First time IVF in June. Any cycle buddies??

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  1. Hello all! I just got the news that I will cycling in mid-June for my first time. DH and I have MF(low morph) and FF(one ovary, bad tubes) so we are doing IVF/ICIS. Dh is 28, I am 33. We have been TTC since 1998, but just moved to Ontario where IVF is covered for tubal infertility, so it is now affordable. We are cycling in Ottawa, and man am I excited. I'm wondering if anyone else is cycling around the same time and wants to form a stick'n'b**ch group?LOL! I'm starting Puregon on June 16 for 8-14 days. Short protocol here. Feel free to PM me. Would love to commiserate with other women.
    PS, I will be staying with my mother-in-law during my treatment, so I could be especially grumpy

  2. Hi Tracy, I will be cycling in June too. In a couple of days I should be getting my period then I will start BCPs for 3 weeks, then the shots begin! This is my first IVF. I can't believe it's here. I am 34, my DH is 45. We've been trying for a couple of years. I had an EP last year and lost one tube and it appears the other is blocked. So I just had 3 months of acupuncture and I am ready to go! I won't know my exact date until my day 3 when I visit my RE and pick up all my meds. I love to chat with you through all this!
    PS My mom lives with my in the summertime, so I might be grumpy too!

  3. Hi Debbie. Looks like we will be starting pretty close together. I am to start my BCP on May 23 for 21 days then onto the stims. Exciting!!! Hubby and I tried clomid for a couple of months, but because the problem is tubal, and ovarian, AND as we found out a couple of weeks ago, poor morphology, IVF with ICIS is our only choice.

    I know the feeling of \"oh my god it's actually happening\"! I feel so incredibly excited and nervous and stressed and hopeful. I have 1 son from a previous relationship who is 11, and he's put in a request for twin brothers! Hubby is getting excited. He has raised our son since 18mo, so he is for all intents and purposes his dad. We are actually going through the step parent adoption right now as well. I really want to be able to have another child with my DH, and I KNOW that he really wants to see his genetic child. He is the last one of his family, so this is very important to him, as it is to I.

    I'm a little nervous about the meds cause Day 1 was yesterday, full flow, then it stopped. I'm sure it's because of the nerves of what I know is coming, so I shouldn't sweat it. I know that when I start the BCP next week, it will regulate my system quite nicely. I was always really good at responding to it in the past, you know, when I was young and DIDN\"T want a child LOL!

    I'm sorry to hear about the EP. That must have been disappointing and painful. Does your state have any support for people going through IVF, or are you and hubby having to bear the $$ brunt yourselves?

    I'm really looking forward to talking to you over the next while and I'm sure the awesome support that this site gives people like us will ease our minds and hearts lots and allow us to enjoy this( as much as we can that it)


  4. Tracy,

    We will be close together! I start my BCPs on my day 3 and I am getting my period this weekend. So I expect that I will right around the 23rd. I tried Clomid 1 month last year, but the next month I found out my tube was blocked so I didn't try it again....obviously.

    We are doing ICSI too. His morphology is at 30% instead of 50%, so they think ICSI would be the safest. Everything else looked fine though. I don't have any other issues...luckily, so I know are chances are good.

    We are getting no help from the state. I am in Pennsylvania and they don't help. Our insurance doesn't cover it. It did cover all of my diagnostic testings and consults. So, so far I have paid anything. Also, the RE I go to does a lot of work with case studies, so my antigon, follistim and HCG are all going to be free. I understand that will save me a couple of thousand. Whew! I'll take what I can get.

    That\'s really great that your hubby is adopting your son. I hope he gets his wish of twins!

    Well, keep me posted on your status. I will do the same. Today was actually the day I was supposed to get my period, but I ovulated 2 days late...maybe my period will be late? We will see!

    Talk to you soon,

  5. Debbie,

    So you are taking part in a study group? I was supposed to do that as well, but because I only have 1 ovary, it precluded me from taking part. The provincial govt in Ontario covers 3 rounds of IVF for women under 40 who have total tubal blockage. We are still responsible for all the meds, and the ICIS isn't covered, but hey, it's still cheaper if we had to pay for it all. The ICIS is 1100 and I don't know how much the meds are going to cost, but I bet around 1500. We've already spent almost 3000, and I don't even have my drugs yet LOL! Still, I'm not complaining! I'm very lucky that my IVF is covered, as I know SO many people have to pay for everything out of pocket and that can be HUGE!

