Fragile X Testing?

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  1. After reading here it seems that some clinics test for Fragile X and some do not. My clinic does not and just informed me that if we decide to do it, they may not have the results back before the transfer

    Am I crazy to go forward without this test?

    Thanks so much.

  2. i requested it for all (:eek of our donors. fragile X is the most common reason for mental retardation. here's some info on it:

    but i think i'm the one who brought it up here in the first place. if it's a matter of postponing your cycle for a month versus your child possibly having fragile x, i personally would do it.

  3. That's a tough call since you're in mid-cycle. My clinic didn't test for this either but I had them do it because it was an easy and quick test. Congratulations on getting this far; good luck with your decision and fingers crossed for a happy ending either way!

  4. i agree with pilma, put the embys on ice until you get the results. if a carrier of fragile x donates, depending on how many repeats they have, their kids or grandkids have a very high probability of being retarded.

    there was a donor we really liked but she had 46 repeats and two REs told me not to use her. interestingly enough, she'd done a cycle before and has since started another one. so i guess some REs allow carriers to cycle if the IPs really want them to.

  5. Thanks for the responses. Any thoughts as to why clinics don't test for it?

    My clinic also said it would take 3 weeks for results- does that sound right?

    Thanks again. I cannot imagine how anyone could go through this process before the internet and remain both informed and sane

    Other than CF, are there other genetic tests that should also be requested?


  6. I honestly can't remember how long the fragile x test took but I requested it pretty late in the game so I want to say it took a week. It was a standard blood test. Maybe your clinic sends to an outside lab?

    We didn't have any other genetic testing done on the donor, my dh doesn't carry the CF gene so we weren't worried about that.

    Good luck Bella!

  7. child and pregnancy mentioned (not mine)

    I have a friend who has a son with Fragile X. Please don't gamble with this. I love and adore my friends son. But his condition impacts the entire family. It has lifelong challenges. I think that the REs who dont test for it are doing a huge disservice to their patients.

    As far as time - how long it takes to get the results, I cant give you an estimate, but my friend became pregnant with their 2nd child and to get the Fragile X results from the cvs took the longest. BTW, in terms of repeats. Yes you are right - my friend has a large # of repeats but she doesnt have fragile X. So 46 doesnt sound high. I remember hearing my friends son has 250 repeats and is considered on the low side.

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