First Day of 2WW.....Anyone else??

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  1. My Embryo transfer is today-so I'll be in 2ww hell after this afternoon...will post accordingly as thing progress with out surrogate.

  2. Ladies,
    Its official- 1st Beta is 115!
    Im pregnant

  3. Ladies, Its official- 1st Beta is 115!Im pregnant

    Congratulations Gina ! I am so happy for you. I have so far resisted the home tests, waiting for Friday.

    Billysgirl. So sorry to hear about the BFN and the bleeding ! Don't give up hope. I know it is hard.

  4. Congratulations Gina... I am so happy for you... So strange that your 2nd beta isn't for a week. I think most ladies go the 2nd day after their 1st beta to confirm the numbers are doubling. I would definetely see if your doctor will test earlier before you go to Aruba.

    Ok, so now I am less than 24 hours away from finding out if IVF #2 worked. I was doing ok then we got to these last few days and I just can not stand the waiting around. It is killing me... I keep going back and forth (maybe I am or maybe I am not or maybe I am). Still no symptoms except for the usual ones I get when my period is around the corner. We shall see, praying for good news, but expecting the not so good news too.

    Good Luck everyone....

  5. hi Girls -
    Gina - congrats!!

    miracle - good luck with beta!!

    AFM, sorry, I don't have energy to write anymore. I'm so upset. Beta #4 came back at 5,839 which is 2.79 days doubling time. Not good. I had the u/s today which had a yolk sac & gest. sac but I think it measured behind. I'm already thinking it's over. Next beta is Friday and another U/S on Tuesday.

  6. smarty - You hang in there!! Your betas are high enough that the doubling time will slow down to every 72-96 hours. (

    I think you still are in good shape. Did your Dr. tell you they thought you were measuring behind?

    Gina - Congrats again!!! It's great to have it be official now. When is your 2nd beta?

  7. Hey Ladies,
    Happy Hump Day!
    Smarty- stay positive you have come so far!!! Everything is going to work out! My fingers are crossed for you.
    Miracle- Good Luck today!! Cant wait to hear your Beta #\'s

    mubark- BFP
    EU- BFN
    hasanakca- BFP
    turpen01- BFP
    henryt- BFN
    mhnejati- Beta -?
    sevgigultekin5- BFP
    atrikal- Beta - Today!
    paolo6657- Beta 10/16
    pavlikak- Beta 10/16
    rekabi1956- Beta ?

  8. Hello Everyone...

    I am so happy to report that our first beta test came in as positive at 12.3. I think this is very good since our last cycle 1st beta test of less than 1. I am praying for good numbers on our 2nd test on Friday.

    Will keep everyone posted...

    Thank you all for all your support....

  9. Hello Everyone...I am so happy to report that our first beta test came in as positive at 12.3. I think this is very good since our last cycle 1st beta test of less than 1. I am praying for good numbers on our 2nd test on Friday.Will keep everyone posted...Thank you all for all your support....

    Congratulations !!!!!

  10. Hi Ladies,
    atrikal- Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you.
    Today I go in for Beta #2- so I am praying it doubles!
    paolo6657+pavlikak- Good Luck tomorrow!!

    mubark- BFP
    EU- BFN
    hasanakca- BFP
    turpen01- BFP
    henryt- BFN
    mhnejati- Beta -?
    sevgigultekin5- BFP
    atrikal- BFP
    paolo6657- Beta 10/16
    pavlikak- Beta 10/16
    rekabi1956- Beta ?

  11. Thanks gina! Tomorrow can't come soon enough...I don't know what to expect!
    pavlikak, how are you feeling? Tomorrow is "our" day!'s hoping its bfp's for both of us!!

  12. Thanks gina! Tomorrow can't come soon enough...I don't know what to expect!pavlikak, how are you feeling? Tomorrow is "our" day!'s hoping its bfp's for both of us!!

