girl's bedroom set recs?

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  1. My mil is going halfsies with us for a bedroom set for dd. I don't want to spend a fortune...any recommended makers, sets or stores? Tia!

  2. PB Kids is super cute, Land of Nod is a little cheaper and cute. If you can find the people in your area, getting a carpenter to knock off any design in these catalogs is the best of all (and even cheaper). What is a fortune?

    If you want to go really low/looking high end, a lot of designers buy wood furniture at TRU or JCPenney's etc. and then distress it, stain it, and light coat paint it. Looks AMAZING.

  3. ordered dd's set from Lea and love it. It is well made. It was reasonable but not inexpensive. Our theory was we would rather spend a little more in the first place than have to replace it in a few years. Dd's room isn't very big so we got her a loft bed and have set up toy storage under the bed.


  4. Thank you, ladies. I had never heard of land of nod or leas so I will check them out.

    I saw a set that looked decent on, but I am afraid of just buying without seeing!

  5. Also try The Company Store. They have some cute things.

    I bought my girls sets from Kohls. And this weekend if you go on line you probably can find a 30% off discount, plus you get $10 back for every $50 you spend. My girls have these sets. The quality is OK, not the best. But it will do and it is cute.

  6. LA, what about getting just regular furniture but making it "little girl" with the bedding and paint colors and so forth? my kids have some things that we already had, but if i buy for them, i get real wood shaker style; for example, my little guy has this dresser:

    and this way he won't grow out of it and can even take it with him when he grows up if he wants (if i don't take it for myself; it's very nice). i hope to never have to replace it- and it looks good right now with beatrix potter prints hung over it and a diaper changer thingie on it- but it'll also look *great* with Jedi masters or whatever silly thing he'll pick later....

    regarding beds- just a thought- but you might consider a double- my ds started complaining about his twin at around age 10- too small, not enough room (yes, he is a prima donna) and at around 12 i gave him my double and got us a queen.

    i've also had great luck with unfinished furniture- it's real wood- and you can paint it white if you want that look, or stain, varnish. it's easy. in our living room, we have some that are oak and i stained them- our furn in LR is mission style

  7. Thanks, guys!!

    I had no idea Kohls had furniture.

    pilma, you may be right....DD has been sleeping in a queen since she was 2 years old! I don't know if she would transition well to a twin. Maybe I can just get a "regular" set....and do more of the "kid stuff" with the painting/decorations/bedspread, etc.

  8. Stanely Young America has excellent furniture. Better made than Pottery Barn or Land of Nod, similar or lower price point. Very high quality solid wood. I'm very happy with them, plus they are made in America!

  9. One of my BFF's had beautiful nursery furniture that her twin dd's tore apart. She went to Walmart and got a great big girl set which is not the best quality but who cares if it gets colored on, etc...

    For my own DD - heck if I know. I bought Pottery Barn furniture and she's never even slept in her own room. MUST GET HER OUT OF MY BED!!!

  10. LA, PBK is cute but a lot of their furniture is made with mdf. I would go the route of an unfinished furniture store--a lot of their things can be finished at the factory or they will have a local finisher, if you don't want to paint/stain it yourself. That way at least you know you are getting 100% wood!

  11. I bought this for DD recently.

    I plan on adding some nice decals to make it a bit girly. This is made of wood (not MDF) and is on sale for a great price. Free shipping on top of that.

  12. Kohl's has some furniture. Not sure about beds. What I posted was in regards to the bedding. I thought that was what you were asking... opps.

  13. Thanks, ladies!!

    Beach, my sis has Stanley and swears by it!

    I may try a local discount furniture store here that carries some brand names. My mom said, "don't buy junk!" and she may even pitch in with my MIL (i love getting everyone on board with their dough...we are so broke!).

  14. Stanely Young America has excellent furniture. Better made than Pottery Barn or Land of Nod, similar or lower price point. Very high quality solid wood. I'm very happy with them, plus they are made in America!

    ITA. We purchased last summer Stanley Young America dresser and twin beds that can eventually be bunked in the future if we so decide. Luckily we got it on sale at a local furniture store and it was significantly less that PBK (like 20% less) It is great quality, and IMO, it will last the twins until they leave the house for College.

    Have fun and what a nice gift for MIL to help do this!

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