First time IVF in June. Any cycle buddies??

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  1. Im sorry I did forget to give my name its Donna

    Im in Texas

    We have tried IUI with DH sperm 6 times and with Donar sperm 6 times all failed.

    As I said before we tried IVF in Nov. 06 but had to stop when sono before stims showed that the fibroid tumor I had seemed to be growing. We stopped before I started the stims which saved some money. Was for the best I guess because they found 2 tumors not 1 had them removed Feb 5.

    Started bcp on 4-23-07 Excited to start stims Saturday.
    Im very excited to have someone to talk to who understands everything.

    Also who else is starting their stims this week or weekend??
    And am I the oldest at 35???

  2. Hi Alexa, actually my name is Erin. No I'm not on any sort of BCP, seems to be a different sort of protocol here in Germany. Yes they did celebrate Pentacost this past weekend, Monday was a holiday here because of it. It's our first time with IVF, we're doing ICSI because of MF, and I honestly have no idea what to expect because we went straight from TTC the \"normal\" way to this since we found out the results of DH's SA and were told that IUI would be basically useless. I expect to start stims in a week or so... ER is probably going to be around 6/19.

  3. Hi all,

    Wow, I went to visit my grandma today and I came back to a board full of messages! Welcome to all the newbies! It feels funny saying that, I feel like a newbie myself.

    To answer Tracy's question from yesterday, I have been with my husband for a total of 10 years, we've been married for 3 1/2 years. We've been trying to conceive for 2 years now, but I haven't been using birth control since 3 months before my wedding. I was actually (at the time) trying to time sex so that we wouldn't get pregnant, only to find out a year later that I was doing it wrong. When I finally learned when you actually ovulate, I thought maybe I should be worried. When we finally started doing it right, I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost one of my tubes. Anyway, that's why I am here. But I must say that I am ready for IVF. I am glad I waited until June and didn't rush it in the beginning of this year.

    Rebecca: I am a graphic designer. I work for at home doing websites and marketing material. What do you do? And yes, this is my first IVF. And I plan on it being successful.

    Donna: It looks like you and Rachel will be close together in your ER and ET dates. I will be a week and a half behind. It seems like a lot of us don't have insurance for this. It sounds like even those who have some coverage still have to pay a lot out of pocket. I was fortunate that all my diagnostic testing was covered by my insurance. I am anxious to hear how your first experience with the stims goes...keep me posted. I haven't done anything with a needle yet.

    Erin: I can understand about deciding how many embies to put back. I think my husband would prefer one, but I am going with two. I am ok with twins if it happens. Actually my cousin just had twins, it's a lot of hard work. I helped her out one weekend, and I couldn't believe how much it was to handle. I am sure your doctor will help you decide when he or she can see the quality of your embies.

    Alexa: It's funny you mentioned not having any side effect from the BCPs. My friend just asked me today if I had any side effects from them. I am not having any...but what would they be? What kind of side effects to people get from BCPs? Have fun at your concerts...just make sure none of them are after your transfer...I mean the 3 days after your transfer. Everyone that I know that had a successful IVF was extremely well rested the day of their transfer and a couple of days after that. So everyone rest as much as you can during that time!!!

    Is anyone doing acupuncture?

    Talk to all of you soon!

  4. Erin, just let me know if you have questions re: IVF/ICSI, like as you said you come straight from TTC naturally, well me too but I have a year of testing and research behind me

    Donna, are you doing IVF with DH's sperm or donor? just because you did var. IUI's with both too....and fyi, I am close to 35, in July, actually my b-day is july 2, will be close to ET/ER!

    Debbie, BCP side effects, most of the girls I know have huge weight increase, skin breaking out in the face and headaches and naseous....well I have nothing, thank god!
    and yes I know, I'll be on bedrest 3 days after ET, actually I probably take the whole week off after ER...just to be sure!

    Tracy, what's new with you?

    heading out to go do my lap swiming....great eve to all!