    Thank you so much ! I also don't know what to expect, I am hopeful, but also trying to be realistic. Last night I couldn't sleep, and I put on a meditation CD, and I fell asleep (not exactly enlightenment, but it was what I needed !) I am glad I have resited the home tests, because I just don't think I could take the ups and downs. I am taking tomorrow off, to get the results and process whatever has happened. Good luck to you and to everyone !

  13. Thank you all for the positive thoughts. For me, I think the stress has really started as I am praying that our numbers are rising and we get another positive result tomorrow.

    pavlikak & paolo6657... Keeping you both in my prayers for positive results tomorrow.

    gina... Can't wait to hear your Beta #2 results. All this waiting around really gets to me. I really thought I was going to be sick yesterday while I was waiting.

    mubark & hasanakca... Hoping all is going well with your pregnancies. I am sure you both are still in awhhhhh.

    If I have missed anyone, good Luck...


  14. So, I started spotting at work today and I came home and took a test and it was negative. I feel so sad. After all that, and having had two miscarriages, before I became infertile. This is really hard. I guess it is possible the test was wrong, but this is the day before my beta.

  15. pavlikak- I am so sorry, maybe your Beta will suprise you!

    Just got Beta # 2 back- it doubled- went from 115 to 240- so since I will be out of town they will do a last Beta on 10/26.

  16. Hi girls -
    Well, I have not great news but am so confused. I woke up this morning to spotting and then it got more and red. I went to the doctors (by this point, crampy and a lot of blood). I thought for sure there would be nothing but they found a sac, fetal pole and heartbeat, all measuring appropriately. My beta came back only rising 50% since 2 days ago (8839). I'm not holding out hope that this is going to last but for now the doctor said "it's a strong pregnancy and to rest and come back on Tuesday". I don't truly believe things are going to be fine b'c I'm so jaded from the past and just know my body by now. I just am so confused at why they found the baby and a heartbeat and I am only 5 weeks 5 days (I thought you couldn't see a hb until 6 weeks?) The vanishing twin theory doesn't hold either b'c at my U/S on Tues. there was only one sac. Anyway, wanted to update you guys.

    Congrats on the BFPs and pavlikak, I'm so sorry.

    Thanks for your support ladies.

  17. TGIF!!

    Smarty I am so sorry to hear that you are bleeding- but I am happy that the Dr is staying positive and saying its a strong pregnancy. Did he offer any info on why he thinks the bleeding is occuring or what could cause that? Im thinking of u, take care of yourself
    paolo6657 + pavlikak- how did Beta go? I am praying for good #'s for u both.

    mubark- BFP 5 weeks 6 days
    EU- BFN
    hasanakca- BFP 5 weeks 4 days?
    turpen01- BFP 5 weeks 4 days?
    henryt- BFN
    mhnejati- Beta -?
    sevgigultekin5- BFP 4 weeks 3 days
    atrikal- BFP 4 weeks 2 days
    paolo6657- Beta 10/16
    pavlikak- Beta 10/16
    rekabi1956- Beta ?

  18. Hi gina thanks for the good thoughts...I just got done with them taking my blood and go to pay my copay...well, there was a birth announcement on the desk with the most beautiful twin babies...needless to say walking out to my car I lost it...had a total meltdown....I guess I just feel like this can't happen for me because I have never seen a bfp in over 3 years...I just needed to vent...will keep everyone posted.

  19. Well I just got the call and it is officially negative. I am not sure what is next. This is such an long and arduous process getting a negative is really hard. Thanks for all your support.

  20. pavlikak... I am so sorry about your negative. I can totally relate to how this whole process is and then to be disappointed just puts the icing on the cake. You are in my prayers.

    paolo6657... Thinking of you today and praying you get your miracle.

    smarty... You have been in my prayers. Anyword on what is causing the bleeding? My friend had a similar situation happen very early on in her pregnancy and they had to sew her cervix (I think) and she was fine after that.

    AFM... Had 2nd beta test today and the Dr. called with an absolute positive result. I think our number was 48 which he says since it more than doubled, there could be 2 little beans in there. So, at 10dp3dt all is looking great. I think we are still in shock since we have never experienced being pregnant and we have tried for almost 13 years. This cycle I changed everything so something must have worked. Of course, I know we are not out of the woods yet. We will go for out first u/s in 2 weeks.

    Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers. I could not have gotten through without all of you.

    Happy Friday...

  21. Hi, I just found your thread today and read all the posts. I had an FET yesterday of two grade 3 embies which were frozen from my dd's cycle in 2006.
    Smarty: I just want to tell you that I had about 2 days of bleeding with my DD and was SURE the pg was over. I probably won't explain it perfectly, but sometimes during IVF, some fluid/blood can form a "sac" where the implantation occured and may break and cause bleeding, which is exactly what happened to me. All was just fine! Stay positive, just in case.

    I\'ll post more later, since I'm trying to rest for 3 full days following xfer.


  22. Hi girls...well, I'm pregnant beta is low...its a 6...the did my beta 1 day earlier than normal because its the weekend so my dr is taking that into consideration...he said he has seen betas turn around but he's not optimistic...he said there's definitely implantation...I don't know how to feel right now...this is my first ever BFP and I can't be excited about it cause there's dark cloud hanging over my head...he wanted me to come in on monday for another beta but I asked if I could go in over the weekend so I'm going on sunday...anyone have any positive experiences with this to keep me positive? I'm sorry pavlikak about your negative heart goes out to you and I'm praying for you.

  23. Mrs. V, there are so many ways of looking at this. For now, you're pregnant, so congrats go out to you for even making it this far. I don't know how many cycles you've "endured," but I know how exciting AND difficult your day has been. Back in 2004, we had our first FET and got my first positive beta, which kept rising but just missing the target each time. It was over a week filled with excitement and worry at the same time. Unfortunately, it turned out to be either a chemical or m/c but there WAS a light at the end of the tunnel. I was thrilled that I'd gotten so close to being pg, since it was my 3rd ivf cycle and my first bfp. My next fresh cycle resulted in my ds, so I viewed it as a "stepping stone" on my way to motherhood.
    I hope you are pg with a viable pregnancy and maybe your numbers are just slow, especially since you tested a bit early, but if not, it could still lead to the end result. It's easy for me to say this right now, but just remember that a lot of us went through the same struggles to conceive and I truely sympathize with what you're going through.
    Keeping positive vibes flowing...

  24. paolo6657... When I went for my first beta on Wednesday, I was sure that it was not going to be positive. The ladies in the office told me this story about one of their surrogates who had a negative on her first beta. They were saying how disappointed the family was. The surrogate had to still go back for second beta and low and behold, it was 12. She was pregnant. So, yes, keep your head up and enjoy being pregnant. I will keep you in my prayers.

  25. paolo6657 - try to stay positive, you never know what is going to happen on this crazy ride we are all on. Last year, I had a beta that started out at 12, and my nurse/doctor at the time were not very optimistic. From there, it doubled appropriately and got up to the high 300's. Unfortunately it ended in a m/c or chemical but at the time my progesterone was also very low and that clinic (for some reason - GRRR) did not have me on suppositories. My current RE thinks it could have worked had my progesterone been higher at the time. So do not lose hope. Wait to see what your numbers come back at tomorrow and try to keep yourself busy until then. Saying prayers for you.

    - congrats on your beta and keep those numbers rising! Hoping your U/S goes well - although I know that this "2ww" will be just as hard as the first!

    - welcome! Good luck in the dreaded 2ww! Hopefully you will be able to keep yourself busy and the days will fly by. Hoping for the best for you!

    Gina - I hope you are doing well and feeling ok! When is your first U/S? How exciting!

    AFM, just been taking it easy. Since Thursday I haven't had anymore red bleeding or cramping. Just a tiny bit of brown spotting (ugh). I'm really not sure what to think right now, esp. with my slowing betas. I think I literally am neutral - hoping for the best and will be prepared for the worst. I guess if there is any "training" that IF has given me it is to be as prepared as possible if things don't go as I hope. Thanks for your support. I hope Tuesday gets here quickly just so I know what is going on, one way or another!

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