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  1. Hi everyone, I am just wondering what everyone is buying....we live in a relatively small town and do not have a great selection except walmart. So I will be buying online I think. I would really like to have twin things but need advise on best places to shop. Any Ideas?

  2. Hi Hopeful!

    I\"m not much help b/c we're just buying two of the regular things. I'm not sure if there is a lot of twin specific furniture out there? We are getting 2 identical cribs (convertible to full size beds, they will be in separate rooms eventually) and then a long dresser & a tall dresser. The brand we decided to go with is Munire. We have a big baby furniture store near us & we gravitated toward the Munire stuff over & over without even knowing what brand it was. We wanted more adult like furniture instead of nursery/kids furniture though, so it kind of depends on what you like & want at this point.

    The store we used is USA baby which has stores in a lot of cities but I just went to their main website thinking maybe you could check it out to at least look at different brands & stuff but it doesn't seem to be working.

    Do you have Baby Bargains? Might be worth a look, they have tons of info on cribs, anyway. Then you could search to find online retailers that can ship/deliver to you if you find a brand you'd like to explore further.

    Good luck!!!!

  3. There are some special cribs for twins but they are expensive and then require expensive custom sheets.

    We are starting with a Arm's reach co-sleeper original size, and one crib and dresser from Ikea. That's it for furniture. No more space. Everything else will go in the closet.

    There is an overwhelming selection online. Happy shopping!

  4. thanks guys, I really don't care if its twin, just want matching. Just wanting ideas on best places to look for baby stuff online. Sorry my last message was confusing I was in a hurry.


  5. First off - congrats on your upcoming twins. It's truly a hoot, although the first few months will seem like a whirlwind of chaos!!

    I live in a small, rural town with the nearest Walmart being about 45 miles away and not a single Target in our state LOL. I was lucky and inherited one crib from my sister, then bought a crib & glider chair on eBay for around $100 total. Craiglist has some great deals on cribs as well. You will need to get new crib mattresses, but that's a small cost compared to the crib itself. We don't have convertible cribs - that said, our boys are 27 months and (knock wood) have not shown any interest in climbing out of their cribs yet. Our cribs don't match too carefully but I usually try to put the same sheets on each crib. That said, I really stopped caring soon after the umpteenth sheet change I solved that by getting all blue based sheets so they basically match, no matter what.

    Our kids will most likely be sharing a room for a good portion of their youth. Initially we tried using the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper (in the original size) but it didn't work so well for us - for the main reason that it only fit on DH's side of the bed, so we switched sides...then the noise that the boys made during the night proceeded to drive everyone a bit I wound up moving into the nursery with the boys for a few months (we have a twin bed in there)

    I also gave up on changing tables fairly quickly, in favor of mats that I use on the floor in whatever room we happen to be in. It was, for me, too much trouble to have to scoop up both boys to move them to wherever the changing table was, then keep an eye on the one not on the table, while keeping an eye on the one ON the table. For a long time (even now at 27 mos) I changed them on the floor on a washable, waterproof mat. I do still have a changing table that I keep diapers and PJs on in our bathroom, where they get bathed every night.

    There is a discount baby place out of Williston, VT - I got our crib divider here (they were in the same crib until they really started rolling around) and several great day-to-day items.

  6. I would definitely try craigslist & ebay! I was trying to do a little searching for online sites but it did seem like a lot of them had limited delivery areas, depending on where you live. I wonder if you could order via a big furniture store in one of the larger cities in your state to help with delivery charges/availability.

    You also might want to check out Ikea? You have to assemble but they probably ship anywhere & would not cost nearly as much for delivery as if you're getting something delivered from very far away. They are very affordable & seem to have a good reputation too!

  7. We are lucky enough to get some things as hand me downs from friends and family. It won't be matching, but I'm fine with that. We also have a moms of multiples support group in our town and they will be having a tag sale before the babies are due, so we hope to get a lot there. Aside from that, we plan on getting everything else through Target and Babies R Us.

  8. I agree - Target and Babies R' Us are probably the easiest places to look online and they have a good selection & deliver anywhere. The main thing you might want to try in person are strollers & car seats so you can push them, clip & unclip them, etc. and make sure that you are comfortable with using them. Otherwise, furniture itself doesn't seem to need as much of a test run.

  9. thanks to everyone for your has helped me sort through some things i was feeling very overwhelmed

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