Horrible betas, but saw heartbeat??

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  1. I've spend the last 2 weeks in beta hell, but then we saw the baby and sac (both measuring small) and a tiny flicker of a heartbeat (could see it, but couldn't hear it yet). RE says "don't get hopes up" but it's hard not to have a little hope, even though everything points to this being a loss.

    Here are the stats:
    14DPO: Beta 142
    17DPO: Beta 256
    21DPO : Beta 224 (told to stop progesterone)
    23DPO: Beta 557
    26DPO: Beta 460
    29DPO: Beta 901 (told likely ectopic and to come in for u/s)
    30DPO or 6w1d: Saw a flicker of a hearbeat!!??? Told to get back on the progesterone just in case.

    I've been googling like crazy, and can't find anything like this. How the heck can there be a sac/baby/h/b with that low of a beta?

    Don\'t feel like you have to blow smoke, but what do you think?

    No matter what, I'm just thrilled that it's not ectopic! Any other kind of loss I can handle at this point. I go back for another u/s on Wednesday...which seems so very far away!!!

  2. I am also very happy for you that it's not ectopic. I've had one and it's traumatic, to say the least!! In the past I had a simillar situation where the beta was going along nicely and then a plateaux and slower rise. My daughter is now 2 1/2. My theory is that maybe two embies implanted and one stopped developing and that would explain the change in beta numbers? Possible?
    I wish you luck and hope it all works out for you

  3. Dear torleif,

    I hope you are bearing up well in the long wait to Wednesday. We also had low (and dropping in doubling times) betas and at the u/s on 34dpo saw a 10mm sac with nothing visible inside. Whereas previously on 29dpo there was just the slightest something visible inside the sac.

    So I have been told to go in on Monday to discuss the miscarriage options. But today I am still getting the slight nausea symptoms that I have had on and off for the last couple of weeks.

    I\'m trying to prepare for the worst while dealing with this hopeless feeling of hope.

    My betas have been low but the actual numbers have been going up. I realise we are not in the same situation but your post just made me think that we can't all be in the median of the charts. To make the median there must have been successes at the top and bottom of the range.

    Hang in there and let us know how it goes.

  4. hey jen just 2 give u hope i just delivered a baby girl on dec 1st.. this preg had the worst betas. i mean 110-112 doubling times.. when i went in for u/s also thikning ectopic they saw a sac n yolk but measuring a week behind a few days later heard a faint heartbeat.. the heartrate picked up but still measuring a week behind. by 9 weeks all was caught up n heartbeat stayed nice n steady at 142bpm till i delivered.. don't give up hope crossing everything for you.

  5. What a rough ride....

    I had a similar story back in 2002....low non doubling betas, small sac way behind, told to go off meds and did. 3 days later I had bad abdominal pain, and they did another u/s (this was at 7 weeks while waiting to m.c) and found a way behind baby with a hb of 120. Back on the meds I go and follow up u/s 3 days later. I go vack in and there is still a h.b---but it is my own. Baby had demised and the registering h.b was my maternal heartbeat pumping blood through the baby's body. I would guess thats what you have going on unless the h/b is above 120....

    So sorry it is so hard....

  6. Thanks so much ladies for weighing in!

    I never even thought about the heartbeat that they saw simply being my own h/b pumping blood to the baby. That makes a lot of sense! Obviously it's not what I'm hoping for, but it's probably what's going on in there.

    I go back for another u/s on Wednesday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all questions are resolved by then (good or bad just want to stop the roller coaster!).

    Thanks again all!

  7. I had really slow betas with my 1st pregnancy. I saw a small gestational sac and a yolk sac at 5.5 weeks and a small GS, normal fetal pole and a heartbeat at 6.5 weeks. After we saw the heartbeat, I asked my RE what usually happens in a case like this and she said it was the first time she had ever seen anything like it (I think she was VERY surprised we saw a heartbeat with such dismal betas). She told me a couple of times that it was 50/50 and could go either way, but when I finally pressed her on what she thought would happen, she very quickly admitted that she was pretty sure I would m/c which made me feel much better than hearing 50/50. Why didn't she just tell me that to begin with? About a week later at 7.5 weeks, I miscarried naturally.

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I found it torturous and just wanted some resolution either way. I researched slow betas and small gestational sacs over and over again, looking for a glimmer of hope. I hope you get some resolution soon. Again, I'm so sorry. I know how miserable it is.


    Here are my betas from that cycle:

    15dpIUI 178
    17dpIUI 310 60 hour doubling time
    19dpIUI 470 80 hour doubling time
    23dpIUI 975 91 hour doubling time
    25dpIUI 1280 122 hour doubling time--yolk sac seen on u/s
    32dpIUI 2414 187 hour doubling time--heartbeat seen on u/s

  8. *warning - not a happy ending *

    I also had a pregnancy with not encouraging betas. Really long doubling times, low to start. I had u/s from 6w in which development lagged at the very, very bottom of the acceptable range.... This continued until week 10 or so when we found out the baby had an omphalocele (internal organs on the outside), the pregnancy continued to go on but it was clear by week 16 or so that the defects were getting worse and "weren't compatible with life". We ended up terminating soon after....

    So sorry to hear that your betas aren't doubling as fast as they should. My story didn't end happily but others have posted that things did work out for them , hopefully they will for you too...

  9. Thanks so much for the stories, both good and bad. I'm still prepared for the worst, but am of course hoping for the best.

    Thought I would update for those that might be interested!

    Had another u/s today, and baby is measuring 6w1d (should be 7w2d) and h/b is 109 (should be around 150). So the little guy is hanging in there, and giving a good fight!

    I know things don't look great...but there's always hope! I go back next Wed for another u/s....so the waiting game continues.

  10. Well, the heartbeat is where it should be for 6w1d and us can be off +or- a week, so don't give up yet!! I'm praying for you!

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