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  1. I just failed my GD screening and am scheduled next week for the 3 hour test. I am nervous that I do have GD becuase looking back over the past few weeks I have stopped gaining weight (but the babies have not), am hungry and eating all the time (even an hour after eating).

    I am underweight to begin with but my father (who's thin too) has gotten high blood sugar readings over the past few years and has some pancreas issues.

    Has anyone who's been diagnosed with GD experienced this insane hunger and lack of weight gain? It's scaring me as I wait for the three hour test. I worry that it's hurting my twins.

  2. I have also failed my 1 hour test. My level was 152 (where the reqd was below 135). I am worried. I have my 3-hour scheduled for Thursday and wondering if there is anything I can do to help. I have a family history of diabetics and I have been on Glumetza (variant of metformin) 2000mg to treat PCOS.
    As far as food eating patterns and weight gain, I have been having the same patters as before. Any suggestions/diet recommendations are welcome. I am a vegetarian.

  3. Hi Hoping,
    Sorry about the stress. I hope that the screens were wrong for both of us. I was at 147 and my OB told me that wasn't so high. She also told me not to change my diet now or it could skew the test. So I ate my normal amount of carbs today. (I love carbs...) I do the three hour test tomorrow... I'll be starting my fast in a couple hours. Fun!

    Hope your Thursday goes well.

  4. Thank you rewebis. I hope it goes well tomorrow. Wish you all the best and good luck!! Let me know how it goes. Wonder if they have the results right away??!!

  5. Hi Hoping,
    Thanks for your well wishes. I am done with my test. Everyone told me the sugary drink was so gross but it didn't bother me so much. The fast was harder for me. I threw up like 6 hours into my fast..I haven't had M/S in months! Anyway, they said they'll call tomorrow and let me know results. Keep me posted on your status.

  6. Awww...that's awful. I am glad atleast you are done with it. I hope that both of us get cleared and this is the end of it. Keeping fingers crossed.

  7. Hi Hoping,

    Wanted to check in and wish you luck tomorrow. Got my results and they came back "normal." I am very relieved.

    I am hoping the same for you. Like you, I have several risk factors (twins and family history) and I was okay.

    Crossing my fingers for you....

  8. rewebis - i was in a similar situation last week, i failed my 1hr and was sent for the 3hr. they called yesterday and my 3hr showed normal so i am fine. and my 1hr results were worse than yours, i was at 167 or 169 and still came back fine during the 3hr screening.

    hopefully you will be fine as well.

  9. I am so happy for you rewebis. After all that we've been through, that's the last thing we need...another reason to worry.
    Yea, I hope things turn out well for me too.

  10. Had my test this morning. The glucola was not bad. It was the same one that I was given before the 1hr test. I was ok during and after the test. Somehow not very exhausted. I was very sleepy during the first hour, but was able to walk for 45mins during the next couple hours. The nurse also did a fasting glucose check on a glucometer and that came at 81 and said it was great and perfect. So, hoping rest are ok too. Kinda nervous and eager to know the results.

  11. Hi Hoping,

    Glad to hear the test wasn't too bad. Funny about your being sleepy. I literally fell asleep in the waiting room during the first hour. Glad to hear the fasting rate was good. Thinking of you. Please keep me posted. Will you find out tomorrow?


  12. Thanks for the message rewebis. I just heard back from the doctor and I should have known that nothing in my life comes easy. I tested positive on 2 of the levels and now I have to meet with a dietician and nurse.
    I am so disappointed that I have no words.

  13. Hoping. So sorry to hear it. It's so hard to have gone through all that you have and then have complications in the pregnancy. From everything I have read and heard about GD, it's very managable. I have a friend who had with both of her pregnancies and when she talked about it she sounded barely phased. Hang in there and I hope everything else moves along easily for you during your pregnancy.

  14. Thank you for your sympathy rewebis. What's bothering me is not that I have GD. What is bothering me is that I put my trust in God and was hoping everything to go ok. I had gotten my AFP test positive for down syndrome. We went fot the level II ultrasound and there were no markers. This pregnancy did not come about easy (Injectibles with IUI; TTC:2 yrs) and I did not want to do anything to hurt my baby. Hence, I did not go for the amnio, putting my trust in God that everything's going to be ok. My trust has been shaken with this test result and I am just weeping about the AFP test result. This pregnancy was intially confirmed to be a singleton pregnancy. Then one night, I had a gush of fluid come out of me, ran to the ER only to know that I had 2 babies and that there was no heartbeat on the second one. I lost one of my babies. All along nothing has been easy with me. I am just hoping that I have a healthy full-term baby. Is that too much to ask God???
    I am sorry I am pouring my heart out with you. I just am lost and don't know where to go from here. I thought posting this would ease my pain. If only it did...

