First time IVF in June. Any cycle buddies??

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  1. As per your questions:

    \" at what time(s) do you give the cereal? our pedi suggested morning, and later on when 2x, evening as well. I was wondering if I could do evening instead of morning to begin with, DH is always with me in the evening to help and we would include it in the nite routine. (which strangely, we also include a walk)\" I don't have a set time to giver cereal. I do it more often in the morning, if they are both cheery and amenable to it. I don't force the issue with either of them tho. Tyler is good with it, but sometimes Charlotte isn't interested. If it works better for you to do it in the evening, and hubby wants to be there too, and the babies are good, then I'd say do it. They used to tell moms to give the babies the cereal at night to help them sleep all night.

    - at what point do you increase the rice cereal amount? I don't measure the cereal, I just make some up, usually 1/3 cup or so and they eat what they eat. If they aren't hungry for all of it, or start getting fussy about it, or lose interest, then I stop.

    - do you give it before or after bottle? I usually give it before, so they are hungry. Not gnaw your arm off hungry, but have an appetite.

    When I started the cereal, it was runnier, like pudding before it gells. Now, it's just like regular cereal. I just kept thickening it as long as they were good with it. They need to learn to handle textures If they are using their tongues to push the food out, or gagging on it, it's too thick.

    What kind of meds are Kaden on? Is it an acid reducer for his reflux or something else? Both my two are prodigous barfers, spitting up huge amounts after every meal/nurse. The pedi said providing they are still growing and not in pain from the reflux then not to worry. Most babies go through it and grow out of it by a year.

    I always take everything the Dr says with a grain of salt. My theory is that while the dr has his/her advice and experience, they are my children and I know in the end what is best for them. As parents we need to find out what works best for us as a family. I know that as your first children, you have your hands full, but follow your instincts. You are with the cuties all the time, and no one knows your babies better than you.

    Ty is going through a feeding issue himself right now. He is up 3-4 times a night to eat. I think he's in a bit of a growth spurt. Means my sleep is a bit more broken up right now. I'm looking forward to this being over with lol!!

    Talk to you later

  2. hi tracy,

    thanks for your anwers, Kaden is on is Ty's sleep?

    I have another question for you,

    since about 3 months old, they both slept about 6-7 hours starting at around 8pm, then another 3-4 until morning, which was great for their age.
    now suddenly our boy goes backwards, he wakes up at midnite or latest 1 and then goes to the morning, well, at least I always hope he does. Liana still does the same, long stretch first...she actually STTN a couple times already.

    I wondering why Kaden does that, they both eat always a ton at their eve feeding, min. 7 oz....., Kaden has reflux but I don't think that has anything to do with it. maybe he works towards STTN the other way around? or maybe he's just hungry earlier for a while? growth spurt?

    not sure....I just don't want that there will be a problem towards STTN....

    also, Liana I think is mostly waking up out of habit, not hunger, she does not eat much anymore at that middle of the nite feeding and starts crying if we try to give more, at what point should I decide to try to let her go through? with fussing? I surely don't want to let her cry if she's not ready yet...

    thanks for input!


  3. Alexa, we are going through the same thing right now. For 2 months, both kids would sleep from 8-4, then eat then back to sleep till 7 or 8. NOW!!!! Bed at 8, up at 11, 2 3 4 5 6 7!!! No sleep for us! I suspect a growth spurt, and learning new skills, ie rolling over lifting head. It's not at all uncommon for kids to not sleep through the night until 9 or 10 mnths. We(as sleep deprived parents) expect them to do it earlier, but until 6 months or more, babies aren's always ready to go 6 hours or more without food. Anyone who tells you otherwise is nuts! Lots of books have been written to try and teach parents how to get their babies to sleep through the night, but not one has taught a BABY how to do it. As for letting them CIO, my way of doing it is to let them cry for a bit, then going into the room, tucking them in again, start the mobile. No talking to them though, maybe a \"shushing\". Minimul stimulus. If after 20-30 minutes, if still yelling, I get them up, feed and cudle and back to bed. It's harder at night cause they are still sleeping in our room. Today, I;m so tired, I'm thinking I need to move them to their own room. I keep telling myself this is only a phase. Babies don't wake up at night forever

    I hope

  4. Hi Ladies!

    It's good to be back Life has gotten hectic since having Ryley and the only time I seem to get on the computer is when I am blowdrying my hair which means I can read but not type.