    Me: 34
    DH: 37

    06/2002: got married
    06/2005: stopped BCP in June

    06/2006: DH 1st SA – low motility
    09/2006: DH 2nd SA – rare sperm count, low motility, no normal morphology

    01/2007: DH @ Urologist for prostatitis, cured with Levaquin (not fertility related)
    01-03/2007: DH on FertilityBlend
    03/2007: DH 3rd SA – even worse, no more sperm found, but all his blood tests are negative, which is good.
    03/2007: Our first appt in Repro Clinic, Coordinator, RE & Financials
    04/01/2007: found out our insurance doesn't cover IVF - we go with option 2 (2 attempts)

    04/04/2007: all my bloodwork is clear, Hysteroscopy done, all good & open !!!
    04/11/2007: another appt with RE – explains to us that we’ll have to do IVF/ICSI w/TESE (testical sperm extraction)
    05/2007: waiting on results of genetic testing for DH
    05/2007: we will need donor sperm back-up
    05/25/2007: day I will start BCP for 3 1/2 weeks, waiting for detailled protocol and then 1st IVF/ICSI w/TESE

  5. We are using Dh sperm we are doing icsi He has a low count and poor motility but the docs say our chances are good. It was disapointing to have to stop last Nov. just 2 days before stims. Has anything like that happened to anyone else.

    We plan on transfering 2 embryos and are looking forward to twins.

    I would say for us the biggest challenge has been the $$$. Our insurance has covered some diagnostic testing. I did a clomide challenge test back in Oct. that was not covered but the insurance co. has covered some meds that have other uses. Like I paid only 15.00 for lupron but I paid 2000 for folistim. But I am thankfull for the meds that were covered.

    My clinic does 3 and 5 day transfers

  6. hi all,

    donna: the biggest challenge for us was the $$$$ as well. the insurance company is trying to charge us for diagnostics but we're about to start fighting that. cross your fingers. everything else we're paying for anyway.

    debbie: i had been on BCP for a while and didn't have any side effects. but when i stopped my skin was horrible! it took a while to get that back under control. (and i'm a graphic design professor at an art college here. and i do freelance work on the side. that's so great that you get to work from home! i plan on doing that eventually.)

    erin: similar situation with us. after DH's SA, at first we were told IUI might be a good option, but then they relooked at the numbers and told us that it was like a 4% chance of working. and IVF was about a 50-60% chance of working. big difference.

    alexa: so great that you're swimming. i'm jealous you're in CA. i'm originally from south florida and i really miss the beach!!

    is anyone else on lupron right now? today was my 11th day taking it and i've noticed a couple side effects. for the three days in a row i had bad headaches in the evenings (and i never get headaches). and boy have i had hot flashes!!!! i feel like i'm going through menopause! at 30! i woke up like 4 or 5 times last night boiling up!

    tomorrow i go in for my suppression check. has anyone gone through this?

    have a great day everyone!

  7. Rebecca,

    I am on lupron now and this is the second time. The first time back in Nov. I took lupron for 11 days then everything was cancelled.

    So far this time I have been on lupron for 12 days. I go for suppresion check Thurs. and will start my stims on saturday the 2. I will be taking follistim and repronex amoung many others it all boggles the mind trying to keep track of what med gets taken at what stage. I bought all my meds in advance from apothecary shop its an online thing but they will buy back some unused meds. and they were cheaper than my local pharmacy. So I have had all my meds and just take what they tell me when they tell me and have quit trying to figure out what will be taken when until it is actually time.

    But I have had some side effects. Mostly just the hot flashes. My DH says I am like sleeping next to a heater.

  8. donna,

    looks like we're on the same track right now! supression check tomorrow, stims on saturday. we'll keep each other posted.

    good luck with the supression check!


  9. Rebecca, I am on Lupron also, but a little behind you and donna. I started Lupron on the 25th, and will start stims on the 6th.

    We were also told that with DH's SA results, IUI would have maybe 5% chance per try, and IVF would probably have 30-40% chance per cycle, and over 50% overall, so IUI just seemed like a waste of money and effort.

    I am much more headachey than usual with Lupron, I think. Well there's other things going on too but I hear it's a common side effect.

    Please tell us how the suppression tests go? New to all this...

  10. Holy Crow!! We must be the busiest thread right now! Tons of posts.
    First Welcome to Rebecca and Donna! I've spent the last 20 minutes catching up on all the posts. Sounds like both of you are on the long protocol and by the sounds of the side effects that you, Rebecca, are having makes me feel for you! I'm on a short protocol, so no lupron here. BCP then straight to stims.

    Alexa, not much is new here, just suffering with the heat. I put my AC on today for the first time, and what with the BCP, I feel headachey already. It doesn't help that I've given up regular coffee and beer I'm a good Canadian girl ,eh, and no Labatts or Timmy's makes Tracy a grumpy girl. Ah well, it's all for the best I know LOL!

    So I think I'm gonna sort through this thread and make a schedule of names, dates, etc... to keep with my laptop so that I don't have to keep surfing back and forth through the posts to get the info I'm looking for. LOL!!! If anyone wants a copy let me know and I'll email it to you.

