First time IVF in June. Any cycle buddies??

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  1. Shannon, isn't it great when that first person asks you when you're due? I loved that! Now people are just shocked when I tell them I have 2 months left to go! I look ready to burst.

    We didn't paint our nursery, but we have been trying to find co-ordinating stuff for it. Sesame Street and Muppets are hard to come by, unless you like Elmo, which we don't. Baby stuff sure can be expensive! My inlaws bought us the infant car seats for Christmas, and m hubby's sister bought a bunch of stuff off the registry, but we haven't had a shower. I'm not sure if we will be having one or not, as all my family is 4000kms away, and I don't have any real good friends here to throw one. My family has said that when they arrive here after the birth, they will be buying stuff we still need. We bought a double stroller with a gift certifiacte I got for Christmas. The cribs we bought from a friend whose twins are too big for cribs. Now, my big job is sewing the diapers for babies. I figure I'm going to need around 8 or 10 dozen.

    I'm not sure how long I'm going to be off work for. It kinda depends on finances. I may do home based child care after they are a little older(6-8mths), but we will see.

    Off to do todays housework. What used to take me 2 hours, now takes 2 days!

  2. Shannon -

    yes people are generous for twins, well of course it depends how many people you tell about your registry and how many you invite.

    we had a family shower in dec, with about 15 people, and I got so far almost everything off my target registry.

    now on sunday, we have our big shower, about 40 friends with 14 kids. we are throwing the shower ourselves, but try to keep it low budget.

    we got the infant car seats and snap and go from a friend, and I know we will get the double stroller for later from my MIL. the toddler car seats are still on my BRUS registry, I am hoping that with my big shower coming, the BRUS registry will be bought too, 1/3 is already bought.

    for the cribs, dresser and changing table, we got everything from craigslist, except an addtl shelf/changing table unit, we got that at Ikea, because I liked it so much, no painting as we live in a rental townhouse right now. I don't think we spend more than maybe $500 on nursery. we also got a beautiful pottery barn changing table from craigslist...(on my pix link)

    we also got other things handed down, cradle swing, bouncer, baby bjoern carrier, miracle blankets...also tons of clothes from other parents from our multiples club, we are stocked up on clothes from preemie up to 12 months.

    feel free to ask if you need any suggestions!

    hope your placenta will move, you're still early, so I wouldn't worry about that now.

    AAM ; we had a first appt with a pediatrician, we liked her, but we still will look at a couple more, tonite is our first newborn care class, tomorrow our last child birth class and friday, Peri and OB appts, busy busy....


  3. On Sunday, January 20th, I was admitted to the hosptial after my waters broke. I was having mild contractions all night on Sunday, and all day on Monday. They were pretty mild until supper time on Monday, when they picked up in intensity and speed. Dr Waja examined me on Monday night at 10:30pm, saying I was 4cm dialated and definately in labour. They were finishing prepping the room when I asked for pain meds, and told the nurse I was feeling a lot of pressure. Veroncia the nurse, checked me, and bellowed \"Call Dr Waja\". Tyler's head was showing. She told me \"Don't push\" and when I started to cough, she yelled \" Stop coughing!!\". Dr Waja arrived at 11:30 pm, and after 6 contractions, Tyler arrived at 11:47pm, January 21. He came out yelling his head off, and looking beautiful. He weighs 3lbs 4oz, and is 16 inches long.

    Dr Waja pulled over the ultrasound machine to see Charlottes position, and she was head down, but with her arms up over her head, so he had to reach inside to move her arms down. He managed to get one arm down, but buy then she was coning down and the other hand was stuck in front of her face. Charlotte was in distress from her cord being compressed, and they were getting the OR ready for me when the Dr said \" We have to do this fast\" and I pushed for all I could. I was so tired from Tyler, and Charlotte is the bigger of the two, so I was much harder to deliver her. After 6 or so contractions, Charlotte made her appearance at 12:20am on January 22, weighing in at 4lbs 11oz. She is longer than Tyler, but I don't know her lenght yet. Because her labour was very hard on her, I only held her for a couple of seconds before she was taken to the NICU. Both babies are in incubators, with feeding tubes, but are doing well.

