Has anyone with a translocation gotten pregnant in their 40s?

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  1. Hi. I spend most of my time over on the Colorado board and am relatively new to this thread. I was just wondering if there is anyone at all in their 40s with a balanced translocation who has gotten pregnant or who is still trying to get pregnant.

    Quick background: I'm 42 and have a Robertsonian translocation (13;14). I've had 2 m/c (both natural and both due to the transloc) and am in the midst of my 6th IVF cycle. The first 3 cycles were done locally with PGD on 12 chromosomes (bad idea...no normals and in retrospect worried about false positives).

    The last 3 cycles were at CCRM -- the first two of which involved PGD on just the two chromosomes...the current one will be CGH via polar body biopsy.

    I have never heard of anyone this old getting pregnant with a translocation and actually haven't even come across anyone trying...and I'm starting to wonder if I'm just wasting time, money and emotions.

  2. Hey,
    I know this is an old post, but I forgot to tell you that I found a woman on the yahoo translocation forum that got pg naturally at 42 with a balanced translocation. I don't remember which chromosones were translocated, but after many m/c's and one still birth, she had a daughter.

    She actually emailed me directly about a year ago.

    Don\'t give up hope.

  3. Also recognizing that this is an older thread, but saw this and wanted to chime in - I have a BT (1, 2) and got pg on each of my 5 IVF attempts at ages 39 (2 cycles) and 40 (3 cycles) but m/c all of them but the last (DD has the BT as well). Of the losses, 1 was a BT carrier but m/c for an unrelated trisomy, and the other 3 were unknown as to why they m/c. My own hunch is that my age is/was as much a factor/problem as the BT...

  4. Hi bornat,
    I have an odd translocation of 1 and 6. Had my daughter at 38 after my first IVF/PGD. We were so lucky. We did 6 more in attempt for #2 and now I am 42 and close to starting a DE cycle.

    My daughter has the bt as well. Let's hope by the time they are of childbearing age, technology will make this a non issue.

  5. Hi agostino! Congrats on your daughter - yes, I SO hope technology figures this out for them. In the meantime I always joke that between my age and DD's BT, I'm going to have to encourage her to start trying to get pg in high school if I have any shot at being a grandmother

    Sorry to hear about the 6 unsuccessful IVFs for #2 - that just sucks. Good luck if you move to DE. I'm thinking about trying for a second myself, although DD is only 12 months old, since I'm no spring chicken. I know it's CRAZY to bother cycling again w/my own eggs, not to mention expensive (no more insurance coverage) but I think I need to try once more before moving to DE. It's so frustrating all around, isn't it?

  6. bornat,
    Start as soon as you can. We got lulled into thinking we had some time b/c I have such a low fsh and b/c we were successful the first time. We waited a year before trying for #2 and I really wish I hadn\'t.

    How old are you?

  7. Oh, I know. I'm 42, will be 43 in Sept. I have NO time - the \"problem\" is that I have to wean my DD before cycling, and while I'm ok w/that in theory, things keep getting in the way and long story short, we have a ways to go before that's done.

    Plus quite frankly with my history it is probably ridiculous for me to do another try w/my own eggs. I know it makes the most sense to move right to DE, but now that I DO have a genetic connection, it's harder for me to imagine using DE. I had reconciled myself to it before (my last IVF was a hail mary while I waited for a DE match) but now am having a much harder time with it. And I'm single so using DS already...

    Have you had the same issues/concerns moving on to DE since you have a bio child? Or, is it somewhat \"easier\" to do so b/c you tried 6 more IVFs? I've been reading a lot of posts on the PVED yahoo group about this, and it's been useful, but I'm still kind of stuck...

  8. bornat,
    Funny you should ask that question. I am having a very hard time with DE but not because I have a genetic connection to DD. I think I'm just having a hard time giving up on myself. I have a very low FSH, got 16 embies my last cycle and got pg, but m/c. We have been matched and are due to do a DE cycle next month.

    I am trying to look at it as a gift to DD. Since my DH and I are 42, and 43 we would like her to have at least one sibling. I was an only child until I was 11 and hated it. I have a younger brother and have even considered having him fertilize 1/2 of the donor eggs. That way we'd have one from my DH and the donor and one related to me with the donor. My husband thought I was nuts at first but then started to understand. The only problem is that I am in the \"no tell\" camp b/c I wouldn't want anyone to look at one of my children different from the other. But who knows. It's all crazy.

  9. Hi agostino. It's funny, when I was first thinking of DE before I had my daughter, I considered asking my brother to donate sperm , but then I got too freaked out by the idea that my brother would be the bio father of my child - it made me really uncomfortable - I think b/c of the idea of incest, even though the egg wouldn't have been mine, kwim? No offense meant, I just couldn't get past this total, gut-level reaction I was having to it.

    Glad you're not struggling as much with the idea of losing your genetic connection. I'm having a really hard time with it - DD looks like a mini me, and total strangers are constantly commenting on it. Choosing DS was very simple for me, I guess b/c I'm not \"replacing\" a live person who would be in the relationship with the child. But \"replacing\" me feels much harder.

    Interesting about how you felt being an only child. This is also a big part of what's driving me to try again too, even though as a single working mom it's already really hard. But my family is teeny tiny - my mom and my brother, and that's it. So I really want to do this for DD, but I can imagine that my life will be total chaos forever (not that it's so calm now or anything!).

    Where are you doing yr DE cycle?

  10. Hi,
    That\'s funny what you thought about asking your brother. For me, it would be as good as if it were mine. I too, only have my mom and my brother left. Although, my brother is married to a great gal and they just had their first. My husbands family is a disaster and it is if they are more a burden than a contribution.

    I'm supposed to cycle at CNY Fertility in upstate NY. I'm a bit nervous because I haven't seen much \"press\" on them on the boards, but they have an internal donor pool and are fairly inexpensive. I really felt that most donor agencies and clinics were emotionally extorting money from their patients asking for upward of $25K.

    While I paid top dollar to the best clinics for my own care, and I do believe in getting what you pay for, when you are selecting a 23 year old egg, my thoughts are the odds are more in your favor.

    I would be lying if I said I was totally over the genetic connection thing, but I am getting there. I see everyone picking apart my brothers new baby, \"his nose looks like this one and his toes look like that one\", blah blah. I think I mentioned I'm in the no tell camp, not b/c my family wouldn't accept any child, but I just don't want the comparisons. I also believe that if I'm going to tell anyone it should be the child first when they are old enough.

    Funny, I'm ovulating this weekend and figure we'll give it one last hail mary before the cycle starts in June. I do ANYTHING for another one of my own, but am getting to the point where I truly feel that once this little embie is inside of me, I will feel the same as I did with my daughter. Funny, she too is a mini me, was even due on my birthday, but came 6 days late.

    If you ever want to chat, PM me and I will tell you all about the donor experience so far. Very interesting to say the least.

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