Getting ready to do this!! On Lupron now, start stimulation on Saturday!!

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  1. My tentative retrieval date is next Wednesday. I'm so nervous!!!
    If anyone is going through this right now it would be nice to have someone to talk to about it with!!


  2. no advice, just take a deep breath and relax Good luck to you!!!

  3. Hi there

    I started stims last night, am also on lupron. tentative retrieval date is 5/28. Am nervous and excited!

  4. On day 10, I think, retrivial for Sunday or Monday. Good Luck to you!

  5. Hey Kelly!

    How did it go for you?

    I had my transfer last Monday.....have to wait til Wednesday for my test. I wish I had some kind of clue if they are still in there!!! The wait is TERRIBLE!!!!

  6. Hi, Retrievial is scheduled for Sunday and transfer on Wed or Fri. Kinda sore and uncomfortable and very tired now. I think the tiredness is from too many 6am appointments. Ovidril tonight @ 11pm, will have to set an alarm. I am sure the wait is awful. I did two IUI's and those were awful, I am sure this is even worse. Postive thoughts sent your way for Wednesday.

  7. They retrieved 8 and 7 fertilized will have my ET either Wednesday or Friday. Start progeterone tonight.

    How the waiting going?

  8. Honestly, I'm about to lose my mind!! I'm not doing to well with the wait! I've been very crabby the past few days! I'll know tomorrw thank God! I don't think I could wait any longer! lol

    I hope you aren't as sore as I was after ET. That was the worst part for me! The progesterone gets better, don't worry!! It's pretty rough the first few days, but put ice on the spot where you are going to take it and that helps numb your skin! Hope they have lots of good ones to transfer!! Good luck!!

  9. mandy you find out tomorrow right? good luck!! will they tell u there or call u?
    i find out NEXT wednesday! wish i could have a few drinks to take the edge off..grrr

    good luck plewin!

  10. Yes, tomorrow is my big day!! They said they will call me. I'm sure I will be crying and crying the whole time they take my blood! I go at 8:15 in the morning so hopefully I will know by lunch! I thought the exact same thing!!! I need WINE!!! At my mother in law's house over the weekend everyone was laying in the pool drinking a beer or glass of wine EXCEPT ME!!!! Hopefully I'll have to get used to that though!

    Just remember to take it easy!!!

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