    If your period is late, do you still start the BCP at the same time? Mine started then stopped, and I'm not sure if I continue with starting it on the 23rd. Can't talk to the Dr until Tuesday because it's a long weekend. Which I am going to enjoy in my backyard in the sun, thinking postive thoughts and enjoying my family. Hopefully you have a great weekend,

    Talk to you later

  6. HI Debbie, are you ready to start the BCP?? It keeps cracking me up that the first step in this process of trying so hard to have a baby is to take the BCP!!! I'm ready to start tomarrow. I had to tell my boss today that I would not be working from the 14th of June till the end. She said \" well can't you wait?\" I'm thinking 9 years is enough waiting! Besides, I run on MY schedule and that of the clinic, not hers. Sounds bi**hy, but hey, that's too bad!

  7. Wow! I am starting tomorrow too! What a coincidence! I am going to the RE tomorrow morning for my blood work and ultrasound. Oh, and they will also be measuring my uterus. Sounds fun, huh? I don't really know the exact schedule, but I am hoping they give it to me tomorrow. It's kind of nice that we will have such similar schedules.

    This is so strange. I can't believe the process is beginning tomorrow. All this time and all this waiting...but all of a sudden, it's here! It's a good thing though. I feel really good about it and I feel ready.

    What do you do for a living? I work at home, I am a graphic designer. You are going to take the whole 2 weeks off? Is that because you are traveling to where you are getting the IVF done?

    Well, I'll let you know about my appointment tomorrow. Do you have to get blood work or ultrasounds done?

    Talk to you soon,

  8. Debbie,
    I'm a special needs worker for a single mom with 2 special needs kids, so I am there before and after school for them. I have to travell to Ottawa from where I live in North Bay to get treatment, and it's a 4 hour drive 1 way, so I will be staying in Ottawa at my in-laws house during the stim phase. Because I am doing a short protocol, BCP then straight to stims, my Dr wants me close by to get tested every day or so. SO not only do I get to be crazy hormonal, I get to live with my in-laws during it. Yay.

    I may actually have to leave my job once I get pg, because I work with kids and there are some illnesses that children carry that can harm a fetus. My Dr has had me tested for them, so I will find out when I go down there if I need to leave my job or not. If I do, I'm probably just going to get a no-brainer job for a few months until the baby comes and then be off. Besides, then children I look after can be very violent, and my huuby doesn't want me working with them when I am pg because they will attack without mercy when they are angry.To great a risk to me being hurt. And I won't be able to work with them after a baby, because they may hurt the child. They would be sorry afterwards, but I can't take the risk.

    I know exactly how you feel! Lots of waiting and now it's here. As I took the first BCP this morning, I said, Here we go. I swear, I'm going to be vibrating by the time I have to go to Ottawa. I already had all my ultrasounds done and bloodwork in April. I managed to time my appointment so that they could do all that when I was there. I was told that it was all good, the tech said I have a nice uterus! Good to know. She also said that even though I only have 1 ovary, it had 11 follicles on it, which hopefully means lots of eggs.

    What clinic are you going to? Make sure you take a snack, because the amount of blood they take is crazy LOL! I felt like asking for my cookie and apple juice after, it was so like donating blood!

    Let me know how your day went and keep smiling

  9. Tracy,

    Well, I went to the RE this morning. I gave blood and then went to my appointment. All was well. My uterus looked good, my ovaries had tons of follicles and my lining was the right thickness. I also picked up my meds. I only had to pay $98! I thought that was great. The rest of my meds are free. I have all of my progesterone, the BCPs, baby aspirin and antibiotics.

    Wow, I can totally understand your position with your job situation. I am sure it will all fall into place. You definitely want to reduce the stress in your life while going through IVF. I like the idea of a no-brainer job!

    I go to a clinic in Pennsylvania called Abington Reproductive. It s good clinic with good stats. I am in good hands. I start stims June 16th and my estimated retrieval is June 26-27. Is this about the same for you?

    Well, I will talk to you soon!

  10. Debbie,
    $98!!! That's awesome! Congrats on a good appointment. I only have my BCP so far, and it alone was 30$. I shudder to think about the rest, so I won't

    We are actually starting stims on the same day! So all things going well, we will be doing everything at the same time. Of course, we never know how long we will be on stims for, but we will be close together that's for sure. I actually know another woman who is starting stims on June 6th. We were in the hosptial together and she is on the VCF sisters board in the IVF by location Canada section.