    They are in excellent hands and Jeremy and I visit them a couple times a day. I was discharged by choice yesterday, Jan 22, as I know I will rest and heal better at home then in the hosptial. I was able to give Charlotte her first feeding by tube today, and help in changing her diaper. I'm looking forward to being able to assist in their care while they are they, gradually taking over the care, excpet medical.

    All of us here are doing well, tired, but happy. Jeremy is over the moon with the birth, Josh is excited but disappointed that he can't yet touch or hold them, and I am happy that they are here and doing well. Jeremy and I are home and happy.

    I\'ll post more info late, but off the use the breast pump and nap.

  4. oh my Tracy !!! congrats on your babies! I can't believe it...that's the last thing I was thinking loggin in here this am...unbelievable you had your babies already, so early!
    I'm glad your delivery went well...I'm wondering...with the estimates of weight of each baby before birth, did they know that Baby A was that much smaller than Baby B?
    I'm just asking because as per Peri's u/s, that our case too, and my OB said she won't deliver vaginal if Baby A is significantly smaller than B.

    so wonderful you can feed Charlotte somehow, what is their medical situation? lung development and all?

    please let us know more and the link with pictures too, can't wait!

    I am just thinking, that would be like if I would have my babies now too as I'm a bit over 31 weeks...

    AAM - see below link again for our new belly shot and a u/s from baby girl's's a bit dark, but you can see somewhat.
    after my not gaining weight for 2 weeks at my last OB appt, I did gain in the last 2 weeks.
    pre-IVF I was 115, now since I saw my OB 2 weeks ago, I gained about 5lbs, so hopefully a lot of that went into babies, especially our boy.

    tomorrow we have OB appt and then 2/1 Peri, I guess with Peri we'll find out growth again and then probably soon if we'll be vaginal or c-section and when. but we know for sure I won't go over 3/11, which is 38 weeks, my OB won't let me...and Peri said even probably at 37 weeks, we'll see!

    I will update tomorrow after OB appt.

    oh and here my link with some other pix at the end:


  5. OMG! I can't believe they've arrived. When I said in my last post they were getting close, I didn't realize this close How exciting for your family! Your labour seemed to go quickly. Did you end up taking pain meds or did the babies \"pop\" out before there was time? The coolest thing is that they're twins but they will each have their own birthday! They must be absolutely adorable and I can't wait to see pictures.

    One of my best friends had her baby at 33.5 weeks last January and the baby is doing great. He was in the hospital for a month but once he got out, he has been thriving ever since. He hasn't even had a cold and his first birthday is this weekend. How are Charlotte and Tyler doing? Any estimates on when you will be able to bring them home. Charlotte is great size for a premie twin! All of your healthy eating was definitely worth it! How are you feeling? Is the breast pumping going okay? How close is the hospital to your house? Tell us more when you get a chance. I am so emotional these days that I started bawling my eyes out when I read your post. It seems like ages ago that we all first \"met\" and we have all been through so much together Now the first one of our group has given birth.

    Alexa, It sounds like you are doing great. I wish I had more trouble gaining weight I have already gained 20 pounds at 22 weeks. Your pics look great!

    Okay, gotta go to work. Looking forward to the next post!

  6. Shannon...okay, I don't think I have to worry about my weight gain anymore

    Tracy - we know you're probably relaxing and recovering, can't wait to get pix and updates!

    we had our OB appt this am, again just doppler, I gained good in the last 2 weeks, actually 9 lbs, so now I am up to 153 (from 115)...happy about that.
    we won't know about growth of babies until next week, 2/1 with Peri u/s, also we will see OB every week as of now.
    she\'s happy and confident we make it to 37 weeks!

    so she gave us a scheduled c-section date, 3/4/2008 at 9:00am.

    she won't play roulette she said and attempt vaginal birth if baby A is smaller than baby B, it's too dangerous, baby B can be so stuck that you can't get her out at all...
    as of now and as per u/s last time, Baby A is about 10oz smaller...but who knows, also, Baby boy A is breech, so if that does not change, than it will be the c-section anyway.

