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  1. I am currently 9dp5dt (frozen, implanted 4) and I tested negitive on day 6, positive & negative on day 7, negative & positive again on day 8 and today I got one negative this afternoon. WTF???!??!??!?!! I am going CRAZY!! I have went through almost 24 tests in all!!!! And almost equally negative & positive - how can that be??? I don't go to have by blood test until Wednesday!!! Isn't it true your hormone levels change throughout the day but that much??? I also drink a HUGE amount of water throughout the day and night - could that affect the tests?? I only wish I would have stopped taking them after I got a positive but I had one left so I thought well it has been a few hours lets see "PREGNANT" again on the screen - was totally blown away when I saw "NOT PREGNANT"!! Then the next late morning I saw"PREGNANT" again on six tests (different brands) and one negative. Has this ever happened to anyone one else or just me ?

  2. Good grief. Sounds like the positives outweigh the negatives, right? Plus you are using different brands... I'd say STEP AWAY FROM THE HPTS (this is amazingly pot-kettle given my recent episodes with over-testing), but seriously wait for the beta. It sounds to me like you are pregnant! MUCH easier to get a false negative than a false positive!

    And -- may make you feel better -- when I was pregnant with DS, I seriously had varying stages of light positives on hpts, that actually appeared to get lighter as time went by and my beta was over 4,000. So, as long as you see a line -- EVER, even once! -- then you are good to go and wait for your beta.


  3. suhail52- (GOOD GRIEF?!?!?) I posted because this has never happened to me before and I was just seeking advise from other women who had maybe experienced getting + & -. I agree I have taken one to many tests but I just really want this as do all women who undergo fertitliy treatments or that are TTC naturally.

  4. anshu,
    I have soooooo been there. Depending on what type of test you are using, you can actually test both pos and neg in the same day, even with the exact same urine. Here's what I learned when it happened to me: The tests that use lines to give you a result are the most sensitive. They pick up hcg as low as 20 (it would be faint, but it would be positive). The digital lines are less sensitive and only pick up starting at around 50. During my first IVF cycle, I'm sure I went through 60 tests in a matter of 5 days. Literally! There is a whole website devoted to nothing but hpt! It's or something like that. Anyway, my first cycle ended in a chemical, but I knew it before my beta because of using the lined vs. digital method. I told the clinic that day that my beta would be greater than 20 but less than 50 because I had pos lines but digital said not preg. It came back 43. They thought it was pretty cool how I figured that out.

    Yes, drinking too much water can absolutely affect the test results. If your urine is too diluted, it lowers the amount of hcg in that specimen. Also, Frosties are notorious for being slow starters.

    My advice to you is to go to that website and it tells you how much hcg each of the different brands detects. That will also give you an idea of what your level is depending on which ones are pos and which ones are neg.

    I spent over $100 on the damn things on every different brand three different stores had in stock! I figure peace of mind or whatever it was, was worth it. Hope that helps!!!

  5. anshu, you misinterpreted my "good grief," which was directed at the HPTs not you!!!!! The darn things just put us on such a roller coaster of emotions and confusion! I hope your beta goes well!

  6. Natalia, Thank you for understanding, this is such a hard time (as you know)and those evil hpt just add more stress !! I go tomorrow am for my beta and I am looking forward to it, my nurse said that it would be highly unlikely to get 6 false positives but she agreed it is strange to get 12 negatives too. Thanks again!!

  7. I had my beta today it is was negative

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