    How many embies are you set to have put back? Are you doing 3day or 5 day transfer? Have you heard that there seems to be a higher rate of identical twins with ICIS? Seems the procedure will often encourage an embryo to split. Crazy Huh?

    I have to go get hubby for lunch. Have a great day

  11. Would like to join you 2 gals, if I can!

    I start BCP tomorrow Friday for 3 ½ weeks, we’ll be doing IVFI/ICSI with TESE (testicular sperm extraction), this will be our first try, for #1!

    I am 34 (originally from Switzerland), hubby is 37 (U.S.) and we’re trying since 2 years, charting, tests, semen analysis,the whole 9 yard. DH is diagnosed with severe male infertility, had had sperm in his first 2 analysis, no motility, no normal morphology, in his 3rd and last one, no more sperm found, that’s why urologist will do a TESE on the time of my retrieval.

    We will also have a donor sperm back-up ready, in case of they don’t find any sperm in DH,hopefully we won’t need it. I was soo relieved already when DH told me he’s ok with the donor sperm, it’s a big deal, I think.

    I had my bloodwork done, it’s all good and my hysteroscopy, tubes open and uterus great looking, so no worries there.

    I was never pregnant before (lots of times in my dreams nowadays!!!), we live in Southern Cali, nothing is covered, we paid already about $3000 for all the pre-lab work for both of us, also there is still a genetic testing pending for DH, results won’t be in for another 3 weeks, but it won’t affect our IVF anyway, we just want to try to find out why DH is sperm problems, urologist thinks it’s an obstruction, not fixable.

    Tracy – good for you you can be off for 2 weeks starting retrieval, right? I would love to do that too, I might just do at least a total of 5 days or so, hopefully it will be incl a weekend…
    Our clinic is called the Reproductive Center, they are very huge in success in the L.A. area, and very personal too, every time I go in for something, just to see the Coordinator, when I cross the main RE, he always has time, takes me in his office and talks and answers questions, I love it.

    He says our chances are 60-70% that it works, because of my age and health, it will just depend on if DH’s sperm is usable, maybe we do 50% DH and 50% DS, but we won’t know until we’re there….

    Also, our RE will suggest to put back 2, because I’m still young, unless the quality of the embryos isn’t top notch, they might put back 3, we’ll see, at this point, we wouldn’t mind to have twins at all, they’re already in my family, my mom is one.

    Insurance doesn’t cover anything, we’ll pay $13,000 for 2 attempts, in addition to that between 3000-5000 for my meds (depending on how much I need)…and $2000 for DH’s TESE, it’s a lot of money, thank god we have the savings, it’s half of our down payment we were saving to buy a house in a year, but heck, that can wait, thank god DH is in Real Estate!
    If we only go with one try, you pay about 10,000 plus meds, but if it won’t work, you pay the whole thing again, so it’s a good plan.

    What plans are you guys doing?

    Tracy, you got 3 covered? How about you Debbie?

    I don’t have my protocol yet, will get it some time next week, will let you ladies know, but it looks like we’ll be all pretty close.

    I’m looking forward to go through the process and share with you two, I put here below my signature, our TTC history with dates:

    lots of courage to all of us, alexa

    Me: 34
    DH: 37

    06/2002: got married
    06/2005: stopped BCP in June

    06/2006: DH 1st SA – low motility
    09/2006: DH 2nd SA – rare sperm count, low motility, no normal morphology

    01/2007: DH @ Urologist for prostatitis, cured with Levaquin (not fertility related)
    01-03/2007: DH on FertilityBlend
    03/2007: DH 3rd SA – even worse, no more sperm found, but all his blood tests are negative, which is good.
    03/2007: Our first appt in Repro Clinic, Coordinator, RE & Financials
    04/01/2007: found out our insurance doesn't cover IVF - we go with option 2 (2 attempts)

    04/04/2007: all my bloodwork is clear, Hysteroscopy done, all good & open !!!
    04/11/2007: another appt with RE – explains to us that we’ll have to do IVF/ICSI w/TESE (testical sperm extraction)
    05/2007: waiting on results of genetic testing for DH
    05/2007: we will need donor sperm back-up
    05/25/2007: day I will start BCP for 3 1/2 weeks, waiting for detailled protocol and then 1st IVF/ICSI w/TESE

  12. Welcome Alexa! The more the merrier. Being off work is more of a necessity than a choice. I have a 9 hour round trip to get to my clinic, so it's just not worth doing stims at home, I would have to drive down every day or other day. Both Debbie and I started our BCP's on the 23rd of May, so you are only 2 day's behind us. Looks like your treatment plan is the most complicated though. It's nice that your clinic does the group option where you can book for more than one at a time. Save a bit of money? What if you concive on the first try? Do you get to bank the second try for later?

