Freezing bags? Separate freezer?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I finally have some milk o freeze!!! I hope I do not jinx it, but I froze four bags of 6oz :-)
    I used the bags that came as samples with lancinoh breast pads.

    I was wondering which bags were tg best in your experience and whee did you keep them. Our freezer is very full as I have no time to cook. I worry that the door being opened often will compromise the quality of my frozen mlk. What did you do?
    Thank you!

  2. Those are great bags. Buy more of them. Lay the bags flat in the freezer--they will take up a LOT less space. Once they are frozen, you can stand them up in a shoe box or keep them flat in the box. You don't have to worry, the milk will stay frozen and it won't hurt anything if you use your freezer a lot. Just remember, that frozen milk will taste different, so don't freeze too much in each bag. You will probably want to mix fresh and frozen milk when you do use it. I know you have twins, so 6 oz really isn't too much because you can give half of the frozen to each baby and mix it with fresh. If only one baby is going to take a bottle 6 oz bags might be too much. I hope that makes sense. I froze a ton of milk for my twins. I ended up using a lot of it to mix in their cereal once they were eating it because I just had too much of it!

  3. I liked the lansinoh bags the best too. I also learned the laying flat trick and it helped a ton. We bought a deep freeze when I started bf and that is great because it allows you to store the milk longer (up to a year). I tried to store milk in different amounts (some 2-3 oz and others up to 6 oz). That way I could just defrost what I needed. That was really helpful, because DD was not a big drinker - only 2-3 oz at a time most feeds.

  4. I also use the lansinoh bags and freeze them lying flat. I only have about 10 bags frozen at any one time so it doesn't take up any space. They are in the door and nothing has happened to them from opening the freezer.

    The taste definitely is different. DS1 does not like the taste of the frozen milk and has refused to drink it since around 4 months, but DS2 is fine (he'll eat anything!). Luckily it is rare we need to give them a bottle. I use it sometimes for cereal and adding to the pureed carrots. But I found that I needed so little I was able to just pump out enough on the spot for that. I am awful at pumping so if I get 3oz I am thrilled. My bags have 3-5oz.

  5. We use the Playtex Storage system with the liners and the drop in bottles. It is nice because we can just pop it directly onto the bottle and put the nipple on instead of needing to thaw and pour. I think it is called Playtex OneStep. I've only seen them in BRU.

  6. Oh, thank you!
    So here is my plan: get more Lansinoh bags,
    try the storage rack with these bags, use the little freezer that we have in the garage - I tested it and it works! It's not a chest freezer, so I guess six months will be the maximum I can store it.
    And I guess I will need to rotate it as six months approaches.
    And also freeze some smaller portions just in case I need to make exact number of oz.
    I remember someone posting about lipase, soapy taste and skimming. Do not know what my frozen milk tastes like, but here is a link on the subject:

  7. You might try giving them some in a couple weeks. You want to make sure they'll take it before you go to too much trouble pumping a big surplus.

  8. Gave DS some milk from the frozen stash - he had no complaints, but now I lost the surplus to freeze this milk supply just never stabilizes! One day you have extra another day you are pumping away to catch up - ugh.. The babies are three months old, so you would think the supply would finally stay the same?
    Pumping, pumping...

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