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  1. I posted this on the DE board too but thought I'd ask you guys as well....

    OK, just got a call from our clinic saying they have a potential match. Keep in mind this is my 2nd DE cycle.....because my 1st one failed, the clinic tries harder to get me a proven donor this time.

    So, the match they called me with is "semi-proven". She had TWELVE blasts frozen from her cycle. However, the cycle didn't result in a pregnancy but the clinic insists it's not an egg quality issue. They said the recipient had a lining issue and that's why they believe it failed.

    What do you guys think? 12 blasts is amazing. However, the cycle did fail and we can never really know for SURE that it was the fault of the recipient. Know what I mean??

    Any thoughts?

  2. Hi CINTHIA-

    I was in the same boat. After 2 donor choices failed, one of our top pick donors became available again and we really wanted to choose her. Her prior cycle had resulted in a reasonable number of blasts (can't remember exactly how many, but in the range of 6-10, I think) and the RE rated them as excellent quality. The couple who had worked with her didn't get pregnant on the fresh or their subsequent FET. We were definitely nervous, but our RE said it probably wasn't an egg quality issue. We decided to go with her and once we did, we heard that her RE (in the same group practice, but different from our RE) had determined that it was likely a uterine issue in the recipient mother (she had had fibroid surgery before). So, we felt much better (of course, sorry for her) and proceeded. I'm 32w pg now with a singleton from an eSET. We had 10 embryos to start and 7 made it to blast. So, we have 6 frosties. Now, the donor is definitely proven!

    It was a tough call, but it worked out for us. Try to get as much info as possible on her last cycle and why it failed and then make your decision. Good luck!

  3. Thanks mmanap! We decided to go with her. I think she is a good choice despite the last cycle not resulting in pregnancy. 12 frozen is amazing so I am hoping that's an indicator of egg quality. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!!

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