how do I stop!

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  1. My dd is 15months and I do not bf her during the day but starting at 7pm I feed hr about every 2 -3 hours all night long. She will refuse a bottle after this time too. I am exhausted. she slleps with me and is a screamer in other words if I refuse her she will not give up and scream for hours. She is a little sweetie but she keeps her hands in my shirt at all times. I am forever pulling them out. Sometimes she graps my nipple and pulls it out and then laughs. She literialy undresses me in public. If she was a typical little girl I would still feed her if it was once before bed!

    Help I am done. I am so blessed for my children but I want my body back. I finally had 2 natural af in a row since we started ttc and ivf 6 years ago!


  2. Oh Marie, I feel your pain, b/c I'm going through something similar w/my almost 14 month old who nurses All. Night. Long. I started a thread about it on the parenting board and people had some helpful thoughts: Using donor with different ethnic (Asian) background?

    Bottom line, it seems like it's going to be pretty unpleasant to stop this... and since you co-sleep, maybe even harder for you (sorry!). You might want to look at Dr Jay Gordon's method for night weaning in the family bed:

    My DD is currently sick w/an ear infection so I will be trying to deal with this once she is better... I wish both of us a lot of luck!!

  3. sometimes it is all night long too. 5 mins here 10 there it doesn't stop and she doesn't take a soother. She just started really taking a bottle within the last few days but only during the day.
    thanks i'll check the threads

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