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  1. Did your re tell you your chances of having multiples prior to the ivf? My re told me I had a 30-40% chance due to age other facors and hubby being the only problem. I didnt know it was possible to foresee that.. Anybody experience this?
    My husband is elated. I am on the other hand being realistic. Its not even guaranteed we'll have ONE but to have TWO.....?? But I will gladly take what the Lord+Science decides to give me.

  2. My RE never gave me the chances of multiples until transfer day. His percentage of twins, triplets or more was based on the quality and number of embryos transferred.

    Like you, I was young (25) and had no known reproductive or fertility issues. Ours was male factor. Our re said our case was the simplest form of infertility to treat.

    That being said, no one can predict what will happen. IVF 1 of 2 perfect blasts was BFN. FET 1 of 3 perfect blasts, one hatching, resulted in a singleton.

    Certainly it's great to be hopeful and optimistic, but I am more of a realist like you.

    Good luck.

  3. Hey mtk.
    Can I ask what if anything was done differently in the FET?

    We are considereing purchasing a package that includes 3 fresh and 2 frozen cycles at a discounted price. I am a little iffy on the FET's but obviously they do work for some. Gosh decisions, decisions....

  4. Candy, mine didn't although I'm getting ready to send him an update email and ask him about it. Our dx was unexplained; 5+ yrs of infertility; on our first IVF we transferred 3 mediocre (all 7 cells on day 3, one grade 1 and 2 grade 2s) looking embryos and became pg with fraternal B/G/G/ triplets--delivered at 32w5d. I'm currently wondering if I could have hit the lotto if I'd played that day too. I'm guessing if he had thought I'd get pg with 3 from those embryos he would only have put in 2.

    Good luck!


  5. Wow!! Wantababy triplets from embies that you didnt think were all that great huh??? Congrats! How are you handling that? Hope they are all doing well.

  6. at 40, my RE told '30% chance of getting pregnant\", and \"nearly impossible\" that I would have multiples...they transfered 5 embryos (my own eggs) and I got triplets...err on the side of safety if you can

  7. Hi,

    The only info we received on the chances of multiples was during the IVF class in the side-effects of IVF treatment section there was listed HOM pregnancy. I think at the time it was a 5% risk.

    I had a succcessful HOM pg, triplets who are 6. I also had twins from a subsequent cycle and a singleton from an FET.

    You can also look at that CDC's stats for your clinic. I think at ours there was a 40% pg rate and maybe 40% of those were twins and 3-4% triplets or more (roughly).

    There are so many factors that it's really hard to tell. I think that's why they don't mention stats.


  8. I forgot what % we were given on having twins or HOM, but I don't take that to heart. It's all a guess anyway. My first fresh IVF cycle, I was given a high % of success as well as for the succeeding cycles after that, but have had failure after failure with all of my cycles - with with fresh and FETs. Alas, on my 5th FET, I was given a low % of success and that was the cycle that gave me my newly born, healthy twins.

  9. A day before transfer my RE after looking at the embies told me he would only transfer 2 and that was because I already had two failed cycles locally If it was my first IVF he would have transfered 1 only. He gave me a 45-50% chance of twins and yes, I am carrying twins.

  10. Candy, thanks, yes, they are all doing well. mbirbili and I are about the same age. I was 39.9 at transfer and did so with my own eggs, and yes, the OB I was using locally did actually ask me if they were my own. My babies are 13 mos., and the last one started walking last week.


  11. With my first 2 IVF's, my RE told me we had about 20-40% chance of twins. We had DD3 with our first IVF. By our 4th IVF, RE said we had a 20% chance of getting pregnant at all!!! She was as shocked as we were when we found out it was twins.

  12. WOW. All of your sories are simply amazing. Thank you so much for sharing

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