For Fun, how much weight have you gained so far?

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  1. At my 16w appt. I was up 10 pounds.

    Now just two weeks later, I feel like a watermelon is under my shirt.

    I was just wondering what everyone else's weight gain is and what week you are at with twins.

  2. I am 16 weeks, but don't have an appt until next tuesday. When I went in three weeks ago I had lost 3 lbs, so I was told (sternly) to be up 8. Now that I am over the sickness I have been eating..a lot. Ill update next week!!

    Good thread.

  3. I have been gaining just under 2lbs/week since my 6w u/s. At my 14w appt I had gained 14lbs. I am happy with that since I started out at 120lbs (I am 5'9\"). Except for my stomach and a$$ you can't really tell.

    I am a bit scared about what my stomach will be like after another 5 months when it is already like a basketball at 15w

  4. Brace yourselves, girls! 36.5 weeks... 55 pounds!

  5. Hi!
    I'm 15 w 3 days and gained 7 pounds.
    I'm starting showing now and we do not want to tell anyone yet.
    So I'm trying to stay at home as much as possible;-))

  6. Currently around 31.5 weeks and apprx 40 lbs

  7. 32 weeks = 22lbs

  8. 25 weeks and 32 lbs.
    I started out at 118, gained steadily through the first 18-19 weeks, and slowed down (only 2 lbs.) in the last five. But I'm sure the next appointment (after the holidays) will be different!

  9. I'm 35 weeks with twins and up about 46#

  10. 19 weeks preg. with twin girls-11 pounds!

  11. 23 weeks with twin girls
    started off overweight

  12. 17 weeks - 9 pounds

  13. 28 weeks, 30lbs.

  14. 21 pounds and i'm 15 weeks.
    I started with a slightly low end of normal weight with a bmi of 20.
    My docs are still giving me a hard time even with this gain-geesh i got the third degree at my 14 week appt and my doc asked me if i'm eating enough and how many calories.
    i'm following dr. lukes book but can't eat 3500 calories- i eat 2500 calories and don't exercise like i used to and according to the book i'm right on target.

  15. 25w6d and 16 pounds...My doc only wants me to gain a total of thirty because I started out overweight. (I guess I better lay off all the carbs LOL)

  16. About 17 lbs - 23w4d pregnant w/ twin girls...

    Started out at 155 - Now 172 lbs... Im 5ft 11 1/2. At my 22 wk check up the babies weighed about 1 lbs each.

  17. Okay do share how you are actually gaining the weight!

    I started out quite overweight and then due to sickness, lost a bit (around 12lbs). I'm now at 20 weeks and have managed to gain back about 10lbs which puts me around where I started.

    I can't seem to eat enough (or find things to eat that appetize me) to increase my weight...although maybe its not as necessary when I'm already carrying extra?

    Of course, down here they never weigh me either.

  18. At 35w, about 36lbs. Babies are big (in the 85th percentile and were almost 5lbs at 32w). I only gained 22lb in total with my singleton so I have worked this time to put on more weight (According to Dr Luke's book)....(oh and my sis gained 60lb with her singleton - she felt horrible)

    mikrokaterina...I am eating a lot of protein...higher protein yogurt, for drinks while sat work I get a smoothie with an extra protein shot. More red meat the usual. Lots of nuts for snacks. Oh and I have developed a horrible addiction to A&W teen burgers. I am sure I will be repulsed after the babies come that I have been eating those

    Fun thread
    35w B/B
    2yr DD

  19. well i will be 13 weeks tomorrow with triplets and have only gained around 5 lbs. i goto the dr on the 9th. with triplets they want you to gain like 65 lbs so i don't know how i will ever manage that. especially when they said i will probably go on bedrest at 20 weeks. btw i only had one week of not feeling good, but in the last week or two i have not had any interest in food but have been eating for the babies.

  20. mikrokaterina- I am also using Dr Luke's book as a guide but target 3000 calories not 3,500. Just couldn't make that. I was a big fruit and veggie person before, which is very healthy but low cal. So now I eat some form of whole grain fortified pasta almost every day. I buy shredded cheese and whole milk to make mac and cheese, or make a bolognese sauce, etc. Even chicken noodle soup. And as I mentioned I went from low fat milk to whole milk, full fat yogurt (I eat the natural Greek style with fruit or veggies added), and full fat cheeses. Another fun food for calories is pizza. I use soft tortillas as the base and load on toppings that are high in protein (tuna, seafood, meat, cheese). Since I don't get full on the bread, I can usually eat two pizzas (I usually put pineapple on the second so it is like a dessert pizza). And I drink one Ensure Plus drink just before going to bed.

  21. I'm really struggling with the protein aspect. Usually I love my meat but much the same as my last pregnancy, I seem to only be able to stomach fruits and veggies and a small bit of carbs.

    Ordinarily I love pasta and bolognese sauce but lately I can barely eat the sauce. It's been a real struggle. Of course, I'm also struggling with staying adequately hydrated and too much water makes me feel sick and other beverages just aren't cutting it.

    Definitely been a challenge. I'll have to try and find more ways to boost my intake.....

  22. mikrokaterina, I am having the same issue with staying hydrated. I usually drink at least a half gallon of water a day but now all kinds of water (sparkling, still) are making me more nauseated, so I haven't been getting nearly enough. I wake up feeling terribly dehydrated and I have headaches frequently in the afternoon, which I think are related to the lack of fluid intake ... I just don't know what to do about it. The only thing I can drink is lightly sweetened soda drinks like the Izzy fruit sodas ... but I hate to just drink the empty calories (plus they are frickin' expensive).

  23. I also have some days when I have trouble drinking enough water. If I feel like I might be getting a little dehydrated I usually will start drinking Gatorade mixed half and half w/ water. I usually have an easy time getting it down because at least there is some flavor.

    B/G twins

  24. mikrokaterina...I too found meat unbearable in the first trimester and as a replacement ate a lot of eggs and cheese. For a snack between breakfast and lunch I also ate a lot of breakfast sandwiches (egg with cheese). I am sure your weight will pick up. Best of luck

  25. It took me until I was over 30w with my twins to get back to my transfer-day weight. I'm afraid I don't recall how much I ended up gaining total (it wasn't much), but I was a bit heavier to start. My babies were delivered by elective section at 37.5w each weighing around 6lb, roomed in with me at the hospital and were actually discharged before me!

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