chances of seeing a heartbeat is greater. I really wanted to go in earlier, but they wouldn't let me because many times it is too early to see the heartbeat and many couples go home scared, disappointed and devastated. I know it is soooo hard to wait. I have 1 1/2 weeks left to wait and am on pins and needles.

  3. hey Jas

    you know mine was at 6w4d(and same clinic)so i feel for ya being told to wait

  4. My first u/s was at 5w3d. I don't know if that is standard at my clinic but I do have a history of an ectopic pregnancy so I think they just wanted to confirm that my "little bean" was in my uterus.


  5. I had my first US at 5w but that was because I did IVF out of town and my OB wanted to see that everything was in my uterus (my betas were high and multiplied quickly). My RE actually asked for the first US at 7w to check for a hb (prior to that they may see one, but not always). Good luck! There always seems to be a 2ww for everything.


  6. I just had my first u/s today. Measured 6.2 weeks with a heart rate of 115. Singleton

  7. I had my first u/s at 5w2d, but I have a history of ectopic pg, and I did IVF out of town, so it was just to check and make sure the embryo was in my uterus and not in my tube.

    I go back to my out of town doc next week (at 6w3d) to check for heartbeat. I hope it won't be too early to see one. I called today to get on the books with an OB here in town, and they gave me an appt. for Aug. 11th!! I will be 9w1d then. That seems a long time away!

    Good luck, Ladies!

  8. I had my first u/s at 6w2d and we saw a heartbeat. Best of luck to you and everyone waiting for that first u/s.


  9. 1st U/S was 6w3d, saw hb at 117 bpm and measured 6w1d.

    I think we were very lucky to see the hb at 6w3d.

  10. thanks for the responses everyone!

    i just found out that my ultrasound will be moved up to this thursday, which will put me at 5w3d. i was having some spotting and right sided pain last week, so i guess my re agreed it would be good to have a look a little sooner. i can handle a 2 day wait, as opposed to 2 and a half weeks!

  11. Had my 1st US at 5w6d and we saw 2 hearts beating, but couldn't hear them. At this time, baby A was measuring 5w6d and baby B was measuring at 5w5d.

    At 6w6d, we were able to hear 2 hearts beating normally and both babies measuring right on at 6w6d.

  12. My first u/s was at 5 weeks even. We saw 2 sacs, 2 yolk sacs and 2 fetal poles. I had some bleeding so they looked again at 5w4d and both hearts were beating. I know this was really early but it can happen.

  13. I will have my 1st u/s next Wednesday which puts me at 7 weeks even. It is driving me insane this waiting. My betas were 11dp5dt 392, 2 days later 1423, 2 days later 4700. We are hoping for twins. We transferred 3 blasts. At least having a u/s that late we should be able to see h/b's.

  14. We had our first U/S today at 5weeks even too. We have 4 sacs, 3 with yolk and fetal pole. The 4th sac is smaller but has something in it. We'll know more next week at 6 weeks...


  15. I have my first u/s on aug 22nd and I will be 6w6d

  16. I have my first ultrasound at 6 weeks 6 days on Oct 7.

  17. I had my first u/s @ 5w1d -- We saw 1 gestational sac with questionable yolk & one questionable gestional sac. Stressful u/s!

    Next one @ 6w4d was much more definitive.

  18. My 1st U/S 5 weeks 6 days showed 1 baby with a yolk sac the other was just a empty sac. Went back on 6 weeks 4 days showed 2 baby's with heartbeats

    Baby a 128
    Baby b 120

    Go back tuesday will be 7 weeks 4 days..

  19. I will have my first u/s next wednesday which will be 6w3days and I feel like I am going out of my mind waiting. I am analyzing everything as much as did waiting for beta, scared the symptoms are subsiding. I cycle out of town so I am going to my regular ob/gyn and hopefully they won't make me wait longer for the scan after the consult is finished.

    You all are giving me hope though!

  20. My first is tomorrow at 6w4d. I've had all sorts of issues so far (didn't absorb crininone and progesterone dropped to 8, low but doubling betas, etc) so tomorrow is more to rule out that it's not something bad than to check to make sure it's something good.

    I'm really really hoping to hear a heartbeat tomorrow, but I believe that we're actually behind and had late implantation due to the progesterone issues, so we might not be anywhere close to that. I'm terrified of the outcome.

  21. I am having mine 10/29, at which point I will be 7w1d. They like to do them at 7 weeks at my RE's office.

  22. i'll be exactly 5 weeks on friday and im freaking out about my first u/s!

  23. I had mine 11/12 and I was exactly 5 weeks. We saw a little "peanut" We transferred 2 embies, but only saw 1 "so far". RE said we may see better on 11/19 u/s. I have been extremely sore and umcomfortable. Now I know a little better why...I have quite a lot of fluid in my abdomen. it was quite prevelant on the u/s. My ovaries are also very enlarged! Trying to take it easy, but worries set in, expecially with all the discomfort

  24. i didn't want to do a bunch of ultrasounds, so i insisted on waiting till we were pretty sure of a h/b if there was going to be one. so it was at 6 weeks, 4 days.


  25. Just had my u/s today...5d6weeks. Sac and Yolk looked normal but no fetal pole and no heartbeat. Mainly they wanted to make sure it wasn't ectopic. I'm surprised it's only one, since my betas more than tripled in two days...really a little worried about no h/b, but dr says it's normal this early. I go back in'll be tourcher...but I'll live

    I say, wait as long as you can without risking etoptic issues. I wish I'd pushed it til the end of the week, now I have to wait 10 hard long days...

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