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  1. Ok, so I am going in for my first IVF cycle. I am healthy, normal uterus, completed blocked fallpian tubes at the uterus. I am going to Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM. M y doctor referred me to him and there are so many good reviews/ articles out there on him. I can hardly wait!! Any advice? Any cycle buddies?

  2. I might be right there with you and will know more by the end of the week. Turns out my dh has 2% morphology and I'm dealing with high fsh of 11.7
    We just found out that our first IUI didn't work and although the dr. said we could do one more before he recommended IVF, I'm ready to jst go for it. I'm planning to contact the clinic tomorrow and let them that I'm ready to go. Hopefully we'll be cycling together!!!!

  3. I am going to be starting my first IVF sometime between March and May although I don't know *precisely* when yet.

  4. Hi I am new too all this, but hopefully we will start at CCRM too in April. I had miscarriage after an IUI in Jan. I am excited and nervous!

  5. Hi Ladies!
    Welcome to all of you who are new.
    I am new to IVF and this site too!
    There is a section on here about cycle buddies, if you click on it, there are a group of people (including myself) who are cycling in March and April.
    Good luck everyone!

  6. I am new to this site and new to IVF.
    I have my fingers crossed for an April cycle.
    Had to have d&c to remove leftover hyperplasia tissue in February. Has anyone dealt with this? Feel like I am too young for these issues, but with a higher FSH 12, I am just going for broke as soon as possible!

  7. Hi everyone.. I did 2 IVF's in CA in 2005 when I lived there and now I'm in CO hopefully going to cycle in April/May. My 1st appt with schoolcraft is on April 1st.


  8. Hi Everyone
    I am starting my first IVF as well this April. I am looking forward to this journey. I have so much excitement as well as so many fears. I am in Canada and my clinic has such a long waitlist. I have been waiting since July of 2008 for this was when my DR sent in a referral. Four months to wait to get into the clinic to get testing done and now almost six months to wait to get started with IVF. I am calling in AF this week when it is due. I was told by my clinic that I would be offered treatment this month. Hoping for success of course!

  9. Hey everyone!
    First time IVF as well. Want to say Iv heffer with how I actually feel right now! I live in CO and am going to Conceptions with Dr. Swanson. Just had my retrievel and waiting for the eggs to be put in. FUN TIMES! Seriously I am 30 and I never thought I would be going through this.

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