heartbeat rate increase in pregnancy

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  1. I am 15 weeks pregnant. The other day I was sitting down and all of a sudden for about 10 seconds by heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. I went for an ekg and my primary care doc said my heartrate was 100 which is okay because in preg it increases> Wanted to make sure that this is correct and has anyone had this in early 2nd trimester pregnancy.

  2. The only time I felt my heart beat too quickly is when I went up 2 flights of stairs or if I got up two quickly. Can you remember what happened or what you were doing right before your heart started racing?

  3. I've had that at least 3 times during this pregnancy (I'm 17 weeks), but I also get it occassionally when I'm not pregnant. In the past I've been told it is from low blood pressure. The only way I'm able to make it stop is to lie down flat on my back.

  4. I had this happen a LOT when I was pregnant. My OB was not concerned. Best of luck to you.

  5. I was on terbutaline, so my pulse was always faster than anybody elses. After baby, everything went back to normal.

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