For Fun, how much weight have you gained so far?

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm 20weeks with triplets and am up about 20lbs.

    I'm really struggling with weight gain at the moment and have been stagnating for the past week or so. Eating is difficult and i'm concerned about my protein intake in particular. Can anyone recommend a brand of protein powder that isn't too awful?


  2. Tatia- I don't know of any off the top of my head, but do you have the Dr. Luke book? She has several specific recommendations in there. If you don't have her book, maybe check out her website:

    Good luck w/ the triplets!

  3. habib, I've been pretty sick with both my pregnancies. With my daughter I lost about 30lbs and had a 6.5lb baby.

    I\'m now nearly 30w with twins and have now gained about 5lbs. I think I lost around 10-12lbs at the start but its difficult to judge because what I lose off of me goes to them.

    Anyway, I was also worried about my lack of weight gain and my OB basically says that the babies are growing very well so it's not an issue.

  4. Thanks, mikrokaterina! It's clear that the babies are taking what they need from other parts of my body--my typically \"roomy\" rear has never looked so small!

  5. Tatia- I drink Ensure Plus. Has 350 calories and 13g of protein. I get it at Costco.

    Dr. Luke advocates for weight gain because the babies take everything they need from our bodies and she says, though don't quote me it has been awhile, that the idea is to give our bodies a reserve because it is very difficult to eat in the final trimester. I was underweight to start, and if I hadn't put on as much as I did, I would not now have anything for them to draw on. This is especially important as far as calcium and iron go- because, this is my opinion, if they deplete too much of our calcium it may have long term consequences for us. Daily intake of protein is key because our bodies don't store it (I double checked this online and that is true). So, no matter how many or few calories I take a day, I always make sure I get at least 90-100g of protein.

    Essentially, I believe that each body type is different and so long as you are eating healthy and enough that the babies are growing properly, and you are not losing, the exact amount you gain is not so important.

  6. Thank you ladies!

    I am trying to keep my weight up and can really imagine that eating will get very tough later on.

    Thanks for the recommendation rosetta - i will try and look them up for those last few months!

    Good luck to all and thanks again!

  7. WOW!!! I feel really bad, in the first trimester I gained 22lbs, I felt so bad. I always gain with the IVF drugs because I produce so many eggs and over stimulate everytime. I hate it! Now the eating as tapered off in the second trimester thank goodness. I am really scared about gaining too much weight although I am eating healthy. YUK!

  8. Yeah, I agree every body is different. In my case, I had a pretty comfortable cushion of \"reserve\" before I got pregnant so not being able to eat much or gain hasn't really hurt any of us but I can imagine if you are quite a thin person this might be a bit of an issue.

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