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  1. Thanks e! I knew you'd be happy to know.

    Carrying twins must be hard. Specially as the pregnancy approaches to the end. You must be feeling pretty heavy. However, when you see them and hold them in your arms, I am sure it'll all be worth it and you might even forget about all this. I hope that the twins are doing better.

    Why do you have to go on bed rest?? Is it normal?

    Like you said it is never dull. So I went and walked for a mile on the treadmill yesterday (have been doing the elliptical since diagnosed with GD). And I went to the restroom and saw one drop of blood. Freaked out...called doc...she asked me to stay off my feet. I took off from work and tried to stay in bed for the rest of the day at home. Alas! Had to get back to work today. I am hoping that's the end of it....I am so tired dealing with something or the other constantly. Since, I am not allowed to walk too much now, I tried to keep it to minimum this morning and blood sugar is up 13 points above normal. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhh...

    Anyway, you take care. I really hope things look better for you.

  2. Sounds like the bleeding stopped? I hope so. I had a bleeding scare at 25 weeks which turned out to be nothing (turned out it was rectal bleeding...sorry if TMI!!) Tracking your levels must be stressful. Is 13 points a lot?

    The reason I need to go on bedrest is because of a complication they found at my 20 week u/s. This is why I was extra stressed at the prospect of GD. I have what they are now calling "a complicated case of placenta previa." In addition to a placenta previa (low lying placenta, which would cause trouble for a vaginal birth). Baby A has a bi-lobed placenta. This means her placenta is in two peices attached by exposed blood vessals. It's a problem because the vessals are close to the opening of the cervix and if my water breaks they could rupture. If they are over the cerivical opening it's called vasa previa... which is very serious. Since they are close my high-risk doc wants to watch me closely and have me in the hospital, closer to my due date, in case I go into labor. If I go into labor they will need to do an emergency c-section. They are already saying that I will be scheduled at 36 weeks, as long as nothing else happens.

    The growth issue for twin A (that I mentioned in my earlier post) may be related to the placenta issue. That's why they are watching the growth closely.

    I really hope it's not and that I make it to 36 weeks with both babies still growing well. I feel confient that I am in good hands with the doctors and the hosptial and am trying to be as positive as possible.

  3. Yup, the bleeding stopped. I am so lost in my world...forgot to mention that.
    13 points is not a lot, I think. My doc has not reviewed my results yet. So, I am just guessing for now.
    No information on this board is TMI is my opinion.
    You know, I read about your placenta previa on another board and started looking it up yesterday. So amazing that you mention it. Although, I admit I don't know a whole lot except what it is and the three levels/stages of it.
    But from all that you are saying, it definitely sounds like a complication. I am glad you are in good hands and that you trust and feel comfortable with your docs.

    You\'ll definitely be in my thoughts. I am going to pray that everything goes good for you and the babies and that you make it to 36 weeks and I make it to atleast 38 weeks. Keep doing what you are doing with trying to stay positive. That I believe has a big impact on how things will go for us. I can't help myself...I am hormonal but I wish I could hug you and tell you that everything is going to be ok and that I'll be there for you (at least in thought).
    And here I was thinking I was having issues. Doesn't sound so bad after hearing all that you had to say. Take care e!

  4. Hoping,

    Thanks for your thoughts. I'll be thinking of you too! It's so helpful to chat with someone who is feeling the same way.

    So glad to hear the bleeding stopped. Once you've had one problem it's hard not to be worried about the prospect of another. My OB has gotten several calls from me! I hope that all is okay with your levels and that if anything is high, it's minor.

    I am sure people have even more complications than I do. But, I certainly was hoping this would be easier. It's so strange because I feel fine. Yes, I am tired and big but I expected that. It's everything that they find in the u/s that's so scary. It's good though that they found out about all of this early because they can be cautious and are prepared. The good news is in all the MANY scans I have had the babies are perfectly healthy. We just need to get them out of there safely.

    I will be in the hospital for both Christmas and New Years. At this point I am looking forward to getting there. It'll mean I'll be at 32 weeks.

