First Day of 2WW.....Anyone else??

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    Good Luck today mubark!!! What time is Beta today? Fingers crossed for you!

    Hopeful+ hasanakca you are you next on Weds- good luck Ladies!
    Has anyone POAS yet??

    mubark- Beta 10/5
    EU- Beta 10/7
    hasanakca- Beta 10/7
    henryt- Beta 10/12
    sevgigultekin5- Beta 10/13

  2. Well ladies, looks like I'm out. I found an old (not expired old, but from a previous cycle old) HPT this AM and broke down and POAS. It was negative, at 10dp5dt. I am going to see if I can move my beta up to today just to get the official negative and move on to the next cycle.

    Better luck to the rest of you guys!!!

  3. Hi girls -

    Hopeful, I'm with you. I haven't POAS but had my beta this AM and I just know it's going to be negative. I have ZERO symptoms - absolutely nothing, and feel completely normal. So, I'm hoping for better luck next time with our remaining 6 frosties. I will confirm with you all once I get the call this afternoon.

    Hopeful, you never know though until you get your beta.

    Billysgirl - there's lots of time for you until beta! Hang in there still....

  4. Hi everyone!

    Smarty GoodLuck today. Sometimes no symptoms is a good thing too.

    I was an emotional mess yesterday! Nothing really feels like it is going on but we will just have to wait and see.

    Hang in there.

  5. Billysgirl and Hopeful - I've heard so many times that you can have no symptoms and still get a BFP...please hang in there - It just happened to me! I am in complete and utter shock. My beta came back at 407 and progesterone at 32 (a little low so I'm worried some about that). Anyway, DO NOT give up hope. I completely did and didn't even answer the phone when RE's office called (didn't want to cry AGAIN at work) but then decided to listen to the message and was in shock. I am proof that NO SYMPTOMS can lead to a BFP!

    hasanakca - good luck with beta on Wednesday! Gina, thanks for the + vibes!

    Thanks for all the encouragement girls....

  6. Congrats Smarty!

    Im hanging in there. Today my boobs are so sore the left more than the right. Sore to the touch. I am praying for a positive result!

  7. smarty - That's fantastic, congratulations on your BFP!!! I hope you have a H+H 9 mons!!

    Hopeful- I am still keeping my fingers crossed for your beta. Hang in there!

    Let\'s keep the BFP train a-rollin for all of us!

  8. COngrats, Smarty! So excited for you!

    I went in for my beta today just to get the official confirm and I did. Official BFN. I honestly am just relieved that it's over and I can have a little break. I won't be able to do the fresh until January when my flexible spending account doctor said he'd work a deal with me on the cost, so please pray, ladies, that he brings it down to something semi-affordable. My FSA will have $4000, so I am hoping he'd do it for $10k and then I'd only have to come up with $6k. It's awful that money has to play such a big role in this, but it does.

  9. Good Morning Ladies-
    Congrats Smarty!!!! Im soooo happy for you!
    EU- Im sorry to read your post- I know how much it hurts to get a BFN. Best of luck in January!!!

    mubark- BFP
    EU- BFN
    hasanakca- Beta 10/7
    henryt- Beta 10/12
    sevgigultekin5- Beta 10/13

    hasanakca- 1 more day- have you POAS? any symptoms?
    henryt- we are up next week

  10. Thanks so much girls, I'm cautiously excited considering my history (3 early m/c) and wierd uterus. But so far so good...repeat bloods tomorrow.

    Hopeful - I'm so sorry to hear - ((hugs)). I too know what it's like to get that call - but I am so excited to hear about your upcoming cycle in January. And you never know, until then, you could get a surprise BFP naturally....

    - are you hangin in there? How are you feeling?? Praying for good news from you tomorrow

    Billysgirl and gina - you will have to stay strong until next week!! Are either of you going to POAS?

  11. Hi ladies

    Today I start the dreaded 2ww!!! Had my transfer under anesthia (my 1st ivf it took 2 hours it was so difficult) and they transferred 2 eight cells and 1 six celled...I am bummed though cause last cycle we did a 5 day and we did a day 3 much of a difference does that make?? I'm trying to stay positive!!! Good luck to everyone!!

  12. Welcome paolo6657! Good Luck
    hasanakca- today is the big day- keep us posted!!! Fingers are crossed for you!

    mubark- BFP
    EU- BFN
    hasanakca- Beta - TODAY!!!!
    henryt- Beta 10/12
    sevgigultekin5- Beta 10/13
    paolo6657- Beta 10/20? Not sure

    AFM- less than a week to go. Yes I will be POAS on Sunday, I cant help myself!

  13. Hello ladies. This is my first post (so please forgive the lack of experience with the acronyms—I’ll do my best ). It is good to find a group going through the same thing.