    This seems like such a coincidence that we are all starting within a couple of days of each other, that we are all within 1 year of each other, and we are all having IVF/ICIS. I guess we kinda wreck the myth that ivf is for older women only.

    So to all women out there, welcome to the stick'n'b**ch LOL!


  13. Hi, I'm also doing my first IVF/ICSI in June. Just started Lupron yesterday, stims in early June and then egg retrieval probably around 6/19. Have never done anything like this before and nervous but hopeful. Dx is MF only (so far). I'm 33 and DH is 48.

  14. Welcome aboard rosemdavid. I think all of us can relate to the feeling of nervous but hopeful. Sounds like you are a bit head of us with your stims, so I know I would love to hear all your experiences as you go along. Where are you and what clinic do you attend?

  15. Well the May/June group seems to be mostly ahead of me, so... Maybe I'll read up on what they're up to for a guideline.

    Anyway, I'm in Germany at the moment, partly because IVF/ICSI is covered my DH's insurance here. I'm waiting for my period right now, which should come Thursday if it's perfectly on time, and then I start stims on day 6 of next cycle (6/5 or so). Egg retrieval is then about 2 weeks after that (6/19-ish), and transfer would be around 6/22. The protocol here is basically the same process but with different brand names and some slightly different legal things.

    Monday is a holiday here too, hope everybody is enjoying the weekend and not MFing about infertility stuff!

  16. Hi Alexa,

    Yes, welcome to this group! I agree with Tracy, the more the merrier! To answer your question, I am not on any kind of plan. I am too young and not enough is wrong with me to participate. I only have tubal issues. Wow! Who would of thought that I would even say, I ONLY have tubal issues. The procedures costs $9250 for me and an extra $1500 for ICSI. That makes it $10,750. I wish my insurance covered it, but it doesn\'t.

    My RE is recommending we put two back as well. It seems like a good number to me. I am rooting for 2 strong ones and some more to freeze. Wouldn't that be nice! As far as everything else, it will be decided when that time comes. The RE said that he would only do a day 5 transfer if I had MANY strong fertilized eggs, otherwise we will do a day 3. Also, they may decide to do assisted hatching. The embryologist decides while s/he's doing the procedure. (That costs $500)

    Welcome to you too rosemdavid! Looks like you will be our leader. Keep us posted if you get your period Thursday. How are you doing with you first set of shots? Is this your first time with that experience. I think I may be only worried about the progesterone shots. The others seem fairly easy.

    Wow, for us all being so close in age we have such random aged hubbys! I am 34, my DH is 45. We have 28, 37, 45 and 48!

    Well, take care everyone! This is going to be an exciting month!

  17. Debbie, does the $10,750 include drugs or just the RE procedure? In Germany pretty much all insurance covers IVF/ICSI if it's medically recommended and you are married; in fact because our infertility is DH's \"fault\" (I try to not say that!) all my treatment is covered under his insurance alone. Also even if you pay out of pocket European prices are maybe half of US ones. We're planning to come back to the US though and I guess I will really have to look into insurance options then...

    Also, I have a slightly different protocol than you guys, I think. No BCP for example, straight onto Lupron, which I got in the form of a monthly depot (one IM shot at clinic) instead of daily needles. Also, I get progesterone in capsules, I think to be taken as vaginal suppositories, instead of the scary progesterone in oil with big needles. So the only thing that I have to shoot up regularly (ha) is the stims.

    And oh, I seem to have the oldest hubby! Oh well. Figures.

  18. rosemdavid - That price does not include the drugs. But I am participating in one of their programs and I am getting my meds for free. Well, I had to pay a co-pay of $98. If you do need to move back to the US and need IVF again, know that there are only 13 states that have mandatory coverage for IVF. However, if you or your hubby work for a major corporation or the military, you might have coverage no matter where you live.