    I'm gonna go and eat some chips. See if I can put on some of the BCP weight I know my body wants. Lets hope it goes anywhere but my a$$! Have a great night everyone.

  11. I Would Like A Copy Of That I Am Very Interested It Keeping Up With Everyone And Helping In Any Way Possible.

  12. hi ladies,

    Tracy, would love to get a copy too!

    sorry no time for personals, am in my protocol, I got the package yesterday, exciting! and surprise! called pharmacy, all below is only $1310.50, RE told me to count 3000-5000, depending on how much I need, well there will the the FSH in addition, which I'll get at clinic next week, I call them and ask how much that will be.

    BCP 5/25 – 6/10

    Shot class 6/7

    Starting 6/10 continue BCP and start Lupron 10U (this will also be day we have to pay the big $$$$!)

    6/16 expect period still take Lupron, call to set up E2 and ultrasound appt for 6/19 or 6/20, to bring all med’s with me

    6/21 (CD2) start stimming through 6/27

    - Lupron 2.5U
    - Prenatal Vitamin
    - FSH 150 in pm (don’t know yet which one it is, they’ll give it to me at clinic next week when I have shot class)
    - HMG 2 in pm which is MENOPUR
    - Medrol 16mg/day
    - Baby Aspirin

    6/28 (CD9) below med’s and appt for ultrasound, blood test & semen back-up

    - Prenatal Vitamin
    - Lupron 2.5U
    - Medrol 16mg/day
    - Baby Aspirin

    6/29 – 6/30 – 7 /1 = only prenatal vitamin and probable HCG injection

    7/2 estimated ER – which is B-DAY!!!! Also TESE procedure on hubby to aspire sperm

    7/5 estimated ET


  13. sigh... glad today is over with. had a rough day at work - so busy!! and i think i'm feeling a bit hormonal.

    today started off with my supression check - which really wasn't bad at all. i got some blood taken then had an ultrasound (vaginally - fun)... but actually more comfortable than my annual pap, so not too bad. but it took longer than i thought and the technician said it will take longer and longer each time i have it (which starts EVERY MORNING starting on 5/7 for about a week).

    turns out i have 41 follicles! a lot! which is promising, but they want to monitor me very closely once i start the stims to make sure my ovaries don't get overstimulated. looks like i'll be quite bloated soon. i start stims saturday.

    tracy - i'd love to get a copy of everyone's names/dates/etc. - sound useful! thanks for putting that together!

    alexa: quite a schedule you've got - at least you'll get to REST on your birthday!

    erin: so supression check wasn't so bad. i think since i'm getting used to the shots everyday, other things just don't phase me too much.

    hope everyone had a nice thursday!


  14. Alexa, Sounds like a good schedule! Well, you are almost the same as me and Tracy. I think you will be a couple of days later. I know there are many people going through IVF daily, but I still find it neat that we are all going through this so close together. Boy, these messages boards are such a good idea. It really helps me get through every day.

    Well, Tracy, it looks like you volunteered for a project we are all interested in! Count me in. Let me know if you need some help.

    Talk to you all soon!

  15. May

    21st Rebecca(kaitifra) Lupron
    23rd Tracy(sherine) BCP
    23rd Debbie(hanabh)BCP
    25th Alexa(shrishti) BCP
    25th Erin(shittake) BCP

    2nd Rebecca(kaitifra) Stims
    2nd Donna(mAROUFI ABDELGHN) Stims
    5th Erin(shittake) Stims
    12th Donna(mAROUFI ABDELGHN) Estimated ER
    14th Rebecca(kaitifra) Estimated ER
    16th Tracy(sherine) Stims
    16th Debbie(hanabh) Stims
    17th Rebecca(kaitifra) Estimated ET
    17th Donna(mAROUFI ABDELGHN) Estimated ET
    19th Erin(shittake) Estimated ER
    21th Alexa(shrishti) Stims
    22nd Erin(shittake) Estimated ET
    26th Debbie(hanabh) Estimated ER
    25th Tracy(sherine) Estimated ER
    28th Debbie(hanabh) Estimated ET

    1st Tracy(sherine) Estimated ET
    2nd Alexa(shrishti) Estimated ER
    5th Alexa(shrishti) Estimated ET

    OF COURSE, this being IVF, things change so this is just a running guideline, as it were. So all things going well, there will be a baby boom in about April of next year.

    Oh yes, welcome to June! Let the fun begin.

