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  1. hi - I've been reading through the threads and I might have missed one specifically re: height and S/R.

    I am 8 weeks pregnant with triplets and 5 ft tall. I had my OB prenatal appointment yesterday and he was very concerned about risks and my ability to carry all 3.

    Has height been an issue with any of your decisions? or Dr recommendations?

    Like many of you, I am torn up inside and my joy and excitement over the pregnancy (first successful after 3 ivfs and 3 years of trying) is hard to feel right now. I spent all morning calling Peri/MFM doctors and specialists. Since I am at 8 weeks, and have some business travel planned in the next few weeks, I want to see someone sooner than later (many Peri/MFM's near me are booked till Sept). I have one appointment next Monday with a Peri and waiting for a call back from one of the NYC s/r docs which a MFM practice referred me to today since they can't see me till Sept. I'm also worried a bit about juggling doctors - but would rather see too many to get their opinions.

    Everything seems to be progressing well, all 3 have strong heartbeats and growing. I am feeling fine - it just seems the concern about height is the biggest so far (since we haven't done any first trimester/CVS testing yet).

    Thanks in advance

  2. pashinka, I'm sorry you're in the position to be considering s/r. It's really not a place anyone wants to find themselves, especially after working so hard to get pg in the first place.

    I am also 5' tall and height was definitely a factor in our s/r decision. My RE sent me for a consult with MFM before my IVF cycle because she was concerned about the drugs I was on for non-IF related issues. The dr. I saw said to me as I left "I hope to see you back here pregnant, but it better not be with more than 2". We transferred two embryos and one split into ID twins, which resulted in a triplet pregnancy. There were many factors in our decision to reduce, but concerns about premature labor due to the babies just not having any more room to grow.
    My sister is also 5' tall and just had a baby last week. He was born at 39 weeks via c-section because her doctor was concerned that he was too big to exit vaginally safely. He was 21" long, and he has curved feet because of my sister's height - there just wasn't enough room for him. The foot problem is correctable with casts, but it was just more evidence for me that I wouldn't have had room for 3 babies.

  3. Hi,
    I hope your peri will be able to give you a lot of information and advice on Monday. There's a website called tripletconnection.org and the triplet mothers there are very willing to answer any questions from people who are newly pregnant. You can ask them almost anything. I think I've seen the topic of height before on that website. I know that some of the mothers aren't that tall. In triplet pregnancies what often happens is the babies are born early, sometimes at 27 or 28 weeks, and the babies are only 2 or 3 pounds each and they spend several weeks in the NICU before they go home. Sometimes the total weight of the babies when they're born is only around 8 pounds. Whether you're considering keeping all three or not, it's a website where you can get lots of information about triplet pregnancies.

  4. Triplet connections is a good site to look at as you view your options. BUT, I will say that I don't think they can give you objective advice about SR. Obviously, having not made the SR decision, they can only tell you their experience, but I've seen them slam folks who are leaning towards SR. But for info on triplet pg's, they are good. I wouldn't use them for medical decisions, because I'm sure they will tell you "it will be fine" no matter what. But as long as you can keep their perspective in mind, check them out. Sounds like you are being extremely careful and responsible in checking with multiple doctors..... and good luck to you and congrats on your pg!

  5. Thank you all for your advice. Sorry I haven't posted in a few days - been stuck with bad morning sickness and headaches - never had migraines before but think I have them now.

    Definitely a lot of things to consider and ways to look at this situation. I talked to 2 peris and both referred me to the same dr in nyc if we wanted to talk further about SR, but one did say that many triplet pregnancies naturally reduce as well. It seems we have more time to think about this than I originally thought and will use that time wisely and also see how things progress. I can see benefits and risks on both sides and just hope that there's 1, 2 or 3 healthy babies at the end.

  6. FWIW - I think a lot of us that go through tons of IVF are type A over achievers. I think that we always think that we can successfully do whatever we put our minds to. I am not sure that this is a mind set that serves us well when making some of these hard decisions. My experience might be atypical, but I don't know a single set of triplets (or even that many sets of twins) where all of the kids are issue free. And I mean issues of some significance. If giving yourself the best chance of having healthy babies is important to you, you have to seriously consider a selective reduction - not to say that it will be for everyone at the end of the day, but there is the stark realty that trying to carry 3 can result in no babies at all or a situation where some or all of your kids are compromised in some way.

  7. osamu:

    Of course, anectodal is just that, but the stats also show the healthiest is one baby at one time. That's what convinced us. Also, while Triplet Connection is (of course) very anti-SR, they have a whole forum devoted to loss, and one devoted to special needs. That in itself is telling.

  8. Totally agree with Yellow girl. The goal is one healthy baby. I think that people don't really want to face the fact that for each baby you carry over 1, the risks of ending up with none or some with some impairment is substantially increased. The idea that you won't be the one that it happens to is disproved time and time again on these boards. I think its fine if people decide to try to carry 3 (or more) for whatever the reason, but I think that people would be better prepared if they went in thinking this is going to be a very difficult pregnany, with lots of risks and the potential of a bad outcome rather than thinking, I'll be careful and smart and vigilant and I won't be the one that bad things happen to.

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