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  1. I am considering getting one of these for dd#2 arriving soon. I did a ton of pumping with my first child due to low supply issues and always wished I would have splurged and made my life a little easier. I notice there are several different brands out there. Do you have one that you love and why? Thanks!

  2. I don't know which one I had but I think there was only one that I could find at the time (a couple of years ago). Anyway, I loved it and thought it made the whole pumping thing do-able. I spent most of my pumping time on the internet. I'd recommend buying one.

  3. Hi Larysa,

    I have a Simple Wishes one and I really like it. If you get that one I'd recommend going smaller rather than larger when it comes to sizing... I bought the large first as I was in btwn sizes and it was way too big.


  4. I pumped for twins and never bought a hands free bra. Instead I sort of rigged it up. I placed a pillow on my lap to support bottles and then pulled nursing bra up from below to secure bottom of flange and my t-shirt/tank top down from above to secure top of flange. It worked really well.

    If you get a hands free bra do you need to switch it out after pumping (so your nipples aren't poking out through the pump holes)? That would be a drag...

  5. I cut holes in an old bra (or you can buy an inexpensive bra and do the same thing) and put it over my nursing bra (with the cups down!). It worked beautifully.


  6. I bought one from the mother's gift shop at the hospital where I delivered. I pumped exclusively for 15 months and couldn't have made it without the bra....best $20 I ever spent.

  7. Wish I had known about these when I was pumping. I often would pump one side while bottle feeding the baby in the other arm and this would have made life so much easier.
    I did see them at a Motherhood Maternity store.

  8. I have the Simple Wishes also, and second the recommendation to get the small one. It has several different ways to adjust the size, so it can go from small to very large. It definitely gives you the ability to have free hands, but I can't imagine wearing it all the time, I only put it on when I am pumping.

  9. I use an Easy Expression Products bustier (easyexpression.com). It straps around you. I push my regular bra up. Strap on the bustier on when I pump. Then unhook it and pull my bra back down. Love it. Makes pumping possible as far as I am concerned.

  10. I am basically doing the same as Kompopoulos. I bought cheap sports bras (2 for $8 @ target) and cut holes in them. I wear them under my nursing tanks weekdays for easy access pumping at work. LOVE it!! so cheap, and convenient! I can catch a quick nap or play games on my iphone while i pump.

  11. Lisa that is too funny because I have considered doing this as well, why pay for some contraption that I can make on the cheap.

    I just wear a sports bra, one without a racerback, and tuck the horns inside....works like a charm


  12. Thanks for all the suggestions.....I ended up purchasing a Simple Wishes on ebay. Didnt' spend too much, so won't be out much if it doesn't work out.

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