Has adding Menapur increased egg production?

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  1. 41, produced 6 eggs on Bravelle, 4 fertilized, 2 8 cells transferred (day 3) didn't work; FET with a 5 and 6 cell, didn't work.
    Doc is adding Menapur to the mix this time around in hopes to get more eggs so we can try to make a 5DT. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Did the addition of Menapur help? (Also on Lupron) thanks in advance.

  2. I am also 41 and added menopur to this cycle. I am also doing an antagonist cycle with ganirelix. I did not have more follicles, but they are growing slower than in the past when I did straight follistim with lupron or ganirelix. I also did some suppression with BCP before this cycle.
    so I guess, it is hard for me to tell you if the menopur is making fewer eggs or not. I heard menopur is supposed to improve quality, so that is more important. i will let you know how things go when I have ER next week.

  3. good luck sunset! let me know how it goes. i hadn't hear menopur improves quality, that would certainly be nice! I'm hoping to get more eggs but i also think quality is my problem at this point. hope your ER and ET go well.

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