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  1. Hi All,
    I need some help with breastfeeding and sleeping. I have 6 month old twin boys. They were 8 weeks premature so they are 4-5 months adjusted. They have had either the breast or EBM since they were born.

    Anyway, they were sleeping in 5 hour streches at 4 months but have reverted to eating every 3 hours at night. I am dying because they often get off cycle and I am up every hour to hour and a half. This has caused me to develop some very bad habits... like letting them latch and going back to sleep until the other baby wakes up.

    I work during the day and my parents who babysit them give them EBM bottles. The Doctor also has me giving them prunes and pear stage one food because they are constipated. (Well only one is but she said the other could eat if they wanted). I was wondering if they are waking up every 3 hours at night because they missed me and just wanted to suck? Or maybe because they like sleeping with me?

    I was also wondering if they woke up every 3 hours because they were hungry? Feeding them fruit late at night is a bad idea because they get fussy but maybe I should try a bottle of formula for dinner? If I do this, what kind of formula should I use? I think they will still want/need the breast to go to sleep so should I still give them a quick suck before before bed too?

    That said the paci is becomming a PITA. They take it out, play with it, toss it around the crib then get tired and the great paci hunt begins. This is no fun at 12, 2, 3 and 4 am so I would like to get rid of the paci. Is this too much to do at once?

    Anyway, sorry for the really long post but I really need to get some sleep someday and I really want to keep breast feeding. I just do not know what to do...

    BTW- My DH works out of town for part of the week so if they wake up in the middle of the night, I need to give them the breast because I just can't manage the two and go warm them bottles by myself...

    Thanks for your help,
    Little Monkies.

  2. Ragbar- i don't know how much help i can be but i saw your post and really felt for you! i had some questuions-i was wondering if you recently went back to work or was that some time ago? also do they eat during the day with gma the amount they should be eating for thier age? the reason im asking is bc i was wondering if they are doing whats called reverse cycling-basically they fill up at night while mommy is away during the day- this way they are getting mommy time-this happened with my son and i was going nutty trying everything and trying to figure it out- i only have one so i could after weeks -i said im just going to have to go with it and started over and had him in bed with me again. i also started letting him eat whenever at night bc he was in bed with me so i started using the side lying postiion-maybe not an option for you though... so if it is reverse cycling you could try a few things such as making sure they dont skipp meals and eat the amount needed - give extra feeds at before bed - if you go to they have some suggestions - its really hard bc sometimes there is not much you can do and having twins makes it super hard especially if dh is out of town...

    also did you start cereal yet? i know they say its amyth about eating food before bed but my son is able to go longer btw feedings now and my son was one that was starved every 2 hours-he did gradually go to 2 1/2 for a few of the feedings which i didnt mind when he was sleeping thru at night then it son also still wakes once a night and i think its bc he needs comforting w mommy but he does have a few nights that he can sleep thru (my son is 6 months 6days).also sometimes i think its hard for babies to put themslves back to sleep...bottom line good lluck and i sympathize with sleep dreprivation but it does get better it just takes some time!

  3. Hi,
    I just wanted to thank you for your advice and support. We did try formula with no luck, they just kinda got stinky. So the boys are now eating all level one fruits and veggies now plus BM. We are trying to make sure they are getting the correct # of oz during the day too! Anyway the ped said that we should try the Ferber method. We started and twin A did great, twin B... well I think it is a comfort thing.
    So we are just working on eliminating one feeding. Then I bringing twin B into bed after 5 am for snacks and cuddles. It seems to be working a little better. But we will see.

    Thanks again,

  4. Hi LM,

    I feel your pain! My twins will be 5m next week and they are bf exclusively. Like you there were sleeping well around 4m but recently have started some new waking routines. This often happens when they are learning something new like rolling over. Also remember that there is a growth spurt around 6m. What works for us at bedtime is to keep a routine. Start the bedtime routine early so they have lots of time to nurse before falling asleep.

    Got to run b/c DD (who is 2) is crying.
    Hope it gets betters soon.
    Mary Joanne
    DD, 2.5 (Bf 18m)
    DS1&2, 4.5m

  5. Hang in there sleep will eventually come. I have an 8 month old who is b/f but had supplementation early on b/c poor weight gain. He is now thriving. Anyway, he started to sleep for 5-6 hrs around 4months, I started feeding him cereal around the same time and he gradually worked up to sleepin 8-9 and then now he sleeps for about 10.5 hrs straight. I'm having difficulty with breasts full in middle of night. Anyway my suggestion is to give then some cereal at the evening meal time to help fill them up a little and then they may sleep longer. Also make sure they are getting their full amount of liquid and veggies fruit during the day. I believe they may be just ready fro more solids than what you are giving. Good luck and yes sleep will come.

  6. Hi little monkies,

    I just wanted to comment. I know every ped is different in what they suggest, but I have always thought that the reccomended age for starting solids was 6 months, I would imagine especially with preemies (mine we born at 35.5 weeks) that you would want to go closer to 6 months. I do not think that the sleep-issue has much to do with how many solids you are feeding them personally. I think part of it's developmental, part of it's how they sleep during the day and what habits you begin/continue.

    It does sound like maybe you have started some habits with them out of exhuastion (understandable) and it's time to get them back on track.

    Have you perhaps read Healthy Sleep habits Happy child? I think that book is chalk full of great information and advice. You might try checking that book out before going full-bore Ferber as I imagine making even a few changes in your routine might help the situation....just a thought....


  7. Thank you all for your support. The boys are now doing great. They are going to bed at 8. Nurse around 11. Nurse at 5 and we wake them up at 7:30. So I am much happier.
    I just hope it lasts!!!
    Thanks again!

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