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  1. Hello everybody!

    A friend suggested ivfconnections so I thought to check it out

    DH and I started our first IVF cycle. Already on stims (450iu Follistm and 10iu Lupron). Tuesday I went to the RE for blood work and u/s, my E2 was 53 and my P4 was .82, my follicles was about 5mm.

    Today I had about 8 follicles at 8mm, 5 on one side and 3 on the other.

    I'm curios to know if anybody else out there are more or less where I am and what their results are. I'm not sure if I'm normal or low or???

    Is there somewhere where I can go see what my levels are suppose to be?

    Is 8 follicles good? or maybe a little bit low?

    Any help/advise would be great


    PS: Nani is my puppy

  2. Welcome to the IVFC Board.....I honestly can't remember what my numbers were at the point you are at-and it would also depend on a few other circumstances like your age etc. But I wanted to say good luck and introduce myself.

    I am a retired RN and Financial Analyst now busy as a SAHM to an 11 mo ds we had through IVF/ET/using a surrogate and PGD. My dh is a stock broker and amoung my hobbies-besides being on here at all hours of the day I enjoy cooking, travel, reading and boating.

    This place is filled with intelligent, funny, wise women and has helped me in so many ways I couldn't even count them all. I would lurk here for awhile to get a feel for the atmosphere of the boards. There are many different topics discussed here....everything from fertility issues to cookie recipes. Rants about our DH's (stands for dear husband) to funny stories about all matter of topics.

    Be curteous of where you post what as there are some pretty heated issues that can be hurtful to some people who are really struggling-for example always post a header if you are going to mention something negative like a m/s or something more controversial.

    This beginner board is a great place to start....after awhile you'll get the hang of the different boards and topics. And when in doubt don't hesitate to ask-the women here are very welcoming and smart and usually offer fantastic advice-or at the very least some fantastic humor.

    Best of luck with your cycle and again, welcome to the IVFC!

  3. I can't remember my numbers either but ask your Doc!!! I found that when I asked him questions he was much more forth coming about info and would give me articles and reference information. That really helped. Most follies I ever had was 6, but I'm a poor responder, usually less. Not to worry! It only takes one!

  4. Thanks for the advise!

  5. nanismomy.... i am not sure of specific numbers for e2 and P4 but i know that when they told me the number of follies on each side it was never accurate. they would go in and retrieve more than they alsways said. the last cycle i did #3 they told me i too had 8 total follies but than when i came out of retrieval they had gotten 23 eggs of which 22 were mature. The number of follies is not that important ...... it is the QUALITY that counts. One is all it takes!!!!

    I am wishing you luck on this cycle. Dont get discouraged... this can be a very long and exhausting process that really takes a toll on your emotions. We are here for you!!!!

  6. ana - I dont remember how big they were by this certain point, but I know they only got 6 eggs, 3 fertilized, 2 transferred and I have two beautiful twin girls. All it takes is ONE! This is a great board to use a resource and feel free to PM me if you ahve any questions.

  7. I haven't started my first IVF yet. However, this is a poll I swiped off the IVF Recyclers board on FF a year or two ago.


  8. Hello,

    Just wanted to let you guys know that we end up having 11 eggs, they did 5 IVF and 6 ICSI - none of the IVF ones did anything, of the 6 ICSI ones, only 4 matured and 3 fertilized.

    We ended up having 7, 8 & 9 cell embryos and they transferred all 3.

    I\'m waiting for my blood work result for a week past ER...

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