    I can't believe we have a date! it will be pisces babies, my DH is one too, his b-day is feb 26...well, if we make it to that date!

    so excited, now we're in the countdown!

    will update again after Peri appt and growth check.


  7. Super quick post to show pics.

    Will post more info when I have time.... in 5 years lol!!


  8. Thanks Shannon and Alexa. This is the first chance I've had to sit down and write this note. We've been running back and forth from the hospital 2 or 3 or 4 times a day since Tuesday. Tonight, DH is taking the 530pm feeding/Kangaroo Care at the hospital tonight, and I'm home with our older son until the 9pm feeding, that I will take.

    So the birth story that I wrote was the same one that I sent to family, so I left out some of the more.....ahem... disturbing aspects of the delivery. I did it pretty much without drugs because the meds didn't have time to kick in. And I have to say, having the OB reach his hand UP INSIDE ME!!!! hurt as much if not more than labour. Dh said that his arm was up there about 4inches past the wrist!!NOT RECOMMENDED WITHOUT DRUGS!

    Since delivery, Tyler has been doing amazingly well. The pediatrician saw him today,and he said that other than the fact that he is small, he has no issues. He is on an IV for fluids, and med administration, and starting today both babies will be on a protein and fat supplement to help bulk them up. Tyler has a nasal gastric feeding tube through with we give him breastmilk,which I pump at home or at the hospital. He's a little hog with that, and you'll see him making sucking motions when getting fed, and trying to suck his thumb. Hopefully soon, we will be able to try him at the breast.

    Charlotte has had a bit more of a struggle then Tyler. Because of her rough delivery, she has some pretty amazing bruises on her. She has also struggled with apnea of prematurity, as has Tyler to a lesser degree. Both babies get caffeine to combat that. She was on a CPAP machine to help her breathing, and maintain it's regularity. She has an IV for fluids and meds, a gavage tube in her mouth for feeding. They took Charlotte off the CPAP, and now she is on nasal canulas with regular air to help with the apnea. She had an ultrasound of the brain today to check for any bleeds in the brain, but the tech said she didn't see any. She had an EKG of her heart today to see if there is a dutus, which is a hole between an artery and the heart, so some blood back flows into the lungs. The DR heard a murmur, so we think there is one. It is treatable with medication so that's good.

    Pumping is going well, lots of milk for the babies! Sore boobies tho lol!!

    The u/s did show a weight difference, although it gave Charlottes weight as a couple of onces less than it was.

    The hospital is only about a10 minute drive, so we can be there all the time. We were there from 830am til 1pm today, and I'll be there again at 9pm. Very handy.

    Well, time to go and pump some supper for the little ones. Hope you all like the pictures.

  9. Tracy,
    Those pictures are beautiful!! I looked at all of them and your babies are adorable. Poor little Charlotte with her bruise on her head. I think babies are a lot tougher than us adults because I'd be bawling my eyes out! Great news that your milk has come in and it is going well. Do you have an electric double pump? Any estimations on how long the little ones will be in there for? Labour sounded not so fun and you are a champ doing it without meds! It sounds like both babes are going to be just fine. Good news that the hospital is so close to home. How are you recovering? Keep us posted how things are going whenever you have time.

    Alexa:Very exciting about the date for the birth! You know your babies birthdays I am confused...why is it dangerous to have a vaginal birth if one baby is smaller? How are you feeling now? It must be nice to be done with work.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Tracy - your babies are both so precious....I'll say a prayer for Charlotte and that her problems will be solved very soon.
    it\'s great you've got tons of milk, I am interested to know too, as I am planning on BF both of them....what pump do you have good luck with the soon latching on!
    so will you do breastfeeding and also breastmilk in bottles for DH and others to help? that's what I'm kind of planning....

    ouch about the doc's arm in you.....I can't believe everything went so fast that there was no time for drugs, is it because you already had a child? or didn't you feel much contractions or count them at home?

    keep up the good work....and keep us posted!