    Sounds like if all goes well, we'll be having our babies at the same time.

    Keep me posted on how things are going for you.

  5. I am amazed at how positive you are. You are changing my perspective on things too. Thank you and hats off for that.

    Yea, it does seem like our babies might just be a week apart or something if everything goes as planned and wished.

    In a way it sucks be in the hospital during the holidays, but atleast you will have family visiting you, I hope.

    My mom will be with me and DH starting 23rd of this month. I am really happy about that. What about you?? Getting any help?

  6. So nice that your Mom can be there. We are affording ourselves the luxury of having a baby nurse for a few weeks when the babies come home. Our families would love to help but I think it'll be better with an outside pair of hands.

    My husband works within a few blocks of the hospital and I have a bunch of friends I can get to come in and bring me good food! I told my family that I don't want a shower but would love their help in setting up the nursery while I am in the hospital. I've been leary about buying much up until this point.

    I have my positive days and my negative days....I've known about the problems for almost 10 weeks now so I've had time to digest it and also made sure I was comfortable with the medical care that I am getting. I think it's normal to be anxious and afraid after going through fertility treaments, which already provoke lots of anxiety.

    The babies are kicking up a storm today, which I'm thinking means good growth.

    Hope you're girl is doing well too. Have you decided on a name?

  7. Hi hoping,

    Hope things are going well from you and that you're feeling well and that the diabetes is under control.

    Just thought I'd give you my update. The twins grew about 1/2 a pound in the last two weeks and have dropped in percentiles. The smaller one is in the 18th percentile. They say that as long as they grow 1/4 pound a week they are not worried.

    The big news now though ist that they want to put me in the hospital in two weeks! Then they will deliver on January 4th (34 weeks). I can't believe how soon this is all going to happen. They'll be around 4 lbs at birth, which I guess is okay. I'm sure they'll be in the hospital for a few weeks but everyone is positive that they will do well.

    Let me know how you're doing.


  8. Hi e!

    I am sorry, I haven't updated/written in a few days. Been very busy at work and extremely tired.
    That\'s great that both twins are doing good. I am so happy for you. I can't imagine what you are going through now. I am sure you are nervous. Wow! Jan 4th is like just a lil over 3 weeks away. Hope everything turns out well for you. 4lbs on twins is still pretty good, isn't it? One of my friend's cousin delivered her twins 5 lbs + at 36 weeks. So, I am not sure. Why did they make this decision?? Why change in plans? I am sure the doctors are doing the right thing here and that the twins are in safe hands, but you want them to stay inside longer, right? I was reading your posts on the VP board and could really sense that you are worried. I place my trust in God. I will keep you and you twins in my thoughts and prayers. Keep me posted.

    Went in to see the doc today and she said although some of my results were not exactly perfect, that she is not concerned because they were not very high and since I never failed a fasting one, she is not going to put me on any medications and that they would treat me like a normal preg and not a high risk one. I am so relieved for that, although I lost 3lbs in the past 4 weeks. I hope the baby is doing ok. Otherwise, just itchy.

    Keep me posted on how things are with you and why the docs decided to get the babies out sooner. Don't worry, everything's going to be ok and have trust in the docs that they are going to do the right thing.

  9. Hi Hoping.

    Good to hear from you. It's such great news that your GD seems to be under control. The itching sounds uncomfortable. Is there anything that you can do to relieve it.

    My situation changed, I think, becuase the doctors are doing more research on vasa previa. It's such a rare condition that many of them haven't ever seen a case in their career. I'm a little nervous because I got 3 opinions and they are all slightly different. All agree that there is a previa and possibily a vasa previa. So they are managing it as though it's the most risky condition, which is VP.

    At least I'll be in the hospital so that if something happens I can have an emergency c-secion (though they won't have a lot of time to do it since the baby can lose blood). I'll be able to ask lots more questoins since I'll be right in the Hospital.

    Hope things remain good for you and thanks for your good wishes...

