Higher Then Normal NT Result. What Can It Mean?

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  1. i had a 3.1 on one baby at 10 wks and 6 days (i assume this measurement would have been higher at the 12 week mark, but the dr (my own), at that point refused to measure me, being that i had the cvs test and that would be the tell all)

    Anyhow, the cvs shows that both babies are chromosomally fine, but she said it could mean a heart defect, we have to check for that if we decide against reduction. then i look online and in a couple different places, it states 'other structural abnormalities, can be associated with the neck fold measurement'. she told me, it can only be the heart but i don't know, can it actually mean other things as well?

    i want to know our every risk, especially since i'm 13 wks today and have to make our final decision super fast, as time is not on our side. if it's a heart defect only, like a small hole, or something minute, that is nothing, but if there are other things, things that would not be expected by me, w/o knowing prior, because i've been assuming only the heart, then i'd like to know that sooner then later.


    thanks, shelly

  2. No idea, sorry.

  3. Shelly, I have no idea as to answer to your question, but if you haven't already posted this on the pg post ivf board, you may want to post it there as I suspect it gets more traffic.

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