    Yes, it seems our protocols are different. I won't be doing Lupron at all, even though many women here do. I have BCPs for 21 days, then I start stims on day 25. Then sometime between the day I start stims and my retrieval, I take another injection of something called antigon. I forget for how many days. I asked my RE about the progesterone capsules, and he said if I really wanted to and fought him a little, he would let me have those instead of the shots. But since he didn't prefer it, I figure I will just go with the shots. I think he didn't prefer it because of the control of the progesterone. I think if you put in the suppository and don't lay down for a while, then there is a chance for it to leak out of you. So, most women I know who use them, insert them before they go to bed at night. So then they are laying down for a while. Oh, and some women here actually have to do both shots and suppositories!

    As long as it gets us all pregnant....who cares, right!

    Talk to you soon!

  19. Hello Ladies, Hope everyone had a good long weekend with lots of relaxing?

    Alexa, The provincial gov't in Ontario is the only one in Canada that covers IVF for women under 40 with total tubal blockage. They don't cover ICSI or any meds, and since DH and I don't hav private health insurance, this is still costing us around 3000-4000$(ICSI 1100, Blast 350, Cryo 550, SA 200, ADmin 400). We've paid 2600 already and I don't yet have meds. I know that I am very lucky tho, cause I get partial coverage. Of course, if you count the fact that we moved 4000kms so we could get this coverage, it actually cost us a lot more(10,000 for moving truck, 2000 for plan tickets, 200,000 for house LOL!).

    Shittake, You are very lucky too that you get coverage in Germany. It sounds like the gov't has a good policy to encourage people that need help to get it. I would love to see Canada adopt a similar policy here, nationwide, instead of leaving it up to the provincial gov'ts to decide.

    I know that the clinic's here have a pretty standard policy of only transfering 2 embies for women in our age bracket. The younger the women, the less transferred, the older the more, up to 4 I think is the most, but that's only if there is a history of lots of problems and the embies aren't very good. Debbie and I are on almost identical protocols too I think, BCP 21 days then stims on 25. No suppression drugs for me because I only have one ovary and they don't want to shut it down. My last ultrasound showed 11 follicles before I started treatment,so I am hopeful that my body will perform and produce LOTS of eggs to retreive and hopefully freeze. This is the problem I have, I am such a neurotic planner, this is driving me crazy. Being a control freak in this situation sucks!

    That is quite the span in DH ages isn't it? Now I feel like a cradle robber LOL! How long has everyone been with their DH's? We have been together for 10 years this year, married for 6.


  20. We've been married for 6 years also. It makes me laugh now when I think that in the early years we were so careful with birth control because we didn't feel ready for kids yet. I think as young women we spent so many years being told that it only takes one broken condom or missed pill to end up with an \"oops\", it never really occurred to me that it might be difficult to actually make babies when we want to.

    Our clinic only allows maximum of 2 embryos with transfer, which I'm fine with. Debating though if we should go with 1 or 2, well assuming that there are quality ones when it comes to transfer time. I wish I had better information about what % actually worked with 1 embryo transfer for women of our age vs. 2, and what the likelihood of twins is if 2 are transferred. There's a lot of various statistics but I think age does play a pretty significant role in this case.

  21. i'd love to join this group - it seems like it is the closest to the schedule i'm on.

    my name is rebecca and i am 30 - DH is 32. our main issue, as far as i understand, was on DH's side: low count, morphology low, etc.

    it's been really interesting and informative to read about all of your experiences so far. i, too, have NOTHING covered by insurance. fun stuff. once i got over that shock, i was ready to go.

    i've been taking lupron for 8 days now and go in for a supression check this thursday to see if i can add follistem to the mix. as of right now, my estimated ER (retrieval) is june 14th and ET (transfer) is june 17th-ish.

    i, for one, cannot believe i've been sticking a needle into myself (or that DH has) for a week now. i was so scared the first day but it wasn't bad and i'm getting more used to it.

    i'm so glad to be able to share this with all of you and see how all of you do with the process as well.

    my thoughts are with you all!!

  22. I Am 35 Dh Is 33 We Have Been Married 7 Years. I Originally Started Ivf In Nov 06 And Then Had To Stop Right Before Stim. Because My Doc Decided I Needed To Remove 2 Fibroid Tumors First

    We Started Again I Am Currently Taking Lupron What Was Left Over From November And Went To The Pharmacy Today To Get A Refill And Of Course They Have To Order It. I Go To Doc Thursday The 31 For Blood Work Should Start Stems On Saturday The 2 And Er Should Be Somewhere Around June 12 Et Around June 17th. Would Love To Chat With Someone Going Through This. We Also Have No Insurance For This.

