help: wrong amount of progesterone before embryo transfer

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  1. I feel like a total idiot. Had the egg retrieval last Wednesday. I was supposed to be taking 2 tablets, twice a day of progesterone. Have been taking ONE. Tomorrow is the embryo transfer.

    So I've been taking half the dose.

    I don't even know what the dose is, I'm in Japan and everything is in Japanese. I was just taking the last dose for today and I remember the nurse saying "5 day supply" and I realised I had so much left over. I was going through the trash in the kitchen looking for the stuff that came with the drugs and my face is burning with shame and please, somebody, tell me something. I know the progesterone is to help with the lining... it's obviously a 5 day transfer.

    I don't know what to do.

  2. I am not familiar with oral progesterone dosing....but probably your best bet is to go in for bloodwork as soon as possible. Maybe, if your level is too low and it's not too late, they can give you some injectable progesterone which would work quickly.

    Is it your clinic's practice to do a blood level and lining check the day before transfer? Will they at least check your levels and lining before the transfer? I think in this case you should insist on that.

    You should also send a PM to a poster here named Darra, who has cycled in Japan and may be able to help.

  3. thank you Spartali. That is good advice/info.

  4. I agree with getting your levels checked, but an US will also be telling, as once you start to take progesterone the lining converts. Is this an OE cycle? If it is, then after you ovulated your body would also be producing and this is just supplemental. They may have you stay on longer, do a PIO shot, or something else. But do check as soon as possible - you are probably still OK.

    Best -


  5. Thank you, gymtourl. What is OE cycle? I cannot sleep, waiting till 8AM to call the doctor. DH says to just go in for an US at 9 even tho the transfer is at 1PM.

  6. OE = own eggs (as opposed to donor egg). Amshel is right - if this is a fresh cycle with your own eggs, your body should have been building up a lining on its own, with the extra progesterone as supplemental after the retrieval. You should be ok, but it would be good to get the check in the morning before transfer.

  7. This is going to sound weird, but you can use your oral pills as suppositories, which will get the progesterone where it needs to be better and faster. I would consider giving it a hail Mary and put at least 3 there! It can't hurt and it just might help! (I would also do the 2 they recommended.)

  8. Thank you Utku and APERIVHANIA. It is 8AM so I will call the doc. I feel reassured that the cycle may be salvaged despite my colossal error. The shame when I told DH... he will live on the slack from this for the rest of his life!

    I will post with info about lining when I get it. Pills in my bum... IF the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving

  9. hi, did you speak to your clinic? i was thinking that the advice you received was good to possibly use the capsules as suppositories (which i also have seen administered in that way).

    a friend of mine did only 2 suppositories of progesterone suppositories instead of 3 a day and the clinic said it wouldn't make a difference. she was told to not add an extra suppository to make up the discrepency.


  10. I will post with info about lining when I get it. Pills in my bum... IF the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving

    Isable- I'm pretty sure the previous poster mean to insert the pills vaginally (as suppositories) and not "in your bum" as you wrote, if I understand you correctly! Please call your clinic before you insert pills anywhere if you don't understand...!

  11. It can't hurt to insert some vaginally...but just be aware that this probably won't raise your serum P4 level so don't be alarmed by that.

  12. gulesin, ROLF!!!! So glad I didn't do it just then.

    The doctor just returned our call. He said not to worry, no problem, A-OK. He said not to take extra, and that I would get a PIO shot after the transfer today. He couldn't tell me condition/# of embryos, which was disappointing (in the past we have called at 9 to hear whether there is anything to transfer). So it seems there is not necessarily a problem, and everything will continue as scheduled.

    Thank you for your comments, Spartali and estel. Spartali, you saved my sanity last night. Thank you for your quick response to my post. I can't explain how much it helped in that moment to know there was someone out there who knew what was happening too. Thank you.

  13. My pleasure. Hope your lining is nice and thick and juicy!

    Send Darra a PM sometime. She's really experienced and knowledgeable about IVF in general, and she's cycled in Japan with success...

  14. Isabel- how did it go???

  15. Glad your doc siad everytthing is ok. I did multiple cycles in Japan and was always terrified that I didn't understand everything I was supposed to be doing!

  16. Lining = 11mm at transfer. So, YAY! They gave me a PIO shot before I left, too.

    They didn't do an US until I was in the transfer situation. I was on pins and needles! My doctor did make a visit to reassure me before the transfer while I was in the waiting room.

    He said that the progesterone pills are supplementary and that all the corpus luteum are secreting progesterone already.

    They didn't do any bloodwork.

    Thanks, everybody! I am very grateful for your comments.

    said, my clinic is IVF Osaka. They just built new facilities. It is very fancy and it's what I would imagine as a dream clinic if I had to build one. As I was waiting in the exam room after transfer they dimmed the lights and the ceiling had a projection of a starry sky with actual shooting stars. It was amazing! They served me a proper tea and cake on china when I was in the recovery room. Japan is brilliant! Even tho I can't talk to anyone or read anything

  17. Well folks, ended up with a chemical pregnancy. Beta = 9 (I don't know the units, sorry). Going straight back on the rollercoaster.

  18. So sorry Isabel.....

  19. Isabel, very sorry to hear it. Just happened to me too.

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