    Shannon - it is dangerous to deliver the babies vaginal if the first baby is significantly smaller than the 2nd baby, because the bigger Baby B can get so stuck that you can't get her out out all, even with c-section, and/or she can get into problems (heart, breathing...etc) very quick and they can't get her out quick enough, depending on where she would be in birth canal.

    anyway, I am happy my OB won't take any risks like that....the perfect solution would be that baby A catches up in weight to baby B, but that's not very likely....we'll know more next thursday.

    it is nice being off work, I could not do it anymore anyway....I feel more and more like a stranded beach whale , just very big and heavy, the biggest aching is still my ribcage, and that won't go away until I have I only do little things at home, stay on couch, movies, books, babies clothes, every day a nice long bath and often massages from hubby.

    I meditate also every day which relaxes me a lot, and eat well and a lot and say a prayer that I make it as far as possible.

    hubby will do a big spring cleaning before babies come, all the windows outside too, etc., and he still has to buy a couple things we need for babies, like, ipod speakers, some little things of my registry and my breastpump.


  11. Shannon, Tracy, where are you gals??

    Ultrasound Feb 1, 2008 @ 32 weeks:
    Baby A Boy - 3 lbs 9 oz
    Baby B Girl - 4 lbs 7 oz

    so Baby A Boy keeps growing good so it looks like they will let us go to the 37 weeks scheduled c-section, if growth continues that way. I think now the babies grow like 1/2 lbs each week, that means we can end up with 5 to 6 pounders, which is great.

    so now both head down, but it doesn't really matter as we have to have the c-section anyway, there is no way boy catches up to girl in weight. I am really curious what they really will be at delivery!

    so we had today a NST, the non-stress-test, and also monitored my contractions, everything looked great, it took as quite some time to find the 2nd heartbeat, as the machine picked up on the 1st heartbeat, once we found out, DH had to hold the doppler because baby boy kept kicking it away, it was so fun, DH really enjoyed it too.

    so that was at the OB, we are doing this test now twice a week until delivery...then we went to see also the Peri, for the long ultrasound, we got some great headshots of the babies and he gave us the new weight gains, he was happy with everyting, we go back in 3 weeks, that will be our last appointment with him before the delivery.

    my weight is up to 154, so that's now almost 40 lbs gain, good too.

    mmmh, what else, I think on the next OB visits, she might restart doing u/s to check the fluids too.

    that's it for now, I will change my pix below later with the new u/s pix.

    happy superbowl to all, GO PATS!!!


  12. Hi Girls,

    How is our newest mom doing? Probably sooooooo busy. Any idea on when you'll be taking Tyler and Charlotte home? How are they doing? How are you feeling (besides the obvious, exhausted!)

    Alexa: Wow! It seems like everything is in place and now it's just a matter of waiting. I can't remember, do you have the two names picked out yet? Have you got your bag packed. Is anyone going to be coming to stay with you for the first week? Does DH have any holiday time?

    Not much new with me. This week, I started feeling a lot more pregnant, sore back, tired, bigger stomach etc. But I am not complaining, I LOVE being pregnant and feeling the kicks every day. I have my next appoint. in two weeks and will take the Glucose test then. Now I just can't wait for the next u/s which is still 8 weeks away.

    Have a great weekend


  13. Exhausted is right!!!

    Honestly though, I'm doing awesome! My typical day involves getting up, going to the hospital for 830am diapers and feeding, sitting with the twins until 12noon diaper and feeding, home for 1pm. Lunch, nap,supper then back to the hospital for 530pm diaper and feeding. Oh Yes, and I pump every 3 hours, almost around the clock. If I'm at the hospital, I do it there. Otherwise, I have a double pump that I bought and I do it at home. The nurses at the NICU are amazed at how much breast milk I produce. Alexa, don't let anyone tell you can't nurse twins if you want. It is possible. I put out over 1 litre of milk a day already, and they aren't even at the breast yet!!

    Tyler is doing great. He's up to 3lbs 7 oz now. He's still in an isolette, until he puts on some more weight. The ped thinks that one of his testicles hasn't dropped yet, so they are going to wait and see if it does it on it's own. If not, they will perform minor surgery to tack it down OUCH! Not major issue though, and the surgery is minor and wouldn't be done till later.

