Has anyone gone to New Hope Fertility for DE?

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  1. Hi, I'm starting to seriously think about DE. I have NK Cells, MTHFR and poor quality and I'm also a poor responder to stims. I go to the SHER Institute and the costs for DE are way up there. I was told that NHF is a fraction of the cost and very very good, by one friend. I was looking for some more feedback from anyone. Thank you in advance!

  2. I read that they have a frozen egg bank with good results, $10,000 and you get four eggs and two more if the first try is a BFN

    Good luck

  3. Thank you!

  4. Do you know if the $10,000 is only for the eggs? How much is a transfer? Thanks for any info.

  5. their prices at NH are on the web site, although when I went there they said they were not updated and prices higher

  6. Thanks alexkap. Are you going to go with New Hope? We have alot of the same isues (poor responder, High NK, AMA), and I also have cycled at SIRM.

  7. Hi Nurses, No, I'm not going to go with New Hope. I put them on hold for now and went back to Dr B at SIRM, for a few reasons. If I do decide to go the DE route in the NEAR future I'll probably check out the one Upstate first and maybe Cornell before I choose one. A few things threw me off of New Hope

  8. Can I ask you what "threw you off" alexkap?

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