  10. Hi e!

    Yea, things seem to be OK for now. Only trouble is I have been losing weight (lost 6lbs in 5 weeks) and the doctor seems to be ok with it. Not sure if the baby is doing well and if she is gaining enough weight. Itching is also somewhat manageable. I have bought 5-6 different things to apply and one of them seems to be working.

    I read on another thread that you are in the hospital now and pretty settled in. When is the c-section scheduled for? How are you feeling? Are they letting you walk around? Do you feel sore sleeping in the bed all day long? Are you nervous about the CS?

    Write to me when you get a chance. Hope you had a good holiday!

  11. Hi Hoping,
    I guess the weight loss is okay if the doctor's not worried. Glad it seems the itching is under control. I am settled in and a little bit stir crazy here. The good news is the babies are growing and doing well and I show no signs of labor. C-section in about a week! Can't believe it. What week are you now?

  12. Hi e!

    Hope you are doing good. Good to know that the babies are doing well. I am 35w3d today. How far along are you? Is there a date on the c section? Good luck with everything.

    Take care.

  13. Thanks for the good wishes. Not too much longer for you. Hope you're doing well. I'll have my c-section in just a couple days. Hard to believe.


  14. Firstly, happy new year. I am sure this year will bring in so much joy that there is no place for any sorrow. Hope you and the girls are hanging in there.

  15. Congratulations e! I am so happy for you. Read on the other thread that the girls were born yesterday. I am sure you are relieved that they are out and safe. Is everything good with them? What did you name them? God bless both of them.
    Wishing you and the girls a speedy recovery.

  16. Hi Hoping,

    Thanks for the congrats. I'm thinking of you and hope all is well. You should be having that little girl soon. Right?

    Twins are home from the NICU and doing well. We are tired but very happy.

    Let me know how you are when you can.


  17. Hey e...nice to see your response. I am very happy that you and the twins are back home. Hope everything is going OK with them and that you are recovering well from c-section. How much do the twins weigh now?

    Everything seems to be going ok with me for now. I am 37w4d. It's a nice feeling to know that I am full-term. Now, just waiting for the baby to come out....whenever she decides it to be. According to my last appt, haven't dilated but effaced a lil compared to the previous appt. Doc still says I will go 40w.

    Take care and write to me when you can. I can't imagine how it feels like to be a mom now.

  18. Hi,
    How exciting. Not much time left! Do you have a name picked out?

    The girls are now each close to 5lbs. They are gaining quickly, which is good. We're tired but very happy.

    Keep me posted. So excited for you!


  19. Oh good...twins seem to have gained good weight. Hope you are doing well with the feeding and the being mommy part.

    Yup, not much time left for me...but it seems so long now. All the preggo pains and aches are kicking in now. No sleep, have to drag my @$$ to work everyday, and add gest diab to the's wonderful!

    Name....still can't make up our minds. I knew what I wanted if it was a boy. And still would have the same when and if I have a boy. Hence, leaving the decision to DH so I can have control in the boy's case. Very vicious, right?

    Anyway, do write to me whenever u get a chance about the progress of the twins. I have heard having an adult conversation during this time helps.

    Take care.

  20. Hi, Hope you're getting some sleep. Since I delivered early I missed out on the last few weeks of pregnancy. I found it hard to imagine being any bigger!

    I am enjoying it all...with twins I feel like I need to be efficient and organized. Hopefully I can do it!

    Keep me posted. Can't wait to hear what name your husband picks!


  21. Hi are you? How are the lil twins? How is motherhood?? I delivered my baby on Jan 27th. She is 4 weeks today. For all the scare they gave me about gest diab, she came out weighing 5lb 11oz...yea...tiny baby. I was 39, not too early either. I am enjoying her and the sleepless nights. I can't even start to think how tough it is for u with 2. My lil one is a lazy one who needs to be woken up for her feeds. So every feed of hers takes like an hour. I am breastfeeding and hence I am up atleast an hour once every 3hrs...not fun. I hope your twins are much better. Oh yea...her test for Down's came negative. Praise the lord! Do write to me when you get a minute.

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