    Charlotte is now at 4lbs 9oz, so almost back up to her birth weight. They moved her into a crib last night, and when her brother is big enough, he will join her. It looks like her PDA resolved itself nicely, and she is doing really well. She is becoming more active and interested in what goes on around her.

    Both babies have been put to the breast at least once a day. Tyler just kinda licks it some then goes to sleep. Still, because he's being feed through his tube when he's doing this, he's learning to relate the boob to feeling full. He also gets a taste of breastmilk when he's there. Charlotte is more intersted in nursing then Tyler. She tries to latch on, and has the rooting instinct. She really seems to want to learn how, so it's just a matter of time. This has to be my favorite times with them. It is so much better with the bonding to have them close like that. Makes them more mine.

    We don't have any set time to bring them home. It's just to early to be talking about that yet. We were told to expect anywhere from 4-6 weeks in the hospital, with a chance that it could be longer. We've been in there for 12 days already, and it sucks. The nurses are great, the dr's are great, the care is great. I just would rather have them at home.

    Alexa, I use a Lansinoh pump. It's an electric double pump that I got at Walmart. It works as well as the Medela Symphony pump that the hospital uses, at less than half the cost. It's a little louder than the Medela, but not bad. Easy to use. I plan to BF almost exclusively, but will be pumping as well for Dh to help at night. He's not about to let me have all the fun I wasn't really having any contractions until after my water broke. They started once I was in the hospital. My labour progressed so fast, I think, because of how I'm built. My first child was 8hours from first contraction to delivery, and my Mom had really fast labours as well. Plus, they were little babies, but still as my DH puts it \"Your a machine!!!\"

    Shannon, I envy you right now. I miss being pregnant already Not the heartburn, but the feel of the babies inside. Cherish every second of it, because it will be over soon enough. I'm already telling Dh I want to do this again. Maybe next Christmas lol!!

    I have to say, you guys are going to love being Momma's! It's the best feeling ever. All that we have gone through to get here is soooo worth it! It's tiring, emotional and oh yes, tiring,lol, but the best thing in the world. Course, I could just be cheery cause I just woke up from a nap. I'd be weeping if it was 9pm right now, tired and looking at yet another pumping session when all I want is to watch TV and zone out lol!

    Speaking of pumping, I hear the call of the cattle lol!

  14. hi tracy, glad everything is going well....will write more later about our doc appts, it's all well....have to shower and go out for diner, wanted to give you gals at least my link again, the new u/s pix are up and belly pix too!

    will write more later or tomorrow.....GO PATS!!!


  15. Tracy,
    Thank you for posting even though you are SUPER BUSY!!! You are an inspiration. You are so up-beat and positive, Tyler and Charlotte are so lucky to have you. That's wonderful news that your milk is in high supply (and soon to be in high demand ). I am going on Wednesday to buy a breast pump that I bought off of Craig's List. It is a Medela deluxe single electric and was only $50. I never thought I would buy a breast pump (of all things) used, but you can buy a new shield and it's a third of the price. We also are picking up an exersaucer, diaper genie, and activity mat from Craig's List. I just can't justify spending full price with all of the great deals out there.

    It sounds like Charlotte and Tyler are doing great and growing quickly. Is Charlotte free and clear of any problems? Are they just waiting now for her to gain a bit of weight? Will they keep the twins together or is there a chance they will send Charlotte home before Tyler? It sounds exhausting going back and forth to the hospital but I guess right now this is definitely the best place for them. Do you have everything ready to go at home (nursery, care seat installation etc.) Is there anything you still need to buy?

    Alexa: Your turn is next! Are you getting more anxious now? One month to go Is DH going to be able to take some time off or do you have someone to help you out once the twins arrive?

    Okay, have a great week everyone.

  16. Shannon, oh garsh! You're making me blush lol!! I know what you mean about great deals. A co-worker of DH is selling us a bunch of cloth diapers that they used for their twins. I WAS planning on making all of mine, but kinda ran out of time! I'm still making some, just not all.

