For those who got AF before BETA...

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  1. This is now the second time this has happened to me. I am doing IUI cycles.

    The first time, I just thought it was my AF so I never even took a HPT or had a beta, then two weeks later I was in unbelievable pain, and it turns out I was pg and had an ectopic pregnancy.

    I just did another IUI cycle and started to spot 9 dpo. Then turned into massive heavy clumpy (sorry tmi) period the next day and today. I have taken two HPT and both negative.

    I thought you can't get your period until 14 days after ovulation???? I am so confused by this. I will call doctor tomorrow am. I am also out of state for work this week.

    Anyone else have this happen? Any ideas?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Carey - I'm sorry about your BFN. I've done 2 IVFs and they both ended 8-9 days post transfer. Counting from my last period this was early for me so I asked the RE about it and he said that it's not like a normal 28-day cycle because of the drugs. AF is apparently likely 10-12 days post the hcg shot, so for me with a 3dt that was about right. I don't know how it works with IUI, but if you did hcg and then transfer a day or two later I guess it's close to 10 days post hcg? Were you on any kind of progesterone support? In theory that's supposed to delay AF, but it hasn't for me.

  3. thanks for responding.

    it really doesn't make sense. i got my period only 10 days after the hcg shot. it should be 16 days after that, bc you ovulate 36 hours after shot. i don't know. i went for all my numbers and they are all back to normal, so who knows.

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