Hesitant to believe I\'m pregnant..help

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  1. I think I'm going crazy...I did IVF for 2 yrs unsuccessfully (5 attempts) was in line for donor and got pregnant on my own. Had nausea so at 2 days past when I thought I should get my period I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Called GIVF where I was waiting to do donor and had them test the hcg and projesterone. Hcg was 62 and progesterone was good (didn't tell me the level). So had to wait over the weekend - so 4 days later was expecting bad news and hcg was 412!!! They didn't test my progesterone and won't test me again until 6 wk ultrasound. Being an IVF patient - I am used to multiple testing (I had one successful IVF before this cycle of testing - 4 yrs ago). I am hesitant to believe that my progesterone is ok & I am ok without any meds/help. I'm 41. I am so badly want to be excited but am going crazy and am now worried my progesterone or something I could help is low. I am taking baby aspirin (on my own - no one told me) in hopes that that may help but a little worried it could be doing the opposite. So question....if my progesterone was ok on 1st test/...could it reverse..could I still miscar)ry before the 6 wk u/s -- I don't have alot of symptoms which doesn't help my state of mind. I am tempted to call Shady Grove (the place I actually did all the IVFs) and have them test -- I think GIVF is just kind of lowkey b/c I'm not a real patient, but they were the one's I was talking to - I was (still am) next on the list for the donor -- that's supposed to come up the same week I have my u/s. Can anyone talk me down of the ledge? My husband thinks I'm crazy. Should I call another place for testing? I don't think my regular OB would do anything but I could try Shady Grove.

    Thanks - sorry long message,

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I completely understand your hesitancy to believe this could actually go well for you (I am the same exact way - after going through everything we do, it's so hard to accept when it actually goes well). Since you had been at Shady Grove for so long, I think it would help if you called them and asked for some weekly or every 4 day testing the same as you would get if you were a pg. patient there. I'm not sure how your insurance would cover it though. I would feel the exact same way and do everything I can to make sure it is ok. Your other option would be to call your prior RE and beg them to write a prescription for progesterone suppositories. That way you are assured you're getting a boost if you need it. I don't think you can ever have too much progesterone. Good luck and again, congratulations!

  3. Dear Kathy,
    I understand why you are hesitant and nervous. While I have had successful pgs, I have also had 4 losses, so never felt comfortable that things were going to go right. Definitely call the office where you usually go to see if they will do HCG checks. When I got pg via IVF, they only were going to do 2 or 3 hcg checks. I went every 2-3 days for almost 2 weeks and all I had to do was ask. It was never a problem for them to do the checks. My insurance did pay for some more of those tests than I thought, but even for the ones they didn't, it was not really expensive (compared to everything else we went through and had to pay for). For me, it was worth the peace of mind to know if my #s were doubling.
    Good luck to you! Don't be afraid to speak up for what YOU WANT AND NEED!

  4. Just wanted to say I went through something similar - I was waiting on AF to start ivf#3 (#4 if you count the first try that was converted to iui due to poor response) and came up pregnant. I got my bfp a week before my 41st birthday, and had been told earlier that I'd probably not ever get pg with my own eggs and that I should look at DE or adoption.

    It\'s totally normal to be freaked out (god knows I have been!) but it's very likely that this is the start of a perfectly normal pregnancy. I was as freaked out as you and I've made it to 20 weeks today.

    Definately see if Shady Grove will help you out. I was cycling at SIRM-NY, and they had me come in for an u/s at 6weeks and at 8 weeks which was great for me. RE's are used to dealing with panicked freaked out pg people, and I'm sure they'd be thrilled to find out you got pg if you did a bunch of ivf's with them.

    Really big hugs to you. There's a bunch of us nervous nellies on the "PG Vets" board - you may want to check it out and join in.

  5. Kathy - congrats - I get why you would be freaked out, I would be too - and if you want progesterone then you should be able to ask for it (and they should give it to you - after all you can never have too much progesterone - so why not?). I know I would want supplementation if I was pregnant. So I get it - and so should your clinic, after all you did numerous IF cycles with them.

    Congrats on the pregnancy and all the best.

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