  15. Hoping, Wow you really have been and are going through a lot. Obviously, I can't know exactly how you feel but it I know it must be very upsetting and overwhelming. I am so sorry about how hard it's been for you. I also have been dealing with other complications and know how lonely it can feel to have to be shouldering all of this worry by yourself. no one can know how truly difficult it is unless they've been in your shoes. You are not alone though.

    Please let me know how things progress. I hope that your meeting with the dietician and nurse goes well. Do your best to keep positive.(advice I should be giving to myself!).


  16. Hey Hoping. I also had GD and freaked out, but with insulin and diet, dd was delivered at 35 weeks. I had a pg from h e l l.

    Hang in there! Btw, my gd was gone right after deivery.

  17. Thank you rewebis and aspasiavasilaki. I am glad I atleast have someplace to vent out and share my pain with folks like you. Thank you for all the support. I am meeting with the nurse and dietician today. Let's see how that will go. It will be interesting if the dietician tells me anything that I already don't know or not doing. Having all the risk factors that I do, I have always been careful with my diet indulging only occasionally.

  18. Hoping,
    Please feel free to vent when you need to. I hope the meeting with the dietician went well and that you feel better now that you have a plan.

    This week's appointment has my high risk dr. watching the growth of my twin A. She's gotten behind in the past two weeks. I'm hoping she's just on the small side. There seems to be never a dull moment for me.

    Have a great holiday!

  19. It's nice to be able to lean on someone's shoulder even if it is virtual.
    I know what you are saying when you say there is never a dull moment. I hope that twin A grows leaps and bounds this week with all the turkey that mommy is going to eat. Hope that it would make up her falling behind.

    I am also having a girl. I think they are the most precious.

    The meeting with the dietician went well. Like I anticipated, she said I am already doing everything that needs to be done. All she told me that I kinda knew was that I was not getting enough protein. So, she added more milk to the plan. Let's see if I can keep up with it and not have to do anymore medication.
    I am being tested for cholestasis. I really have no reason or hope to believe that it will come out negative.
    Oh well....all aside, I hope you have a great holiday! Have fun and let's TRY not to worry about these things.....easier said than done.
    Take care.

  20. Hi Hoping,
    Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing (if that's possible!) Thanksgiving. We stayed in town and had family come here. Though it's great to see them it's always a little tiring. It was especially so this year being 29 weeks pregnant and all. How many weeks are you?

    I really hope that you are able to control the diabetes through diet and don't have to take drugs. If worst comes to worst, at least you've become used to doing shots with the injectables. But hopefully it won't get to that point. I'm not too familiar with cholestasis. Please, no more complications for you!

  21. hoping, I had gd and it was easily managed with diet. I even ate sweets a few times a week and even more carbs than recommended because I found that if I ate a lot of protein with my meal plus 10 minutes of ANY kind of moving around, my numbers were okay. I was induced at 38w2d and had a healthy 8lb1oz boy. Good luck and I know you'll be fine!

  22. Hi rewebis and rajleoni,

    I had a good relaxing Thanksgiving. Can't complain too much. However, the cholestasis test was always on my mind. I stayed in town mostly. I live in Ohio and traveled to Pennsylvania one day, but not too tiring. I will be 31 weeks this Wednesday. I can imagine how tiring it must be for you to host someone at this stage in the pregnancy. However, I hope you got enough help from your guests and that you didn't have to do a whole lot. I am expecting guests for Christmas and I am not sure what I'll be doing. Mom will be with me, so hoping I'll have enough help, but then again she is not getting any younger either.

    The diabetes thing seems to be going ok with diet and a little bit of exercise. I guess I am learning the kinks of it and might be ok. However, I do hope I don't get to the insulin stage.

    I am still waiting for the nurse to get back to me on the test results for cholestasis (ugh!). I thought I would wait for the call and respond, but I think she might not call today. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    rewebis, I hope twin A is doing better. Keep me posted on what is going on. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

  23. Oh by the way rewebis, I hope you got some shopping done today if you needed to. BRU had pretty good sale. I bought a crib, a stroller, car seat and base, a electric sterilizer and some misc stuff all for reduced prices.

  24. It came out negative. I am so relieved.

  25. Hi Hoping,
    I'm so glad to hear the test came out negative and that you are doing well managing the diabetes through diet. Good news!

    I'm doing well. My next appointment is a week from today and I hope to hear good news on the growth of the twins. I do need to start buying some baby things. Things have been so crazy with the pregnancy I've been putting it off. The time is now though because I'll be on hospital bedrest in 3-4 weeks for the duration.

    I am just so, so, so tired. I'm trying to get out and walk a bit so that I get more energy.

    Hope you are feeling well.


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