Good FSH, but bad eggs?

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  1. I am 32 and have done two IVFs. Both times the eggs they retrieved are not good quality, even though my FSH is around 5.5. Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so, how what kind of protocol did you do to get better quality eggs/embryos?

  2. I am starting my second IVF cycle. This time, my RE is going to try Lupron, Menopur & Follistim. Last time I just used Lupron and Follistim. My RE said that my eggs were slow growers, and that maybe that is why they didn't take. They are going to try and let the medicine kick in before raising the doses, maybe they needed more time to grow? Doesn't make much sense to me.. but maybe a change in protocol will help. What are you using?

  3. I had the same problem took lupron but the eggs were slow. I am now starting for IVF #2 No LUPRON but ganirelix which is 2 weeks shorter but gives you better egg quality and helps with OHSS. Good Luck!!!!!

  4. I thought embryos are graded and not eggs.

    I went through 1st IVF - had 8 embryos. Got pregn with 1st, Miscarried in 12 weeks. Doc said its aneuploidy - which occurs due to egg problem. I am 32 and doing IVF for Male fertility.
    My doc says there is no test to determine quality of egg, FSH is to determine egg reserve.

    Which clinic did u go to ? I also ovulate around 16th day - had no such said problems with the cycle. Still unable to diagnose what went wrong.
    RE is going to give Metmorphin with a DC early on. Anyone on this one ?

  5. Ummmm, I don't know what Dr. your seeing, but his info leaves a little to be desired... FSH is only an indicator of ovarian response. Check out for better information on FSH's role in ttc.

    Everything I've read & researched on fsh, says that it is only 1 indicator of ovarian issues and that other testing needs to be done to make a final diagnosis. Example: AmH test, AFC count, Anti-bodies testing, etc... There is a new research being done to test egg quality prior to fertilization, but that's only being done in (i think) Lithuania..

    I'm so sorry for your loss.. I do hope they are going to do further testing to try to see as to why you m/c. My heart does go out to you mef!

  6. I have a similar problem. Low FSH but egg quality isn't great. Not sure what I can do about it either. After IVF I had many fertilize but embryos were slow growing after day 3.

  7. FSH isn't the only thing that measures ovarian reserve like pp mentioned. Also FSH can be artificially low if estrogen is high. Also FSH is linked to poorer eggs because when the reserve is low it usually means the eggs that are left in the ovaries aren't good ones. We get rid of our best eggs when we first start menstruating (funny how I probably lost all my best eggs before I was even 16).
    rosemdavid - slow growth after day 3 is a sperm problem. It can be an egg problem, but usually you will see egg problems earlier.

  8. The new indicated test for ovarian reserve is the AMH level- or antimullerian hormone as other people noted. Normal is greater than 1 and less than 3. Over 3 indicates PCOS, and under 1 indicates low ovarian reserve- and if you have low ovarian reserve good possibility egg quality is also diminished. I am only 34 and my amh level is 0.5, i have seen people with amh lower than mine younger than me who have had to move onto donor egg. That is what I am doing next. My fsh and e2 has always been normal, normal uterine cavity- what brought us to ivf is mfi. At the age of 30 i cycled fine- +pg, healthy ds now 3, but cycle #2 at 33, cx due to poor response- only 5 eggs of varying sizes low estradial. Cycle Ivf 3, pg with twins heartbeats until 9 weeks, dead. pretty sure chromosome abnormality. Cycle ivf #4- new big clinic- better success per their stats, used donor sperm- only 3 mature eggs even though 10 follicles, only 1 good embryo 7 cell day 3, 2 okay. So in my case using great sperm didn't change anything- it was my worst cycle ever. My dh handicapped sperm did a better job with my eggs than the young donor sperm. So in our case- it definatley looks like egg quality all along as never had anything make it past day 3.

    Praying donor egg works for us with dh sperm. Otherwise i am just going to move onto donor embryo.

    Good luck.

  9. I had a 2nd IVF cycle (this time with antagonist). Good number of eggs again, good fert. but ended in a blighted ovum, which also is an egg issue. (Good enough to implant but not to make a healthy baby). I have a D&C scheduled for Monday.

    I posted here before after cycle #1 where I had crappy embies. The RE said again it was egg quality after that.

    bakar- I know that you said you thought it could be a sperm issue but dh has had every sperm test under the sun including DNA and it always comes out great. But who knows right?

    I continue to think my egg quality is less than stellar.

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