Get a hysteroscopy if you haven't already had one.

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  1. I haven't posted about this in a while. I wish every clinic, and every OB/Gyn would perform a hysteroscopy on women with unexplained miscarriages or infertility. Unfortunately many do not, and you have to be your own sleuth and advocate in figuring out what is wrong with you.

    My RE and several OB/Gyns never mentioned that there was such a test, only by researching recurrent pg. loss did I find out about it, and demand one. My RE said it was unnecessary in my case (imagine! I had suffered two second trimester losses at that point, and a chemical pg. from donor eggs, and he says "unnecessary"!) but he was willing to do it for my peace of mind. When I woke from the anesthesia, he was holding my hand, saying "I'm so sorry, you have a uterine septum that probably caused your losses."

    And several of my friends on IVFC had similar experiences, only finding out about a "mullerian duct defect" like a septum after suffering many losses or failed IVF cycles.

    Good luck to everyone.

  2. Hi Erica -

    Did you have an HSG or other diagnostic tests prior to your hysteroscopy? If so, were they normal? I have had 4 losses in a row (one was ectopic). All occured at about 6.5-7 weeks. After my first D&C my doctor performed a hysteroscopy and told me that all looked good but since then I have had 2 more early miscarriages. I am wondering if I should have another one. The first one was performed exactly a year ago.

    Thanks for mentioning this important subject.


  3. "Normal" HSG's do not necessarily rule out septums, although you may be told that they do.

  4. Yep, Kerry - like Mimi says, normal HSG doesn't mean a doctor might not find an abnormality when looking directly at the uterus through a hysteroscope... in my case, HSG was declared normal, and I had scads and scads of transvag ultrasounds, nobody picked up on the septum, and I even had several saline sonograms (or sonohystograms, whatever they're called), nobody saw the septum.

    It was a sneaky one, covering the top of the uterus.

    But I would think if your RE did a h-scope and didn't see anything abnormal, that you should be okay?

  5. I agree!!! I had so many dr's tell me nothing else they could do. I finally found a dr who listened to me when i said something has to be wrong, no one with nothing wrong with them would go through all that we had with no results. And he was great!

    I have had 2 m/c (7 and 9 weeks), 2 chem pg's, 7 IUI's and 2 IVF's with only one fresh transfer with 2 perfect blasts and a BFN.
    I had all the normal tests come back perfect.

    Then at this new clinic, he did a 3D sono and when we went to follow up after his few tests and once he got my records from the other fert clinic he said I have a big septum and he is sure that's my issue. DH and I were shocked. We went to the appt figuring we would hear the same we heard from 2 other fert. dr's, "nothing is wrong, not sure why it's not working, everything is perfect, let's do another IUI or IVF cycle".

    We were so surprised and we are hopeful that with nothing else wrong, this might be IT.

    I have a hysterscopy booked for Feb 13 and can likely use the frozen blasts around April.

  6. Dangnabbit Lacey! You are the reason I keep harping on people to get a hysteroscopy - that is insane. I'm so sorry, but hopefully that was the reason for the losses, and your surgery to remove the septum will go well, and you'll have success later.

    Please make sure you are closely monitored if your FET is successful - I hate to even post this, but sometimes surgery to remove a septum is not 100% successful, and a woman can still miscarry, ugh. I wish it were easier. Hopefully your surgeon will have complete success.

    GOOD LUCK, and please keep us posted!

  7. i have a question. i had a hysteroscopy in october 2005 and april 2006 both as a part of larger surgeries (laparoscopy and a laparotomy respectively). both were normal aside from the fibroids, scar tissue, and endo which the surgeries were designed to address in the first place. i then did two cycles after that with one resulting in BFN (crappy eggs, likely due to endo issues) and the other was cancelled for high e2). do you think i would need to have another hysterscopy done at this point? has anyone's doctor given a guideline of how often it should be done. or if it has been done already when it should be repeated?


  8. this is a late reply, but i have had 2 hystiosalpiningrams. is this different?
    my clinic does them as a matter of course for everyone (even though our factor is DH).
    as its been 5 years + TTC, they still wanted to check that nothing had changed with my age. a blocked right tube came up the second time, but not the first.

    and, sorry, i read this wrong at first...
    do you mean hystiosalpingingram>? the one where they shoot dye up the tubes to see any blockages/areas of concern physically?
    i thought you meant hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) which is a completely different deal and one i dont think anyone would want!

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