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  1. Please post only IVF related questions. A separate board will be created for pregnancy related questions.

    If your reply post must include the mention of children or pregnancy please include in your subject children mentioned or pg mentioned. Please avoid mentioning children or pregnancy unless it is really pertinent to the answer.

    We welcome your ideas on the guidelines for this board, and your feedback.

    There are also some questions and answers here.

  2. Meg - just start a thread on the beginners board with your questions/concerns and I am sure you will get a number of responses. muiti has been gone a loooong time.
    Oh and you might want to turn on your PM feature too so you can get private emails

    good luck on your journey.

  3. Hi I'm Megan and new to this site. I am also not sure how to use it so sorry about the posting earlier. I am trying to decide if IVF is for us and would love to talk to anyone who has gone thru or is going thru this. We have done 6 IUI's all of which failed and I'm really just looking for some support,I for some reason feel really scared and overwhelmed by the thought

  4. how do i turn on pm feature?

  5. Hi Meg,

    Welcome to the site! I am so sorry for all your losses and hope that you can get a lot of good information and support here.

    You will probably get a lot more responses if you make a new post in the general section of the board here:

    I never did an IUI (I was skipped straight from ttc the old fashioned way to IVF). IVF was not fun but was doable and well worth it for me.

  6. Oliveolive-
    At the top of the page above the board there is a pull down menu called "Quick Links". Go to "Edit Options" under the "User Control Panel". There you will find a section called private messaging where you can turn on the options for PM\'s.
    Good Luck-

  7. How to make a chart

    The easiest way to make a nice looking chart is to make one in Excel and then copy/paste it. You can only do this if your options are set correctly:

    Go to user CP
    click on settings/options
    click on edit options
    scroll down to the miscellaneous opitons at the bottom, messgae editor interface, and select the enhanced option - full WYSIWYG mode. Now you can paste an Excel chart without it going all goofy on you.

  8. Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2008
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    5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.


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