    We are on our second attempt. Failed fresh cycle in March. Completed a FET (3day) on Sept 28. So…I am 9dp3dt? Progesterone (3x) and estradiol (2x) suppositories. I am feeling many of the symptoms described here: cramping, bloating, tired, super human sense of smell. I am currently obsessing over what I should and should not eat.

    Billysgirl—looks like we have our first beta on the same day.

  14. Hey gina my beta is 10/16

  15. Good Afternoon,
    Welcome mhnejati!!

    I will update the chart

    mubark- BFP
    EU- BFN
    hasanakca- Beta - TODAY!!!!
    henryt- Beta 10/12
    mhnejati- Beta 10/12
    sevgigultekin5- Beta 10/13
    paolo6657- Beta 10/16

  16. Well ladies.. I'm happy to report that I got my BFP today! My beta was 229 at 14dpo. I have another beta on Friday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I had/have very few symptoms. Apart from some cramping and a few back aches, I would have never guessed.

    Hopeful - I'm so sorry you are going through this difficult time right now. I hope you success finds you very soon.

    msvaccaro - Welcome, and if it's any help, my BFP came from a 3 day transfer of 2 8 cell embies so it does work just as well as a 5 day. Plus none of my remaining embies made it past day 5. I'm convinced putting them back in me at day 3 was the best place for them.

    Billysgirl/mhnejati/gina - You're up next!! Sending lots of good vibes your ways. I hope we get more good news next week.

  17. hasanakca - WOOHOO!!! Congratulations! That is a great beta for 14dpo. I guess mine was considered 16 DPO (since it was day 13 after a 3dt). Although one was a morula so that was kind of a Day 4 embie....anyway, SO EXCITED for you.

    The next week betas are going to bring in some more BFP's - I can feel it!

    And Hopeful has a GREAT plan and will get her BFP come January.

    This is a lucky thread for all of us - keep it up next week girls!!

  18. Hi girls -

    Well, I just got beta #2 back (they make me wait FOREVER at my clinic) is 820, progesterone is 81.8 and estrogen is 1828. I'm a tad worried about the beta number b'c I would have thought maybe it would have been in the thousands? It is 18 DPO, I'm not sure what it should be right now. It barely doubled. I pray Friday's beta shoots up even further....

    Hope everyone is doing well today!!

  19. Hey girls, sorry to intrude but need some opinions. I had an FET last friday. we transferred one 5 day an one 6 day embies. my first beta is tomorrow. Im scared its too early but my re says fet +'s show up earlier but Iam reading differetly on the boards. I did good about not obsessing this week until yesterday when I realized that anything edible is not safe around me. I honestly feel like the more I eat the hungrier I get. Probably just my meds tho. anyways, is tomorrow too early too tell by beta?

  20. Hi Ladies,

    hasanakca- Congrats!!!! Great News!!

    mubark- BFP
    EU- BFN
    hasanakca- BFP
    henryt- Beta 10/12
    mhnejati- Beta 10/12
    sevgigultekin5- Beta 10/13
    paolo6657- Beta 10/16
    turpen01- Beta ?

    AFM- havent caved and POAS but for some reason I think this month it took, I feel different. A little bit of upset stomach past 3 mornings, and just overall feel different. I just hope I am not reading to much into it, I guess I will just have to wait and see.

  21. No POAS for me either! I am going to try my hardest and NOT do it. If I do have symptoms they are coming and going. Nothing that stands out.

    TMI question---- Im noticing alot of moisture in the whoHA... is this normal?

    Good Luck girls Hang tough!

  22. TMI question---- Im noticing alot of moisture in the whoHA... is this normal?

    Billiesgirl—It is from your suppositories. You will have a bit of leakage. It is normal. Just wear a panty liner. I read somewhere that only 30% of each dose of progesterone will absorb into your body. This is why the normal protocol is to take three doses a day. If only 30% absorbs…the rest has to go somewhere else.

  23. I am having my beta done on Oct 16. They transferred 3, slightly less than average embryos... This wait seem like forever... and ever. ....

  24. first beta today came back at 41.7 have my next one on monday

  25. Hello Everyone...

    Would it be ok if I jump in to your group? I have been a silent reader, but have been cheering all of you on.

    I had my second 3-day transfer on Tuesday and our first beta is next Wednesday. I am so praying this one works.

    mubark & hasanakca... Big Congratulations! You both must be ecstatic.

    Hopefulmama... So, so sorry about your results. I completely know what you are feeling since we are on IVF #2. The hardest part for me last cycle was going back to the office for our second beta test. I cried all the way to the office and all the way back to work from the office.

    Good Luck to everyone!

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