    Charlotte is doing great! There has been no sign of any more problems with the PDA, and her NG feeds are going great. We've started working on learning how to nurse. She's very eagar to be at the breast, but still not 100% sure what to do. It's soooo funny, cause she roots around for it, mouth open and grunting, then when she gets it, she holds onto it and sighs! I love it!!! Tyler is also getting more interested in nursing. Tonight, when we got to the NICU, he was fussy and DH got him changed while I did Charlotte, then I took him and put him to boob. He quieted right down, trying to figure out how to nurse, while the nurse hooked up his NG feed. He was frustrated I think because he was hungry and it was taking to long for his NG food to reach his belly.

    I don't think they will be sending them home at different times. I asked one of the nurses that, and she said they prefer to send them home together. It's easier on the parents, and there is no problems with trying to juggle one at home and one in the hospital. So it looks like they will come home together. We are hoping by the middle of this month we will know more.

    We still have to finish getting ready here. I have to adjust the carseats, and install the bases in the van. I need to buy some more baby clothes, mattress covers, mobiles, diapers, diaper pail, monitor..... lots of stuff. We have the important stuff, except the babies lol!! I'm waiting on some of it, cause I know that some of DH family is planning a baby shower, and I also know that when my parents come from BC, they are going to spoil them.

    Well, off to visit with DH and read my diaper pattern again.

  17. here some new belly pix on my link, on last page:

    Shannon - yes my hubby will be off for a month, paid family leave, we'll have help from his family when we need it after that, we don't want many visitors at hospital and also for the first month, it just interfers with the baby honeymoon, healing and especially breastfeeding....

    Tracy - any news? how are the babies and still both in NICU? when is your shower? keep us posted...

    AAM: nothing new here, 34weeks and 2days today, getting huge, I gained I think 43lbs so far, my OB wants me to gain more, I go in see her twice a week for NST's, everything looks good so far.
    now it will all depend on our last u/s with Peri next week on 2/22, on growth of our baby boy, if he keeps growing on his curve, she will let us go to our scheduled c-section date 3/4, which will be at 37 weeks. if his growth slowed down just a bit, she might take them earlier....not taking any risks.

    I try to eat still a lot and they have me drink now 3 boost drinks a day, it's coming out of my ears! it's really getting hard to gain now.....

    I feel huge and I am getting around only slowly now...also cramping and contractions hit more in the evenings now...nothing that I would have to go in, but I definetely feel it more often.
    I lay on lap pads just in case, on our nice couch and also in the case the plug comes out or the water breaks.
    my OB still is amazed that I made it so far, because I am so small built....

    so that's it so far!
    happy valentine\'s!!!


  18. Alexa: Wow! Only a couple of weeks to go! You look great in the pictures. Lucky girl only gaining in your tummy. If we could all be that lucky Have you always had trouble putting on weight or just since you've been pregnant? I can't believe you have to drink supplements. Is that because you can't stomach the amount of food it would take to get all of those calories? I am also confused. You are having mild contractions every night? Is that normal for twins? What is it caused from?

    Tracy: How are Tyler and Charlotte doing? Any news? How is breastfeeding going? Have you recovered from the birth now? Still exhausted?

    Things with me are great. I am at 26 weeks now and I have gained 26 pounds already I had the glucose test on Tuesday and didn't hear anything so I am hoping that means I passed. My next u/s isn't until 32 weeks so 6 more long weeks to go Then I will find out if my placenta has moved and hopefully can plan on a natural delivery.

    Take care!

  19. Alexa, you look great! Keep up with the pictures, because you'll want to remeber the pregnancy. We stopped taking pics regularily part way through and the last ones I have are nude shots at about 30 weeks, so a week or so before they came. Make sure you rest lots and drink lots of fluid. What are the estimates for weight for the babies??

    Shannon, Over half way there! Getting excited?? How are you feeling? Same advice for you as Alexa, drink lots, rest lots.

