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  1. Did anyone watch tonight? I thought it was well worth the wait. I am so glad it's back.

    I will add, that my beau, Tim Riggins, needs a little trim. A bit too long for my taste.

  2. Ooooh....can't wait to watch!! That good, huh? Will have to wait 'til tomorrow evening.

    How did my Coach Taylor look? As hot as ever, I'm sure

  3. He was great, too. Great episode.

  4. I only caught the end as it came on here at 7cst and I was in the midst of the bedtime routine. I'm about to watch the whole thing now and I'll plan better next Friday.


  5. OK, watched it. Great episode. I miss Jason Street and Lila Garrity but it's more realistic to have people move on. Hope we see them later in the season. Tim does need a haircut. What ever happened to Tara, Landry's ex? That assisstant coach repeating everything Coach Taylor said, omg I can't believe it took him that long to snap on the guy. Best scene was when Coach Taylor's assisstant from the Panthers joined him at East Dillon. Love the show, can't wait for next Friday. The first 2 seasons we watched it all on dvd so it's hard to wait a week inbetween episodes.


  6. Okay, couldn't wait...had to get up early and watch this morning. Tim Riggins has hair? I just saw him not nearly naked enough for not nearly long enough!! Nice!!
    It was a really good show. We always say how fast that hour goes because it's so good. And this opener did not disappoint. I so wanted Saracen to punch that kid in the face. What a little douche!
    That was a great scene when his assistant returned to him. Totally choked me up. And when he had to forfeit? Wow. Great scene. I LOVE what Tami did at the coin toss...ha!!
    Is it next week yet?

  7. Great too when the Coach Taylor said "You know you have a racoon in here??".

    Lila was in the preview for the 2nd or 3rd episode, I think. I don't think the Tim and Lila story is done which makes me happy.

    I love Landry and Matt, too. Julie going to East Dillon will be interesting as well. When did the new QB become such a douchebag? I was hoping Matt punched his lights out, too.

    I love that my husband loves the show, too. Good TV-time together.

  8. Thanks so much for starting this thread!
    I LOVE this show and am so happy it's back! As always Coach T looked great and Tami is so cool. Did you see the look on the QB's father's face after the coin toss? I forgot the QB's name, but he's totally a different kid. Remember when his father freaked when he drank or had interest in a girl? Total 180 for him.
    I also love that there is a new kid on the team that of course Coach T will save.
    My dh watches it w/ me too and can't wait for next week!

  9. It is a great show to watch with a DH. I know mine was as excited for the premier as I was
    Okay, maybe not AS excited!

  10. It is a great show to watch with a DH. I know mine was as excited for the premier as I was Okay, maybe not AS excited!

    Same here, dh loves it too.


  11. Another A+ episode.

    I am really, really hoping Tim takes a coaching job with East Dillon.

    And man do I loathe JT's Dad.

    When is Lila coming back??

  12. Haha! Just finished watching and came to see if anyone else had watched, too

    Yes, I would LOVE if Tim takes an assistant coaching job.

    I loved that Luke was so gracious about joining East Dillion and showed up. I loved that everyone showed up. It was an awesome episode.

    And I loved when Tami walked in and confronted the dad. She's such a cool lady.

    I agree...JT and his dad need to get the hEll out of Dillion.

    Never a disappointing episode...ever!!

  13. It was so cool that Tim wants to help Coach T! I think he'll join the team in some capacity.
    JT's dad is just evil and now has his sights on getting rid of Tami which should be interesting.
    Can't wait for next week's show!

  14. Agree another awesome epsisode. Wish we could all get together and watch together some week. Tami was great walking into the restuarant and giving it to JT's dad, loved it! You know Buddy Garitty, who we haven't seen enough of this season, is not going to tolerate losing a state title ring. I think the writers do an excellent job of keeping things interesting on this show. Another season of Panther victories with coach Taylor would have been boring!


  15. This is one of the best produced series out there. The quality of the acting and directing is really A+. So glad there are more people watching -- I thought DH and I were the only ones

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