  16. Thanks Tracy,

    I am sure that took some time. It is really nice to see it all laid out like that though! Thanks again!


  17. SO HELPFUL! thanks so much, tracy. i've got a copy on my desktop now, so i can refer to it offline.

    i'm so proud of all of us for dealing with all of this and going through everything. we are strong women!


  18. Rebecca and Debbie, no problem! My ODD coming through lol! Just kidding. Has everyone had a good weekend? I cleaned my reptile/sewing room on Friday.Took me about and hour and the room is only 8'x8'. Lots of stuff in a small space. Also, I'm going to be talking to a friend of mine about a new job today. Still looking after kids, but older ones with no special needs. Just summer care for pre-teen boys. I'll find out more later today. Might be a nice change. Less $$ though.

    Well, off for a bike ride, talk to you all later.

  19. So, Rebecca and Donna, I am wondering if you started your stims this weekend and how it went. How did it go?


  20. Well I Did Start My Stims On Saturday I Am Taking Repronex @ 7:00 A.m. And Then I Take Lupron Dexemethasone And A Baby Asprin @ 9:00 A.m. Then @ Noon Its Doxy And Then Follistim @ 7:00 P.m. And The Doxy Again Followed By The Prenatal Vitemins @ Bedtime!!!

    It Was A Little Harder For Me To Give Myself A Shot In The Stomache Then It Is To Give Myself A Shot In The Leg. But Over All Not Bad And No Side Effects Really. Not Yet Anyway It Just Might Be To Early For That. I Went This Morning For A Blood Draw And Will Find Out This Afternoon It My Meds Will Be Adjusted.


  21. wow, donna. you are going to become quite the pro! i think my regimen is not as complex.

    but, yes, i started my stims on saturday. so here's my routine:
    i take a shot of lupron and a shot of follistem at 8 a.m. and also take antibiotics (doxy) at that time. DH takes antibiotics, too. then at 8 p.m. i take another shot of follistem, another dose of doxy, and prenatal vitamins.

    actually, donna, i guess it's relatively similar.

    the stims are going fine. the follistem pen is really easy to administer. DH does it for me and i do both shots in the outer thigh. no side effects yet, but still having fun with the lupron hot flashes!

    i go in thursday to start monitoring with the dr. office. then it's every day for a week or so.

    hope everyone has a great week!

  22. hi ladies...

    was just wondering if anybody else was bleeding on BCP...I took my 10th pill yesterday and started bleeding, no other side effects. the bleeding is not as heavy as regular period but more than spotting, is that normal?

    I called RE to ask and left msg, I also will ask why my med's are only $1300, maybe I don't need that many??
    we\'ll see...

    everybody great week!

  23. Alexa,

    I don't have any bleeding, but when I went in for my day 3 blood work the nurse told me that I might see breakthrough bleeding after starting BCPs. I started BCPs on day 3, so she said that because of that my body might still ovulate and whatnot because I didn't start on day 1. So, I am sure yours is normal.

    Take care,

  24. Well I got my blood work back yesterday after 2 days of stims and my levels hadn't changed at all. The doc left the meds alone and I go back in tomorrow morning to see if I am responding. I just know that tomorrows levels will be better.

    well thats my update hope everyone is doing great

    Rebecca how are your stims going

  25. Alexa, I've had spotting since I've been on the BCP. There was a day I didn't take it until evening instead of morning, and I was spotting a little. Just a bodies gentle reminder to take it at the same time, I think

    Only 9 more sleeps till I go to Ottawa for my shot class/schedule/start stims. DH and I bickered this weekend about IVF. I guess when I talk about it, I often say \" I am doing IVF\" instead of \"We are doing IVF\". I think I was making him feel excluded, which wasn't intentional on my part to be sure. I guess I just feel like I am doing this alone sometimes cause it's my body that has to under go all the treatments, and I will be going away alone for the 2 weeks to do them. He's told me that he's really excited about doing this, but since he rarely talks to me about it, I don't hear that. He always talk about it at work though. I think he's also upset that he hasn't been getting much loving lately LOL! The BCP sure doesn't help the libido. AND being so involved emotionally in what we are doing, and looking for a new job at the same time makes Tracy a cold fish LOL He's 28 so he's a horn dog, but he's my horn dog. Has anyone else found this to be a strain as well? How are the DH's taking it?

    Donna, do the shots in the stomach hurt? I will be taking the Puregon Pen in the stomach and am a little nervous about it.

    Talk to you all later

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