    Anyway, you both seem to be doing well and your babies are growing remarkably. Hard to believe your twins are 6 months Tracy and yours are 4 months Alexa! You both seem to be on the right track when it comes to feeding and sleeping.

    Ryley had her two month appointment this afternoon. She weighs 9 pounds 15 ounces and is doing great. The only issue she is having is one side of her neck is stronger than the other so she always turns her head in the same direction. Are your babies sitting up yet or rolling over. I am reading a month at a time so I am unsure when that begins happening. Our little
    Rye-Pie had ver first immunizations today It was togh to watch but she settled down after less than a minute.

    Things have gotten so much easier since we hit the 6 week mark Ryley usually goes down to bed between 10 -11 and sleeps til about 5 in the morning. Our biggest issue is taking naps during the day. She really does not like to sleep during the day so we often go the entire day with only one 1.5 - 2 hour nap. Antime we go for a walk she is fast asleep but I don't like to leave her sleeping in the stroller if I can help it.

    As for trying again, if we had the money I would be thrilled to do another cycle ASAP. Unfortunately, with the little mat. pay we get, we will have to wait until I am back to work full time. It's probablly for the best as I will be able to breastfeed for longer. How long do you guys plan to breastfeed for? Anyone planning another cycle? Have you guys decided if you are going to move Tracy?

    Okay, I better run but I will post again soon. Take care,

  5. hi shannon,

    good to read from you again, so they just have an eye on Ryley for that neck thing or what is the process?
    you\'re getting already a pretty good stetch at night, are you breastfeeding? I stopped at 3 months, I do pump now for Kaden, Liana gets formula, sometimes when I have enough, I give her also breastmilk.

    some babies are bad nappers, but you need to enforce it, babies that age need at least 3 naps!
    mine are now down to 2 long ones, one in the morning at 9am for about 2 hours, and then again around 12:30pm or 1pm for another 2 hours.
    after that one, we usually go do something fun outside, then they take another catnap, 45min-60min around 5pm, after that, eve routine.

    work around her nap schedule and don't take her out when she suppose to sleep, also don't have her sleep when she's suppose to be up, so she will start to get into a rhytm.
    we trained our babes from very beginning to nap, and always in the crib, now and then, one ends up in the swing if they are trying to cut the nap short, I still leave them in there, for down time...unless they are screaming.

    I think babies start sitting up (un-assisted) around 7 or 8 months, ours roll from belly to back since about 3 months old....I don't think they can roll from back to belly.
    they sit in the bumbo seats pretty good, and also they sit with us at diner table in their feeding chairs and we all eat together, well they eat cereal, but it's good for them to get used to family diners early, and to smell our foods as well, they like it!

    I will pump I guess as long as Kaden will drink breastmilk, it's better for his reflux, I am down to pump 4x in 24hours and it does not lower my milk supply, which is good. I get about 10-12oz each time.
    so I am starting to freeze a huge stock for our october trip, we'll be gone from babies for 1 whole week!

    we\'re not having any other babies, 2 is enough, I am already 36,hubby 38, I don't want to be that old for our children, and focussing on twins is enough, so we get to send those 2 to good colleges, ha!

    how is it going with the sleep?

    ours are good again for we have another dilemna, Kaden usually sleeps from 7:30pm to 1:30am, then is up for 30min to feed and back down, but he likes to get out of his swaddle around 6am already and starts talking, I try to leave them in their cribs until it's get-up time, 7am.

    now Liana sleeps from 7:30pm to around 5am, which is a silly time, it takes her about 45min to eat 4oz at that time, and then she goes back down for another couple hours. but of course then I always have to wake her at 7am and obviously, she's not hungry, it's too close together.

    she used to wake up at 4am and eat, that worked better.

    question, should I go back to wake her with Kaden, which is weird too me because it seems she starts to work towards STTN. or should I not feed her (hubby does it) at 5am and try to let her go/cry?

    any advice appreciated,


  6. oh and I added new pix, in the 4th month+ at the end...

  7. Shannon, I know what you mean about life being hectic. I get time in the evening once they are in bed to do what I want/need to. Tyler isn't really rolling much yet. He scoots on his back a lot though. He can roll back to front sometimes, but as soon as he's on his belly, he trys to roll back onto his back. He's still working on his neck strength, so when he's on his belly, his face is planted in the carpet LOL. Charlotte rolls really well from back to front, but she tends to get stuck and not able to get back onto her back. Then she does a face plant into the carpet and cry. Her neck is much stronger. She too would turn her head better to one side then the other, and the pedi said to just encourage her to turn the weak way. Put things on that side for her to look at.

