Has anyone heard or used the Center of Human Reproduction with Dr Gleicher? (chld men

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  1. I had success a few years ago at Cornell and delivered a little girl just after I turned 44 (she is now 2). I, however, have been unsuccessful during the past year and half trying to have second. I'm a good producer of eggs but quality is definitely lacking. Dr. Gleicher is using DHEA as part of his protocol and believes it positively influences egg quality. Having just turned 46 and struggling with whether to do donor or adopt, I am tempted to give this protocol a last chance. Anyone heard of him? I have not seen any mention positive or negative.


  2. I went to see him in person. He may be a good doctor but not for me.
    He basically told me I am very beautiful and young looking but I ma old inside and he said to me Antral follicle count wont be a good but we can still do the test. The test was not successful that he did a test and told me go somewhere else and he cant help me with even DHEA. I read the research and I knew by heart what the research says. So, I guess he is looking for a free sample at advance age so he can continue his research with more sample. This was my impression from the meeting in person,

    Later on, I used DHEA not because of him just for my own peace and I did 3 times IVF with my own eggs someplace else. One was very successfull embryo (A grade top quality) but it did not stick with me.

    I am now 46 and I just lost 2mos. baby because his/her heart stop at 8 weeks.
    So you can try DHEA but I personally do not believe that research. Also, CHM was not that great reproductive center looking that you see all around. If I were you I would not spend a penny. Sorry.

    Take care.

  3. I recently had same situation.

    How can I pm you so we can chat.

    Thanks much

  4. Hi. Just be careful many RE's may lead you to believe there is still a \"good\" chance and in this economy many practices are needing patients. It is certainly your call but I think DE would be your best chance for success. Good luck.

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