HELP! Low progesterone due to FET?

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  1. I am currently pregnant with twins and am due Nov 25. My Hcg started off very high and has slowed down a lot (12,500- 20dp 5dt). My progesterone is a 12!!! My Dr told me that when you do a frozen cycle your body isn't making as much progesterone as a normal cycle. During my last fresh cycle my progesterone level was above 40 the entire time and I miscarried! Does anyone have any information on FET and lower progesterone levels? My Dr. isn't overly concerned about it and just increased my progesterone shot to 1.5ml once a day. He doesn't even want to see me until next week! Am I stressing for no reason? Jen

  2. With my first FET singleton pg I had a really high progesterone level (50+). With my FET twin pg my progesterone level was 15. The RE wasn't concerned. Just increased pio. Are you taking progesterone suppositories too? I have heard those don't show up in blood, so your level can be much higher than what your blood is telling you.

    Good luck and Congratulations on your pg.

  3. Thank you for response ELENIN! I am only taking progesterone in sesame oil 1.5ml once a day. That is what they increased it to from 1 ml. I actually just got off the phone with a nurse from my dr office and she is telling me not to stress at all. She said that it all depends on the time my blood was taken and because my body was \"tricked\" this month due to the FET. She told me to come in tomorrow to recheck my level if that will make me feel better, so of course I will! My husband thinks I am crazy. I feel that I can not get excited about having twins until I know that I am in the clear. I will keep you updated. Jen

  4. with both of FET's I had very low progesterone until about 12-13 weeks. Always between 15-20. My dr. wasn't as worried as I I went in for blood work every 2 days and depending on what it was I would have increase to 2ml or 1.5ml, I also took 2 prometrium 4 times a day and 2 suppositories per day (morning and night). I had a few scares where it fell to 10 and the nurse would call and have me take an injection right then.

    I\'m currently 22 weeks with twins and it has been uneventful and I have a 2 year old son from my first cycle. Try not to worry to much....I know easier said than done.

  5. Thanks centre_pedagog! Congrats on your twins! It is a relief to hear that someone actually went through the same thing as me with these damn progesterone levels especially carrying twins. They keep reassuring me that it will okay but when I hear of other progesterone levels mine is really low and concerning! Anyway, I convinced them to test me again tomorrow just to make sure that everything is okay. So I will definately let you know how I make out. Also, when did your HCG levels start slowing down? At 12dp 5dt it was 1111 and at 20dp 5dt it was only 12,500. I'm not sure but is that an okay number? Thank you so much for your responses!

  6. you're welcome. I've only really \"lurked\" and posted a few times and after reading everyone elses progesterone levels I thought forsure my pregnancy wouldn't make it this far, I'm still in shock myself...I wish I asked more questions it might have given me so reasurance as well. But my dr's reasured me that I would be fine. I'm not sure what my HCG was after that point it was 12000 or so. They never told me what it was after that....I did bloodwork every two days until 14 weeks....(crazy I know)..but they never found that \"happy\" medium with my meds, it was a roller coaster.

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