    I take breastfeeding a day at a time. I told myself I wanted to BF until 6 months, now I'm thinking until October, when there is a breastfeeding thing at the local mall, where we take over the mall with bf-ing women. Would love to take part in that. Both babies take a bottle as well as nurse, and it's usually formula in the bottle, as I find it hard to find the time to pump. I am planning on doing a frozen embryo transfer next year. Don't know when, probably after the babes are 1. I have no plans to do another full cycle tho. We are thinking about moving back to BC, just not sure when. A couple of years maybe.

    Alexa, gone from the babies for a week? Taking a trip? As for the night feeding, it's kinda a tough question. I do both LOL! If you wake Liana, they are on schedule together which is nice. That being said, why do you have to wake them at 7am?? My schedule is bed at 730-800pm, Tyler usually feeds at night, around 3-4am, then both babies at around 6-7am, then back to sleep till 9am. Naps at around 1130am-1230pm, and 3pm. Bath routine at 7pm. Their naps are shorter in the day cause they sleep more at night. I probably wouldn't let Liana CIO at 5am, cause after not eating for 10 hours, she's hungry. CIO is used to get babies to go to sleep when they are just being fussy about sleeping. You could try letting her fuss a little at 5am,see if she calms herslef back to sleep, but if she gets cranked, I'd feed her.

    If a schedule works best for your family, and you want to keep them on the same one, then wake her and feed her. If you have the flexibilty to feed on demand, then let her find her own schedule. Personally I demand feed until I get to bagged to be waking 4 times a night, then I switch back to schedule, ie one baby wakes to eat, I wake the other one. But I also don't let them CIO at night, as they are in our bedroom. Too noisy!!!



    New pics. Some of my trip out west too!

  9. Just a quick note to see how everyone is?? We've been super busy. Tyler is getting huge pushing 18lbs. He's my little locomotor, rolling around to get where he wants to go. He's also getting the hang of getting his knees under him, because he wants to be able to move around SOO BAD!! LOL Charlotte is sitting up, and doing awesome pushups. She loves the sound of her voice, at top volume of course. She is well over 18lbs now.

    Both babies have their \"back to school colds\" even though they arent' in school lol! We're getting ready to move next month. We left BC to live in Ontario 2 years ago, and now we are moving back. I'm going to fly with the 3 kids, and 8 pets. DH is driving across in our minivan with my mother and 3 pets. A moving company is taking care of the house stuff. Anyone want to buy a house in North Bay Ontaio? Big place, lots of space for kids, new fenced back yard lol!!


  10. so I know it's been a while...great to hear from you Tracy and how well your babes are doing!
    everything is well here, Kaden & Liana are teething like crazy, it's very hard as it botters them a lot, we do sometimes Orajel and when it's real bad, a tad of tylenol, I don't like to give it though. we also do the homeopathic teething tables, those seem to calm them down and we give them water soaked wash cloth out of the freezer, they love to chew on those.

    they are almost 7 months old, Kaden is about 15 and Liana 16lbs, growing good on their little curves, rolling around, soon to crawl I think, babble a lot and giggle and laugh and play a lot together now.

    Tracy as for our schedule, I do not want to wake them at 6am or 7am, but they wake up, if our bedtime is closer to 7 or 7:30pm, then they wake around 6am, if bedtime a bit later, then they might sleep until 7am. I really don't have them on a strict schedule, they just do it themselves now. 1st nap is usually pretty fast after getting up and eating 1st bottle as it's the extension of the night, around 8:30am, they sleep for 2 hours. then up again for 2 - 2 1/2 hours and 2nd nap is around 1pm...again 1 1/2 to 2 hours...we do the cereal and fruits at the 2nd am feeding. they still take that 3rd catnap around 4 or 4:30pm, just for 30 or 45min, after that, they all energized again for eve routine. I usually take them out on the afternoon break...
    we don't do bath every night, every other night maybe...we do cereal and veggies in the evening.
    they eat about 6-7oz 4x a day plus the solids, at nite, Kaden gets up anywhere between 1 and 3 am and eats another 4-5oz, Liana gets up around 3 or 4am, just for a couple oz, I try to let her fuss a bit, I think she's not really getting up for hunger, it's just 2oz..sometimes she goes back to sleep without eating...but now, both wake up now and then at nite and fuss because of teething
    they only eat about 1tsp cereal each time and and share half a gerber jar, I wonder if I should give more?

    and yes, we are going to mexico without babies, it's a reunion at club med cancun where we meet everybody we worked with, that's where I met my husband, we are leaving oct 1, can't wait!

