Has anyone had a trigger shot with FET cycle..how long til out of system?

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  1. Hello!

    I was wondering how long does it take for the trigger shot to leave the system? I think I triggerd Saturday June 13th..I had my embryos transferred Friday June 19th. Today I am 4dp5dfet.

    Do you think the faint line is from the trigger shot or possibly the REAL deal?


  2. I did not many women do.

    I tested it out and on 2dp5dt it was sooooo faint. on 3dp5dt it was gone.

    sounds like a real BFP I got a bfp on 4dp5dt and it got darker everyday. my first beta was 232.

    since you trigger 7 days before transfer I would say it's def out.


  3. Thanks bolajing.

    I tested again this AM and it is a faint line but more visible than the day before. I am 5dp5dt today.

    I pray it keeps going up and up! The hcg level that is.


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