Help..Recurring thrush!

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  1. Just wondering if anyone had suggestions on getting rid of thrush and keeping it away! I am solely pumping..the babies have been checked and they do not have thrush. I sterilize all bottles and pump pieces after every use...I have had two doses of diflucan and I have been using the gentian violet. The first bout of thrush lasted about a week, then a week later came back. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I am not letting the nursing pads get damp either...this is getting very frustrating! Between the bouts of thrush I had mastitis!!

  2. Hi Jules...I don't have any advice for you (sorry!), but I think you'll get more answers on the breastfeeding board. Good luck!

  3. Yes, check out the BFing board! There were multiple threads on this topic, many started by me I had multiple bouts of thrush will nursing. I tried vinegar rinses, letting air dry after nursing, and then I got a Rx for All Purpose Nipple Ointment--its compounded in the pharmacy, and contains an antibiotic, antifungal, and a steriod. I also took GRAPEFRUIT seed extract pills that I got in the health food store. Good luck!

  4. i never got thrush, but a doctor at the breastfeeding clinic gave me a prescription for a nipple cream (sounds like what KALLIOPI described) which i use after each feeding as a preventative measure...

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