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  1. Hi, I am new to this website and in need of some serious help. I don't know where to turn. I have sever and I mean severe endometriosis. It has ruined both of my tubes. I have had 4 surgeries now. The 2nd one took one of my tubes, an ovary, my appendix, my gallbladder, and part of my large intestine. No fun! I just had another surgery which showed my other tube is too damaged to allow an egg to travel down and my only option is IVF. I can in no way shape or form afford the ridiculous cost of IVF. I cannot belive they make it so expensive, it is heartbreaking. I am not sure what to do next, I can not afford to take out a loan as we have too many bills as it is. Does anyone have any advice for me on where to go for cheaper IVF that is good? My fertility doctor is saying one treatment is around 12K and a two cycle plan is about 16K, that is so obsurd! Please help!

  2. I am so sorry...IVF is pure h*ll. I honestly don't have any advice. We are OOP and we have charged our procedures on a credit card that has no interest for the first year...not the best idea, but we just pay a big chunk of it monthly (we have done one fresh IVF this year & are doing our 3rd FET today....14K for the IVF & about 4K for an FET)

  3. well good luck to you. I just feel so lost. My husband does not want it like I do and is not willing to do something like a credit card. It's nice to talk to people who understand, I feel like no one I know does.

  4. Thanks. That must be really hard wanting to do it & having your DH not wainting it as badly as you do. I wish you the best in whatever you decide! Oh, one more thing...have you talked to the financial person at your RE's office? I know your DH doesn't want to use a credit card, but at our office I know that they had some sort of "plan" set up w/a credit card company that had to do with financing it...we didn't go that route, but maybe an option?? I am not sure what your DH is willing to do.

  5. Have you tried looking for a job that has IVF coverage? Maybe even moving to a State that has an IVF coverage mandate.

  6. haib_b - I am going to Michigan Reproductive & IVF Clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Dr Dodds & Dr Young), I am currently doing an IVF cycle, it will be approximately $5300 for the treatment and it was about $1500 for my meds (but my insurance covered about 1/2 of the meds). They are very reasonable and after 4 ultrasounds, they don't charge you for anymore, they have a great reputation also. Not sure if this helps you or not??? Good luck!!

  7. I'm so sorry your journey has been so tough. I have endo too, although a mild case.

    DH and I couldn't afford IVF in the states (military doesn't cover it and we didn't want to go to Walter Reed) and Germany's ART laws are too stringent. So we're currently in the Czech Republic doing IVF ICSI #1 (I'm 2dpo). Have you thought of going overseas for IVF? Including 21 days hotel, meds, dr. appts, ICSI, assisted hatching, anesthesia for egg retrieval, etc we're paying about $6,500. Their clinic is very modern as is the town of Zlin.

    If you're interested, check out the Eastern Europe board on here.

  8. Sorry about your struggles, I have severe endo too and I feel your pain (I've had 3 surgeries and rounds of lupron treatment). IVF is expensive, and I just wanted to wish you luck (it is a bit cheeper in Canada, my clinic in Montreal was around 5K plus meds - plus you may gain a little on the exchange rate.

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