  23. rosemdavid, welcome! is that your real first name? so you did not take BCP at all? I know in Germany they celebrate Pentecost (I'm from Switzerland, same there...), is this your first IVF?

    welcome also to dreamsofbaby(what's your name?) and to Rebecca, how old are you and DH?

    thanks Debbie, I suppose to get my protocol this week, can’t wait, finally want to see the dates and plan, well I did not plan much in June/July as I won’t know how I’ll react to drugs and if social environment will be able to stand me!
    We do go to the “Police” concert, I think it’s June 23, so that’s just at the beginning of my shots, and we go to the “Daughtry” concert July 18, that should be about 10-14 days past ER/ET…if I count right, so I should be pregnant by then!

    AAM: BCP is going just fine, no side effects whatsoever…..I took my 5th today! I know it sounds silly….weird is now is the time I usually start to get into my fertile phase, counting, POAS, timed sex, etc. but now that I’m on BCP, I guess we’ll find a way back to “doing it” for fun and just for us! I did buy the 1001 NIGHTS GRRRREAT SEX book while we were TTC, that really helped and I think we’ll be using it now anyway!

    Weekend was great too, just relaxing, walking with DH, lots of swimming and BBQ on Sunday at a friend’s house in Venice, 2 couples there with babies, I handled it pretty well….about a year ago, when we just were testing and finding out that we have sperm problem, I could not stand seing babies, I would start crying all the time….I learned how to deal with it in all those months, the meditation helps a great deal and also now that we’re starting our IVF, finally! One friend there actually told us that she did already 2 IUI and 2 IVF’s, all failed, her problem is not many eggs and poor quality….
    I tried not to get down just hearing it, DH was so sweet and he knows me so well, I could see the way he looked at me he knew exactly what I thought, he just said, don’t worry, it will work for us.
    Next week I will also start my new meditation mysticism class, each class will include two guided group meditations, and a talk on a particular mystic skill (intuition, self-healing, dreaming or the use of intent), I love it and it’s once a week.

    Wonderful week to all of you!

  24. forgot,,,

    Tracy: DH and I are married since 6 years, we were dating one year before getting married....trying for #1 since 2 years...

    here my history for the gals that joined us in the last 4 days:

    Me: 34
    DH: 37

    DH diagnosed w/severe MFI

    We will start our 1st IVF ICSI/TESE mid-may 2007

    06/2002: got married
    06/2005: stopped BCP in June

    06/2006: DH 1st SA – low motility
    09/2006: DH 2nd SA – rare sperm count, low motility, no normal morphology

    01/2007: DH @ Urologist for prostatitis, cured with Levaquin (not fertility related)
    01-03/2007: DH on FertilityBlend
    03/2007: DH 3rd SA – even worse, no more sperm found, but all his blood tests are negative, which is good.
    03/2007: Our first appt in Repro Clinic, Coordinator, RE & Financials
    04/01/2007: found out our insurance doesn't cover IVF - we go with option 2 (2 attempts)

    04/04/2007: all my bloodwork is clear, Hysteroscopy done, all good & open !!!
    04/11/2007: another appt with RE – explains to us that we’ll have to do IVF/ICSI w/TESE (testical sperm extraction)
    05/2007: waiting on results of genetic testing for DH
    05/2007: we will need donor sperm back-up
    05/25/2007: day I started BCP for 3 1/2 weeks, waiting for detailed protocol and then 1st IVF/ICSI w/TESE

  25. thanks for the welcome, alexa! so just to get everyone straight: there's tracy, debbie, alexa, rosemdavid, me (rebecca), and mAROUFI ABDELGHN. good group! it's so nice to talk to people who are going through the same thing.

    i think i said in my other post, but i'll repeat and elaborate:
    i\'m 30 and DH is 32. we've been together 6 years, married, 2.5. we've been trying for about 16 months.

    so scary, isn't this? to go through all of this and not know what is going to happen. i just keep trying to stay positive since that's really all i can do.

    are all of you first time IVF'ers? i couldn't remember what people said. this is my first time.

    also - did someone say that she is a graphic designer? me too!


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