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  1. I am currently 6dp5dfet and we tranferred 2 blasts. I was in the bed for 24 hrs following the tx and i had noticible cramping for 2-3 days afterwards so I knew this was a success. Also around 4dpt my urine got really dark and I had other preg symptoms (large boobs, naseau, thick CM) i didn't have before the tx. Well this morning when i woke up pretty much all my symptoms were gone (except for a little brown spotting)and urine is now clear as water. What could have happened? Is it possible to be preggo for a few days and then it go away?

    I had some bloodwork this morning and my e2 level was 155 so I have to increase estrace. Could that cause a lost of pregnancy that soon?

    Man do I hate the 2WW

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