Help me save my boobs and my sanity!

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  1. Hi ladies. By boobs are killing me and I would love some suggestions. I am not ready to give up yet but my breasts are almost numb.

    Babies will open wide but are using their gums on the base of my nipple. I know they can do it properly, particularly one baby, because we have had a couple of experiences where it doesn't hurt at all. But now both babies do the same thing. They will open but then either pull their head back or close down hard on the base of the nipple when I pop them on. Even when their mouths stay open wide, their tongues are back and not serving as a barrier between their lower gum and my nipple. They both have very strong sucks, so it is causing my nipples to throb between feedings.

    One LC gave me a nipple shield, but it doesn't even go on well so I haven't used it. I used it with the pump a couple of times (on the rare occasion I manage to pump, the pump makes my nipples very swollen and adds to my pain) but have basically tossed it aside. Second LC gave me the feeding tube to use with some finger exercises- I only managed to pump some milk yesterday so I haven't tried that yet.

    We do different exercises for opening wide- but none do anything about the position of the tongue.

    Any advice? BFing has become a tearful affair for me again and I want to enjoy it.

    PS- One baby is slightly tongue tied. pedi didn't think it was enough to cut- but is willing if things don't improve.


    b/b 2 weeks

  2. We did some finger exercises not even with a feeding tube, just putting my finger in and helping DS to learn how his tongue should be. My DS was tongue tied and it made a huge difference to have him clipped (but he couldn't nurse at all to start). He had to relearn how to latch and the nipple shield helped with that.

    I think in those early weeks, you are sometimes just generally sore from the increased nipple stimulation (not even from a bad latch) and that does get better after a few weeks. My nipples were pretty sore for about 6 weeks both times and then it got amazingly better. Good luck.

  3. Ahh you just brought me back to those early days. With my twins, I was sore for the first 6 weeks too. At two weeks, looking back, it was a nightmare. Now, at 3 1/2 months, I'm not sore at all and it isn't even a thought. They latch themselves and tandem feeding is even easy. I never thought I would say that. I had one barracuda baby and one lazy latcher--both hurt in different ways. I used a nipple shield for the lazy latcher and then I had to get him off that. The best advice is to take care of the boobs in between feedings. I used a lansinoh cream and walked around with my shirt off in between feedings if I could. Or I used those nipple shields--I'm not sure what you call them but they are circular and have about six holes each for air and I put them in between my nipples and bra. That made a difference. It does get better!

  4. rosetta,

    another thing that helped me was getting a bigger flange for the pump. I was pumping alot at first as dd was in nicu. The pump was hurting me more than anything. After switching to a larger flange and using the lansinoh cream after every pump my nipples feel fine. Good luck!


  5. Bumping this thread, since I could have written rosetta's post myself! I too have twin boys and my poor nipples are so sore. Their latch is okay generally but they both tend to break off and get back on quickly sometimes and those subsequent latches aren't always so good. One of mine chomps on my nipples and OH MAN it hurts.

    Usually the pain only lasts for a few minutes after they start but when they change position it all starts over again. I recall having some short lived nipple pain with my first baby and am wondering, is this just worse because there are two of them going to town on me?

  6. Found this old thread - I am still using the nipple shields for both babies. And like someone else here - I have a barracuda who wolves down my nipple so that I jump in pain and a lazy nurser who starts many times with naps in between. I tried taking the shields off and they both latched, but I could scream! So, not sure when I can get rid of this thing and stop looking for it in the depth of night..

  7. Re. breast pain when pumping: I found a larger shield very helpful. Also, using a few drops of vegetable oil on the nipples/areola before pumping helps alot. I limit the pumping to 15minutes after each feed, only going longer if I'm not able to breastfeed that time (ie, away from babes for some reason). I found the shields too cumbersome. Full frontal nudity and Lanolin cream were also helpful in the beginning especially. I still can't get the babes to latch well (and stay latched) to tandem nurse, but hoping that will come in time!

    b/b 7 weeks tomorrow!

  8. Jenny- at some point around 8 weeks the pain just went away when latching. I decided not to use the shields. They didn't help and hindering the milk. But I had lots of tears- particularly at night when they were sleepy and wouldnt open properly.

    Rachel- my boys still latch much better when fed individually than in football but I do it for my own sanity and to get time off the couch It does get better- though now the problem is they are so busy looking around they don't feed and it is off on off on- drives me crazy.

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