has anyone heard of injecting egg with recipient dna?

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  1. Apparently that technology is being explored but halted due to worries of Cloning or something. whatever. I think it's fascinating. Anyway, anyone hear of this?

  2. Yes, there is lots of research going on right now. But, no idea what stage it is in. I had the opportunity to participate (this year back in March). Meaning any of my leftover immature eggs they would use for research but after hours of hounding DH he's afraid of research (don't even ask, its so annoying, how did he think they go this far? I did want to be part of something that might change the future for many AMA women). So, that is at Cornell. I think what it is, if my understanding is correct, they are trying to take a young egg and an older womans egg. Take the nucleus from the older woman and replace it in the younger egg (which I guess means they take the nucleus out of the younger egg too, can't have two nuclei???). The nucleus is what has all your DNA etc... in it. Its sounds fascinating. I wish it were being done now so it could help all of us.

  3. I think it is called "Nuclear DNA Transfer"

  4. Heard some wild stuff like people freaked out and tried to halt this work. Felt it was too close to cloning or something. Whatever.
    I have heard outside of the U.S. some clinics are offering in. Someone mentioned the Czech Republic. DH is convinced that in 10 or so years we will be in a whole different world regarding this issue, he is very positive about it.

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