High beta levels

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  1. I all. I had my third beta today. I am now 24 dpo from an FET.

    First beta - 1,563
    Second beta - 3,385
    Third beta - 7,904

    Sonogram scheduled for 11/2/09.

    Has anyone else had numbers like this? Was it single/multiple?

    Thanks for any thought,

  2. Sorry, forgot to mention, we did transfer two nice looking embies.

    Thanks again!!!

  3. so at 5 weeks and 3 day your beta was 7904 hmmmmmmmmmm well mine at 5 weeks 6 days was 7294 n i am preg with a singelton. BUT u never know i have seen betas like this with twins, triplets and singeltons.

    when is the u/s?

  4. Melly,
    When was your 2nd beta taken? I only had 2 betas with the last one at 21dpo

    1) 12dp5dt 420
    2) 16dp5dt 2188

    I had my first ultrasound this past Wed and found out we are having twins.

    Good luck with your first sono next week.


  5. My 3rd beta at 23dpo from an FET (tx'd 2 perfect embryos) was 7,019 and I am now 10.5 weeks pg. with a singleton.

  6. My beta at 21dpo was 8928 and i am pregnant witth twins. Good luck at the US - it looks like a nice strong number whether one or two.


  7. I am happy with either one or two. I am very happy with my numbers, its very encouraging.

    Thanks for your thoughts and a HUGE congrats to all of you!!!

  8. Our first surro we transfered 2fresh embies 5dp and she got a positive hpt on day 6. her first beta was 19dpo and was in the high 1100. 2 days later it was 2300....we confirmed a few weeks later by ultrasoung that we had twins. She carried both unil week 11 when one twin quit develoing but we went on to have a very healthy boy who is now almpst 19 mo

    This go around we did the same thing got a positive HPT on day 6 and had our first beta yesterday and it was 638..... so you just never know....I have my fingers crossed for a healthy baby

    Good luck-these all seem like good numbers to me. Congrats and best of luck to you all moving forward.

  9. Hi,

    Had my ultrasound today. We have one stong heartbeat.

    There was another sac, but it was empty. :-(

    That answers the high beta numbers question.

    I thank god that we have at least one good strong heartbeat.

    Thanks all,

  10. My beta was 6K 23dpo and I was pregnant with a singleton, but you never know. Congrats and good luck!

  11. 14dpo: 293


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