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  1. Dear Fellow IVFC’ers

    I have been a member of IVFC for the past few years and had been reading long before that. I mention this only so you will know I am not a spammer but a real member of this group, one who is so grateful for the support, advice and community that I’ve found here. After many attempts to contact the admin about my project I decided to bring my information to the community and let you decide if you want to support it. If you do not I will remove the post.

    You may notice that I deleted some of my posts for privacy reasons. I did this because this post and sharing my project will reveal my identity and while I’m happy to share with all of you, some of it was just too sensitive for the rest of the world. I hope you will understand.

    I have been an infertility and IVF patient in Massachusetts for the past five years and along the way I created The IVF Companion, which is a personal organizer that helps patients and partners prepare for, track and organize their IVF Cycles. It is a bound system with sections that covers Clinic, Finances, Cycle, Wait & Results, and Complementary Therapies & Resources. There is also an optional Multiple Cycle Comparison Section for those who cycle more than once. I could go on and on about the details but they are on my website. For now I thought I would share with you an excerpt from the book that I think will help you understand what I am hoping to accomplish.

    I hope you’ll visit my website at www.ivfcompanion.com to learn more. Please feel free to pm me or contact me directly with questions, suggestions, comments or any feedback at all at info@ivfcompanion.com. Thank you for listening and again I hope it was ok to post this here. If the group decides it is not I will certainly remove the post.Best,Stephanie aka. Jasmine

    Excerpt: The IVF Companion

    “IVF is an incredibly personal experience that involves a multitude of new and constantly changing information. Each one of us has different feelings about the process; therefore I am not going to presume to tell you how you will personally experience the medical and emotional aspects of IVF. I can only tell you why I created this product, how it has helped me and what I hope it will do for you.

    I created the IVF Companion for a few reasons – first and foremost to keep my head above water. For years I existed in the constant swirl of information and emotion that makes up the maze of infertility and IVF. Eventually one thing became clear. In order to survive in this situation I needed to take control of the things that I could control, such as knowledge about my specific situation, my body, my cycles and my feelings. The original IVF Companion began with a few lists and charts, and evolved slowly over many cycles into an organizational system that not only helped me to survive, but allowed me to thrive in the challenging and oftentimes overwhelming situations I found myself in.

    The IVF Companion has been invaluable as a means of reducing stress during my cycles. Instead of fixating on ‘what-ifs’ and ‘maybes’ in a worrisome, stressful way, I have been able to focus on my cycles in a positive, productive manner and therefore better understand my treatment and response. Documenting, organizing and tracking the volumes of information involved in the IVF process has saved me countless hours and headaches, and having a tangible companion to grab every time I have a question, head out to an appointment or receive new information has been a great comfort.

    The IVF Companion has helped me have an open and educated dialogue with my doctor, my husband, my family, and perhaps most importantly, myself. It has given me a greater understanding of the connections between physical and emotional responses and has provided an outlet for my fears and frustrations. I know I can’t control what is going to happen in a cycle, but I can better understand what has happened, what might happen, what my options are for moving forward and how I feel about all of it.

    My hope is that the IVF Companion will become a positive part of your IVF experience; that helps you to reduce stress; and allows you to better understand your specific situation. I hope it will help you to ask informed questions, make informed decisions and become a more confident participant in your medical care by providing you with a personalized way to organize, store and evaluate the information that is important and relevant to you.

    As it has done for me, I hope the IVF Companion makes your journey a little clearer and a little less difficult. I hope it provides you with a sense of calm, clarity and control and gives you an opportunity to participate in a process that can feel very out of control. I hope it provides a productive way to pass the time while you wait for the cycle to start or as you sit in waiting room after waiting room. I hope it becomes something positive to focus on as you wait for the next instruction call, administer the next shot, get through the retrieval, wait for the fertilization report, go through the transfer and of course as you wait and wait for the results.

    The IVF Companion is dedicated to you, the women of IVF. You are among the strongest women alive. Throughout this journey, remember – just attempting a cycle, canceled or completed, negative or positive, is a feat that takes strength, courage and an amazing amount of discipline and time. All that you endure and the massive personal and family effort that goes into an IVF cycle is something to be proud of."

  2. this is actually a great idea, i, for one, am glad one of our own thought of it. have you contacted resolve about it? GL!

  3. That looks like an awesome idea! I wish you the best of luck - I wish I had had one for my many cycles.

  4. Thanks so much you guys. I was nervous about posting this because I know it is not the norm to do this here.

    Violet, I love Resolve. I am a member of the bay state chapter. The peer groups and email group I am part of helped me through some really rough times. I also had a great response from them when I was testing the book. Some of the patients in my focus group who used, tested and contributed ideas to the book are members of Resolve chapters across the country. Also, one of the sections of the book (in Complementary Therapy & Resources) focuses on creating a personal resource guide by researching and finding organizations like Resolve and others organizations that the user can feel comfortable with.


  5. That is a nice idea. Best of luck,,,,,,,,I have a calender filled with all the dates of my first successful cycle. I cannot bear to part with it. It certainly isn't nice and compact and neat like that would be. It's also great to be able to look back and share info easily when someone else is in need of support!


  6. What a great idea. I hope it does well.

  7. I agree it is a great idea and it looks like it is nicely made. Good luck with it. If I were still cycling I would make a purchase.

  8. Very neat! I wish this had been around two years ago for me to use during my ivf. I do have some ladies that live by me that I chat with and they are doing ivf right now so I shared the link with them.

  9. Thank you all so much for your responses and support, it means so much, especially coming from long term members. Seeing this and the way the IVFC community has rallied around its members who were on The View this week (and did an amazing job!) is heart warming and a great reminder of how important this site is. Thank you!

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