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  1. if you have had a bfp, and you know you had implantation cramps, when did you have them?

  2. i ask because i had some odd cramps at 5 and im wondering if at that time, those could be implantation cramps or not (no implantation blood/spotting seen).

    i am 7dpiui today.
    beta Nov 13th.

  3. yes, bumping this up already

    really curious about those who know they had implantation, and remember when the cramps occured....

  4. I had AF like cramps two days after my 7 day transfer. So that be more like 4 or 5 days after a 3 day and 10 after retrival.

  5. I cramped on days 7 and 8 post ER, 4-5 dp3dt. I am 19wks with a singleton.

    On my first cycle, I cramped really hard on days 2-3p5dt, and had twins.

  6. I'm cramping pretty bad myself and I'm 2dp5dt.

  7. I had implantation cramps (twingy, pulling like feeling) on day 2 and 3 after a 5 day transfer. Since then I have had other crampy stuff off and on. Got a BFP!!!

  8. rola-congrats on your bfp!!

  9. I had cramps from day one and got a bfp, (or still waiting for 2nd beta).

  10. Silly question but for those of you who had cramps, where were they exactly? Were they more in the middle of your abdomen or towards the side? Or all around?

  11. Hey ladies I would like to join you girls. I too have tested this morning and got neg. I had my transfer last Sunday. This will be my husband and I 3rd IVF. I had my tubes removed back in June ; Dr said my chances would be greater. I pray to God that this work. I'm so tired of going through this. My Beta is on Wednesday.

    Good luck to everyone even those that have BFP.

    Hello Bosiljka,

    Where are you having your cramps? Whenever I do have any cramps they are mostly on my side or by the hip. They are short and painful, but they go away fast. A couple of times I had short pains under my bellybutton, and felt dizzy at times. Hope that helps you. I started having these symptoms like a day after transfer they come and go. Also I have been having twinges all over my body. Yesterday I thought for sure that my period was on its way, I was feeling like it was coming, but it never did. Another thing on my way home from my transfer I felt this soft tingling in my uterus.

    Good luck.

  12. Hi Keisha- Lots of luck to you on Wednesday. Don't despair because you got a negative on the test you took at home. I hope you get that BFP on Wednesday.

    About the twinges, they started about 2 to 3 days after transfer. They were mostly on my right side. Sort of off and on cramping that I never felt before. I also felt it a few times on my left side but it was mostly on my right. The cramps were continuous from the time it first started then today I didn't feel much at all and wonder if I should be concerned. I was told no relations during the 2ww but Dh and I sort of fooled around last night (sorry if TMI) and I hope I didn't shake things around too much if that's possible. Is this the reason why they say no sex during the 2ww??? My RE's office never gave me specifics just a sheet of paper w/info. on it. From what I've been reading on posts so far it seems that twinges are good.

    Again, lots of luck to you God is good .Let me know your good news on Wednesday.

  13. Hey Bosiljka,

    Thanks girl, and I will keep in touch no matter if I get a BFP or BFN, I'm praying that it will be BFP I'm so tired of the BFN's. I e-mailed my Dr and he told me that I have been testing to early, so I still have much hope. So when do you test? I wish you much luck.

  14. Keisha- That's great news! And how wonderful that you're able to communication w/your RE by email (and that he replies so quickly!)! There's actually a wait list to talk to my RE! Can you believe that! My beta is tomorrow. Keep in touch and let me know how you make out. I wish you much luck too.

  15. Thanks Bosiljka ,

    I\'ll be saying a big prayer for you tonight and good luck, wish you that BFP!

  16. Keisha- Thank you so much. I'm awaiting the call and pray for good news. You're in my prayers too that you get great news on Wednesday.

  17. Bosiljka , I wish you very very much luck, keep us posted. I'm praying for us girls. This is my 3rd IVF.

  18. Bosiljka any news yet?

  19. Hi Keisha- I'm sorry it took so long to post This afternoon and evening flew by! Between dinner and online shopping and I can't believe how fast it went! I do have an update,-BFP. Thank you so much for your prayers! I can't wait to hear good news from you on Wednesday. You're in my prayers.

  20. Bosiljka girl,

    I'm so happy for you my DH and I was thinking about you last night. I'm so very happy for you. Girl you give me some hope, I tested again this morning and still BFN. I was feeling a little sick yesterday and this morning. I still have the cramps, but they are very light. I'm praying for that BFP.

    I'm happy for you and I can see the joy on your face.

  21. Keisha- Thank you so much! Don't just go by your tests at home. Sounds like you have positive signs! The cramping and feeling sick. If possible, don't test anymore until your beta tomorrow. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
    :-) Please keep me posted. Big hugs

  22. Bosiljka,

    Cant believe you didnt post on the Cooper board just read your news and wanted to say Congrats!

    When is your next beta? I knew you would get success there for sure.


  23. Hi Lee- I PM'd you back!

  24. Hey Keisha- Any news yet??? I've been thinking about you. You're in my prayers.

  25. Hey Bosiljka,

    I'm still waiting for that call. Thanks for praying for me, I'm hoping and praying that God makes it a BFP. As soon as I get the news I'll write back.

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