    I only pump for Kaden, Liana eats formula, so I only have to pump about 3x a day and I have way enough for him, which is nice.

    Shannon, what's new?

    our new pix!


  11. we got back from 1 week club med cancun, without babes, they did great with grand-parents, we missed them a lot but we needed rest and some couple time, it was wonderful!
    Liana got 2 teeths in our absence, she could not wait, this one...on the bottom, just popping out, Kaden not yet, they sure both are bothered by teething, at nite too.
    any suggestions? we do the homeopathic pills, not sure if they help...I do have orajel but I don't like to use it, if it's really bad, we give a tad tylenol, they wake up early from naps and at nite as well, it's pretty hard.
    other than that, they are super happy, Kaden is the fastest scoocher I have ever seen, he does not even try going on his knees, just scooches all around the floor, he's very curious and wants to discover everything.
    Liana goes on her knees and then does the bouncing and rocking back and forth, she then tries to advance but it won't work yet, so she falls down on her belly and just rolls to wherever she wants to go!

    they eat now 4x 7oz, liana formula, Kaden EBM, I started to give him 2oz formula in each feeding, I am down to pump 3x a day so my supply is going down a bit. solids we do fruit and cereal on the 2nd am feeding and veggie and cereal on the evening feeding. they don't like much solids in am, more in the evening.
    Liana still gets up and eats 4oz around 3am, sometimes she STTN, I don't think she really needs the feed at night anymore....should I let her complain and see if she goes back down?
    Kaden still gets up 4-5hrs after going to bed and eats another 7oz! I don't understand, I thought it will go down or away once we start solids, I guess he still needs it?
    last night, for the 1st time, I let him cry it out, he got up only 2hrs after 8pm when we put him down, he fussed and would not go back down, he screamed and cried for 1hr and 10min, then he fell back asleep and slept through the whole night, wow!

    we are such wimps with the swaddles, they still nap in them, only with legs out. finally I have Kaden sleep the nite without the swaddle, but he still has a hard time sometimes, wakes up and stuff, but it will work, Liana still likes it swaddled, she likes the security of it, I guess, hugh!

    naps are still 3, one am about 1 1/2hrs, then early pm another 1hr or 1 1/2hrs, and then the 3rd nap is catnap, around 4 for 30min or 45min...anybody's baby dropped that one yet?

    I take them out a lot, to twin meetings in parks, shopping, swings in the park, etc.

    we are looking at relocating to Oregon, we need a bigger place, house with yards and acre, it's too crowded here in cali, too much traffic and too expensive, we want a slower environment for the kids with lots of nature, exciting!

    okay here new pix in bottom gallery:

    give news!

  12. not sure if you girls don't use this anymore, I would love to stay in touch, maybe you guys are else where? tracy?

    here our new pix link, 8th months of twins and halloween:


  13. I'm still around, just been crazy busy. We moved back to BC after a tree fell through our house here and our property manager found that our tenants had been growing pot in the basement. So we put our house in Ontario on the market, and moved. Both babies are doing great, getting huge. Charlotte is trying to pull herself to a standing position. Neither really crawl yet, but they both scoot around on the backs and bellies. Both babies are still breastfeeding, and bottle feeding and eating solids too. I'm still at home with them, but now DH has returned to work, so I'm on my own everyday. It's a lot of work, looking after them and keeping house. It's a big place that we are back in, over 2700sq ft, on an acre of land, so lots to look after. I'm also busy trying to build a small claims lawsuit against my tenants and the property manager, so that has been keeping me busy. When I get a chance to update my pics, I'll post a link


    Some new pics of Tyler and Charlotte. Getting so big now.

    How's everyone doing? Love to hear from you all

  15. Just wanted to let you all know that Dh and I are doing a FET next week. We are very excited and because we only have the 1 snowbaby frozen, that chances of twins are very very low. Too bad LOL!!

    I don't even know if you guys are still on here or not, but maybe you'll see this.


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