    As for me, I'm doing well. I'm down to 190lbs, from the 218 when pregnant. Feeling good, although my boobs hurt constantly from pumping/nursing. The nurses joke that I could feed the whole NICU!!
    Tyler and Charlotte are 4 weeks old now, and still in the NICU. Charlotte is off her caffeine, and takes the bottle or breast or combo at least 3 feeds a day or more. We are there for the 9am, noon and 6pm feeds, and we alternate feeding. Tyler is able to take full feeds from breast and bottle as well, but since he is smaller, he tires a lot easier from it. So if he has a good day one day, the next is not so good at feeding. He's still on caffeine, but is growing well. We are hoping they will be home for the end of the month. My parents are flying out from the west coast to meet them.

    Here are some new pics of the babies. Tyler is the blond, and Charlotte the brunette. He is 4lbs11oz now and she is 5lbs15oz.

  20. Tracy -

    I love your pictures, your babies are precious, amazing how much they changed already in the 4 weeks, so now they are 36 weeks, right? do you have blondes in the family ?
    I am glad both do feed partially already at the breast, that is great! by the time you take them home, you all be pro\'s!

    our boy was 3lbs9oz at the last ultrasound, that was almost 3 weeks ago, and the girl was 4lbs7oz, so I think by this friday's ultrasound, he should be over 4lbs and she'll be probably way over 5lbs, so we should be looking at good birth weights at 37 weeks, if I make it that far.
    looks like my babies will be close to what yours weigh....

    we had another NST today and it's all looking good, babies moving a lot and my contractions are fine...not many, urine and BP always good too, so I know I drink enough, etc.

    35 weeks today, 2 more weeks!!!

    Shannon -

    I am not having trouble putting on weight, my OB just wants to \"stuff\" me with the boost because of baby boy, he's fine but just smaller.....I put 160lbs today on my scale at OB's, so she's happy.
    and for my weight before pregnancy, I was always good weight, I swim a lot so I never had problems....I am not worried getting back into it.
    the stomach is all smushed in like all other more space for anything and not much space for food, that's all.....
    and having contractions now and then is normal at 35weeks, especially with twins, as long as they go away it's no per my docs, so no worries there.

    what\'s new with you? hope you passed your GD test!


  21. quick update on my OB and Peri appt of yesterday Friday:

    OB we had again NST, everything looks good...she also did a swap for some testing for virus/infection, they apparently do that all the time before delivering, but it's more for vaginals.

    then the Peri, we had our u/s and babies look good:

    Baby A [boy]: 4lbs 9oz
    Baby B [girl]: 5lbs 8oz

    I am really curious how accurate those estimates will be.....

    I am 35weeks 4days today.

    both grew on track on their growth chart so I am sure once my OB gets those numbers, she'll decide to let us go to the 37 weeks, the c-section date for march 4, we sure hope so.
    we wouldn't mind go a bit longer but she won't let us...also, I asked her about testing lung maturity of babies and she said they won't test them unless really necessary (i.e. really preterm or issues), so we won't.

    I still keep gaining, up to 162lbs, so it looks like I will soon hit the 50lbs mark!


  22. Just a quick note. We are ***tentatively*** looking at a release date for Tyler and Charlotte of next Monday or Tuesday. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me please!

  23. Tracy - crossing my fingers for your babies to come home next week, tuesday will be the day our babies will be born!

    today was DH's B-day, we went to the beach for another photo shoot, was a gorgeous day.

    here the link with all the pix (at the end...):


    ohh, had another NST today, OB said we're set to go up to our c-section date in one week...hopefully I'll make it.


  24. Tracy: That's amazing news about Tyler & Charlotte. I will keep my fingers crossed. Let us know how they are doing when you get the chance.

    Alexa: How exciting about Tuesday being the c-section. Good Luck I forget...what names have you selected?

    Everything is fine with me. Today is week 28. I feel great and I am enjoying the pregnancy. March Break is next week so we are going to paint the nursery. Talk to you soon!

  25. Shannon - glad everything is going so smooth for you! post pix of nursery and belly when you can!

    our names for the babies are:

    Kaden James & Liana Jade


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