Has your cycle been cancelled due 2 Cysts?

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  1. Just wanted to know if this has happened to you; how long was it b4 you could start your IVF cycle?
    What did you do to get rid of them and was it painful?

    Looking for support and info on this topic.

  2. I have had many IUI's canceled due to cysts. They will either let them go naturally or put me on BCP's which control them also.


  3. my friends did and she went on birth control Pills for 2 months but depending on the size I would say a month of BCP. then you can cycle again!!! I actually had a cysts for my FET but since it wasn't secreting hormones they proceeded. gl

  4. I havent started a cycle yet so this hasnt happened. But a question I have is whether you get $ back if a cycle is cancelled? Are you refunded all your money? If not, that doesnt seem fair.

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